Kris starts feeling distanced from her friends, training taking up so much of her time these days.

Jean and Pablo see Hal Berney on Raintree. Pablo believes Hal is racing his horses too young and does not like this. Hal is on the farm on Kerry’s request to look at Kris. Hal is impressed and likes Kris’s style. He also likes her Hot Sauce ad that has been expanded to 16 markets, as Kerry tells him. Hal wants her to ride for him next morning. Kerry seals the deal but Kris feels a bit annoyed about being wanted as the Hot Sauce girl rather than just a jockey. Kerry tells her that if she wants to take her career to the next level riding for Berney is a great chance. She agrees reluctantly. After talking to Berney the next day she agrees to ride a race for him in three days. Kerry is pleased.

Rebecca moves in with Junior to help him with the rent. Later, Junior comes home to find the apartment changed by Rebecca. He has difficulties to adjust to her taking over the place. A few days later, Junior and Rebecca have their first argument. They both made plans for Saturday, both inviting people over without talking about it first. And Junior is getting more annoyed with all of Rebecca’s stuff.

Training Berney’s horse, King of America, Kris finds the animal difficult to control. Kris believes he is too young to race but Hal Berney thinks otherwise. Later, she talks to Kerry about it. But their conversation is interrupted by a phone call. A client is upset because he thought he should be riding for Hal Berney instead of Kris. Kerry gets fired on the spot. Kris feels guilty and promises not to let Kerry down. Kris talks to Jean about her mixed feelings about riding for Hal Berney. Jean puts Kris’s mind at ease and tells her to trust herself and be honest to herself.

Charlie asks Matt to take Todd to karate in the morning, so Jean can have some extra rest. He plans to propose to her. But when he asks the question, Jean tells him that she slept with Pete. Charlie feels hurt and betrayed and leaves.

Kris feels that Berney is wrong about his strategy for the race and tells him so. But Berney is not convinced and tells her to do as he says. She talks to Pablo about it and he says that she has to listen to Berney. Later she talks to Kerry about it, saying she feels like an outsider. Kerry replies, he knows how she feels. He tells her how he reinvented himself when he went to college; he changed his hair cut, his clothes, even his name – from Garfield Caruso to Kerry Connelly. He was a loner and felt anxious all the time. Kris asks if that feeling ever goes away and Kerry says it does for him, when he makes a connection with a special person, implying that she is that person. He also tells her that she has a great knowledge about horses but still should listen to Hal Berney as he is the owner and therefore it is his decision.

During the race Kris follows her instinct rather than Berney’s orders. King of Amercia wins the race. To the reporters Hal tells Chris did a great job. But he drops her nonetheless because she disobeyed him. Kris is sorry for letting Kerry down. But Kerry isn’t too disappointed. He and Kris kiss.

Junior tells Rebecca that it is too soon for him to be living with someone. Rebecca is upset. Because they never cancelled their invitations, they just have a party with everyone. Kris comes to the party and she and Junior talk. Not much later, Kerry shows up as well, he was invited by Dani. He suggests to Kris that they leave to eat a burger somewhere. She agrees and leaves with Kerry.

Taking Off

Original airdate : 27 February 2006
Filmed in New Mexico, December 2005

Genevieve Cortese (Kris Furillo)
Micah Alberti (Matt Ritter)
Ryan Sypek (Junior Davis)
Nicole Tubiola (Dani Davis)
Nana Visitor (Jean Ritter)
Greg Serano (Pablo)
Andrew Hoeft (Todd Ritter)
Dennis Weaver (Henry)

Guest Stars:
James Read (Ken Davis)
Arye Gross (Charlie Hewitt)
Joe Lando (Pete Ritter)
Kieren Hutchison (Kerry Connelly)
Debrah Farentino (Isabelle Matia-Paris)
Scott Winters (Hal Berney)
Amanda Seyfried (Rebecca)


Trivia: Kerry’s real first name Garfield was inspired by a man from the post-production crew named Garfield.



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