Kris is attending a hearing about her parole release. She is judged to be needing no further supervision. Kerry, Jean and Pablo are there with her. They want to celebrate, but Kerry has made an appointment for Kris with an accountant, so they have to postpone the celebration.

Dani is intent to go ahead with the annual Davis charity ball. Junior is doubtful. But Dani doesn’t only see it as a chance to show people that it is business as usual at the Davis farm but also to impress Gillian Parsons who is a member of the Breeder’s board and still has a slot in the race to give away. She wants Junior to charm her. Junior isn’t thrilled. At the same time Jean is calling Rex Hubbard, an old friend of the family, trying to get his support for the Breeder’s Cup.

Kerry is impressed that Jean got Rex Hubbard out to look at Wildfire. It turns out, though, that Rex isn’t taking Jean serious and won’t help them to get into the breeders. Kerry thinks Kris could win Gillian Parsons over. Kris isn’t liking the idea one bit. Pablo talks to Kris, letting her know that this is Wildfire’s only chance for the Breeder’s because he will be too old for the race next year.

Kris is telling Kerry that she will do it but she still is terrified by the idea. Kerry promises to help her with learning what she needs to know, teaching her about cutlery, the right wine glasses and teaching her how to dance. He even sends her a beautiful evening gown.

Junior asks Matt to join him at the Charity Ball. Matt agrees. Matt tries to get a date but finds no one who wants to go out with him. He talks about it to Kris. She tells him they can go together.

Everyone at the party is stunned when they see Kris, looking really elegant in the dress Kerry gave her. Kris still feels uncomfortable. She seeks refuge in the ladies room that has an extra room with a little sofa. There she starts talking to a young woman who is hiding from her ex. Kris doesn’t know it’s Gillian she’s talking to and that the ex-boyfriend she mentions is in fact no other than Kerry!

Later, Gillian meets Matt on the bar. They have an immediate connection, but Gillian is led away by a group of other woman. But they meet up again later and dance.

Even later, Gillian tells Kris who she is while Dani is there. Kris is mortified. Gillian lets her fry a bit, but tells her she will still look at her horse.

Dani sees Kris leaving with Kerry and rounds up Gillian, Junior and Matt under the pretext of needing them to set up the room for the raffle. When they open the door they see Kris and Kerry on the sofa kissing. Gillian is shocked and so is Junior. And Kris is upset once she realises Kerry is Gillian’s ex and she runs out. Dani tries to take advantage of the situation and get Gillian on her side.

Later, Kris apologises to Gillian. Gillian is not holding the situation against Kris and still says she’ll come out to look at Wildfire. She also warns Kris that Kerry may not be what she expects.

When the raffle is held, the situation escalates as the statue that is auctioned up hasn’t been fully paid yet. And the owner is not the only one who Ken Davis still owes money. The party is abruptly over. But Dani still has her hope on Gillian to get Ishamel into the race. Meanwhile, Gillian and Matt are getting closer.

In the morning Kerry shows up at Kris’s trailer to talk to her. He apologises but Kris is holding him at a distance. She is still mad at him. He tells her that Gillian had planned to dump him anyway, that she wasn’t taking any of his calls and so he finally left her a message. Kris is not sure if she believes him.

Later that morning Gillian comes to look at Ishmael. She likes him. When she tells Dani that she is also planning to look at Wildfire Dani tells her that Wildfire had an accident and that Kris took responsibility for Picaro’s accident. Gillian cancels her visit to Wildfire.

Who Are You

Original airdate : 27 March 2006
Filmed in New Mexico, February 2006
Working Title: The Heiress

Genevieve Cortese (Kris Furillo)
Micah Alberti (Matt Ritter)
Ryan Sypek (Junior Davis)
Nicole Tubiola (Dani Davis)
Nana Visitor (Jean Ritter)
Greg Serano (Pablo)
Andrew Hoeft (Todd Ritter)
Dennis Weaver (Henry)

Guest Stars:
James Read (Ken Davis)
Kieren Hutchison (Kerry Connelly)
Charlotte Salt (Gillian Parsons)



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