A troubled life has led Kris Furillo to juvenile hall where her only friend is a failed racehorse named Wildfire.
Both have lost the will to trust and the faith to believe in anything, least of all themselves.

Desperate for a second chance Kris accepts a job at the Raintree Horse Farm, owned by the Ritter family.
The Ritters used to be at the top of the racing world, but now desperately need a winning horse to keep Raintree alive. Soon Wildfire becomes Raintree's last hope. But it's a long way to the finish line...

Season two opens with the conclusion of the previous year's cliffhanger finale.
Kris is riding Wildfire in the Sandpiper Classic ending up second place in a nose-to-nose race. Despite her loss, Kris becomes a local celebrity as a jockey and well-known sports agent Kerry Connelly (Kieren Hutchison) tries to convince her to become his client.

Wildfire is an original ABC Family Series,
produced by Lions Gate Television in association
with Piller² & The Segan Company

The show ran successfully for four seasons (2005-2008)
on ABC.

2.01 Try It Without The Porsche
2.02 Opportunity Knocks
2.03 A Good Convict Is Hard To Find
2.05 Family Matters
2.07 Taking Off
2.09 Break Down
2.10 51/49
2.11 Who Are You
2.12 For Love Or Money
2.13 Close Shave
* Kieren does not appear in episodes
2.04 Dangerous Liasons, 2.06 Nothing Takes
The Past Away Like The Future and 2.08 Fear
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