Kris has to ride Picaro for Dani in a race in which she is riding against Wildfire due to a change in the schedule. Kris is not happy about it. Neither are Jean and Pablo as they don’t know her reasons for her decision to ride for Davis Farm. Kerry is trying to cheer her up. He tells her about his plans for a Kris Furillo DVD to promote her.

Picaro is favouring a foot. Matt is worried that they may have to pull out of the race. Dani and her dad think Picaro can run. The next day Picaro seems fine but Matt is still protective and orders Kris to only go half speed.

Bobby shows up wanting to make amends. Junior asks him to lend him money to bet on Picaro. Should he lose, Bobby will get the club. Bobby is reluctant at first but later agrees to take the bet.

Race day is here. Kris feels bad about riding against Wildfire and Raintree. Matt is still a bit worried about Picaro. Once more Wildfire and Picaro are neck to neck. Suddenly, Picaro stumbles because of his weak foot and falls. Kris gets away with a cracked rib, Picaro is not so lucky, he broke a critical bone. He may have to be put down. Kris feels terrible and guilty. Wildfire overreached, jumping over Kris, and also needs time to heal. Kerry is by Kris’s side, supporting her. Dani blames Kris for the accident. Matt feels it is his fault, that he should have scratched the race.

In the evening at the club Junior pours champagne for Matt and Dani and himself for all their losses. Bobby now owns the club and he comes to join the party.

The racing board investigates the accident. If Kris is found responsible for the accident her jockey licence could be revoked for a year, maybe more. Kris feels even worse and spends the night with Wildfire in the stable.

Later; Kris is visiting Picaro who’s in a sling. He could be all right if he is a good patient, if he is bad he could kick himself to death. Kris stays with the horse for a while. She is still beating herself up over the accident and is hiding behind her injury so she doesn’t have to start riding again. Pablo tells her she needs to get back into the saddle soon.

Kerry visits Kris that evening. He heard from the racing board. They want her testimony about what happened. Kerry assures her he is there for her. At the racing board Kris has to watch a video replay of the race. She is really shocked when she sees the accident, Wildfire leaping over her. She breaks down, starts speaking incoherently, then asks if she can go, leaving the men from the board puzzled behind. Later, Jean tries to cheer up Kris.

Matt gets a call from the doctor from the animal hospital. Picaro’s blood test results show that he was drugged. The dose was low enough that the doc must not report it but he is upset. So is Matt. Because of this, Matt tells Dani he quits. He believes she is the one who drugged the horse. Dani denies it, but at the same time does not want Kris to be told.

Matt tells Kris that the racing board cleared her of all responsibility of the accident. Kris still feels responsible. Matt tells her it wasn’t her fault without disclosing the information about the drugging.

Dani faces her dad. He admits the drugging but doesn’t show any remorse over it. The phone starts ringing, but he is not answering it. Dani demands answers. He admits having huge financial problems and tells her that he wrote a half a million dollar check for Isabelle. He tells her that there are legal issues too and that he doesn’t know how bad it is. Dani is worried.

Junior has been sleeping in his car outside the club, after loosing his apartment when he no longer could afford to pay the rent. When he is away buying lunch, his is towed. Later that night Junior shows up at the Raintree stable. He tells her that Kris is homeless and penniless because he bet everything on her and that he needs a place to crash. She lets him stay with her in the stable.

Break Down

Original airdate : 13 March 2006
Filmed in New Mexico, January 2006
Working Title: Picaro Breaks Down

Genevieve Cortese (Kris Furillo)
Micah Alberti (Matt Ritter)
Ryan Sypek (Junior Davis)
Nicole Tubiola (Dani Davis)
Nana Visitor (Jean Ritter)
Greg Serano (Pablo)
Andrew Hoeft (Todd Ritter)
Dennis Weaver (Henry)

Guest Stars:
James Read (Ken Davis)
Arye Gross (Charlie Hewitt)
Joe Lando (Pete Ritter)
Kieren Hutchison (Kerry Connelly)
Debrah Farentino (Isabelle Matia-Paris)
Amanda Seyfried (Rebecca)
Scott Winters (Hal Berney)
Jason London (Bobby)
Gary Stevens (Augie French)


Trivia I: Gary Stevens, playing jockey Augie French, is a real life Kentucky Derby winner.  

Kerry & DaniTrivia II: The scene at the race is the first ever in which Kieren and his wife Nicole worked together in front of a camera.



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