2.10 51/49


Pablo tells Kris Wildfire needs to be ridden again. But Kris is still refusing to ride. Kerry thinks Kris needs a break, away from the horses. Pablo and Jean disagree and feel she needs to start riding again real soon. Matt feels bad about Kris, he knows she is still beating herself up about it. He wants to tell her the truth. Dani promises to talk to Kris once she found out who did it.

Ken Davis asks Dani to find Junior. Dani is very upset with her father. Picaro is healing okay but he is not in a condition to be running any races again.

Kerry offers Kris a shoulder to lean on. She is worried about her career and her future. He promises her a surprise for later in the day.

Pablo wants to ride Wildfire for training since Kris is not doing it. But Wildfire is refusing to let him get up. Kris says she’ll try but she can’t get herself to mount him. So Matt and Kris are jogging with Wildfire. When they arrive at Davis Farm the police is there. Ken Davis is in deep trouble. Dani asks Matt to find Junior.

Not much later, Dani, Junior, Matt and Kris are stuck at Davis Farm when a big storm hits. Kris calls Kerry to let him know. Dani is upset and worried about her father’s situation but Junior isn’t. He is sure his dad will avoid taking the fall somehow. Matt and Kris are in the barn. Matt again tells her that the accident at the race wasn’t her fault. Junior joins them in the barn, soon followed by Dani. The road is closed when a tree falls down across it and they are isolated for a while.

They all sleep in the barn. Kris is having another nightmare about the accident. Matt is telling Kris that Picaro was lame and that he was drugged. Kris is upset, both with Dani and Matt. Dani is still protecting her father and taking the heat from Kris and her brother also. Dani asks Kris not to tell Kerry and Jean. Junior tries talking to his sister, but she blocks him off. When the rain lessens and the road is clear, Kerry comes to Davis Farm. He finds Junior lying next to Kris. Junior tells her to do what’s best for her, no one else, before he rises and leaves. Kerry doesn’t know what to think of it.
A messenger brings a letter from Ken Davis lawyer in which all assets are given to Junior and Dani. Junior knows that Ken is just protecting his assets this way while Dani is really worried. While Junior is enjoying this turn of events, his sister is studying the documents. Dani freaks out when she finds out that she only gets 49 per cent while Junior got 51 per cent. She finally admits that her father drugged Picaro and that she didn’t know until after the race. Dani also tells Junior that Ken paid off Isabelle to leave. Junior sees clearly that Ken is trying to divide his children but it’s not working.

Kerry is upset. Kris asks him not to report this to the racing board. She just wants to put it all behind her now. Then, Kerry finally has the chance to show her his surprise. He takes her to the airport where he has a small plane. He had a flying accident two years ago in which he almost died, he tells her. At first he thought he would never fly again, but he wanted it so bad that he fought for it. Then he takes Kris up for a flight. She is enjoying it and he even lets her take the controls for a little while.

When they return to Davis Farm Pablo is there but without a trailer. Kris is now ready to ride and goes bareback on Wildfire. She’s okay again.

Dani asks Matt to train Ishmael for her. But Matt tells her he cannot work for her anymore after what has happened. Dani feels betrayed by Matt because he never trusted her and just assumed she had been the one to drug Picaro. Their relationship is over.

When Dani comes home she arrives just in time to see her father get arrested. Junior comes up to the house then too. They are both shocked to see their father being taken away in handcuffs.


Original airdate : 20 March 2006
Filmed in New Mexico, January 2006

Genevieve Cortese (Kris Furillo)
Micah Alberti (Matt Ritter)
Ryan Sypek (Junior Davis)
Nicole Tubiola (Dani Davis)
Nana Visitor (Jean Ritter)
Greg Serano (Pablo)
Andrew Hoeft (Todd Ritter)
Dennis Weaver (Henry)

Guest Stars:
James Read (Ken Davis),
Kieren Hutchison (Kerry Connelly)



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