Kerry once more apologises to Kris. He is still trying to get her into the Breeder’s race. Kris finds out that Dani told Gillian she had been riding an injured horse to further her own career and that is the real reason why Gillian has refused to look at Wildfire. Matt talks to Gillian and Gillian decides to give the spot in the race to neither Kris nor Dani.

Dani and Junior find out that the ranch hands have all not showed up for work because they hadn’t been paid. Dani writes out a check that she knows is going to bounce when Gillian calls her to tell her that she won’t back Ishmael after all. Dani storms into Kris’s trailer accusing her to being responsible. After a heated argument, Kris and Dani decide to put aside their differences to give both of them the chance at the Breeder’s Cup. Gillian agrees to a match race between Ishmael and Wildfire, the slot in the Breeder’s Race going to the winner.

Kerry surprises Kris with plane tickets to Paris, for a trip after the Breeder’s Race. Kerry believes Kris will take the racing world in Europe by storm. Kris is excited but still has some doubts about leaving Wildfire and Raintree behind.

Dani talks to Gillian, getting her interested in investing into Davis Farm, so Junior will sell his shares to her. Gillian immediately calls her lawyer to set up a contract. Junior is thrilled when he sees the sum Gillian is willing to pay. Matt is stunned when Gillian tells him that she is now living next door to him, owning half of Davis Farm. Dani is shocked when she sees Gillian kissing Matt in the elevator while she is on her way to give Gillian the contract as she hadn’t been aware of them being together.

While Jean is at the vet clinic with Charlie’s horse Tristan who is suffering from a colic, and the ranch hands are busy elsewhere, Kris finds herself alone with Belladonna who is going into labour. Tristan needs a risky operation and Jean cannot reach Charlie, so the decision is hers. The operation is expensive. While Jean is thinking about it, Kris calls. Jean tells her to call Matt so he would stay with Belladonna while Kris is going to the match race. But Matt is with Gillian and has his phone turned off. Belladonna is having trouble with the birth and Jean is two hours away. Kris calls Junior searching for Matt. Junior passes on the message to Dani to tell Gillian to postpone the race because of the emergency. Dani is not telling Gillian to postpone the race and Gillian gives the spot to Ishmael. One of the vets from the clinic calls Kris. From what she’s saying the foal is positioned wrong. Junior goes to Kris and assists her with the birth of the foal. Kris tells Junior about Kerry’s plans for her in Europe. He tells her in return that he sold his share of Davis Farm. Watching the birth of the foal brings them closer together again.

Matt comes home to find Kris and Junior with the horses. Matt tells them that Dani has not passed on Kris’s message and Gillian gave the slot to Ishmael. Matt also talks to Junior about selling out his share of the farm to Gillian. Junior realises that he loves the farm after all and he is changing his mind about selling his share. Dani tells him it’s too late.

Kerry comes to Raintree. Kris tells him she missed the race. Kerry still is certain that he can get her into the race, as the official line up is still a few days away. He asks her to give him a chance to try. Later that evening Kerry calls Kris telling her that she’s in the Breeder’s. He tells Kris he’d do anything for her: Kerry is calling from a bed, Gillian sleeping next to him.

Tristan is doing fine after the operation. Jean calls Charlie to tell him the good news. And between the lines she is telling him how much she is missing him.

For Love Or Money

Original airdate : 3 April 2006
Filmed in New Mexico, February 2006

Genevieve Cortese (Kris Furillo)
Micah Alberti (Matt Ritter)
Ryan Sypek (Junior Davis)
Nicole Tubiola (Dani Davis)
Nana Visitor (Jean Ritter)
Greg Serano (Pablo)
Andrew Hoeft (Todd Ritter)
Dennis Weaver (Henry)

Guest Stars:
James Read (Ken Davis)
Kieren Hutchison (Kerry Connelly)
Charlotte Salt (Gillian Parsons)

Kieren and Nicole did a commentary for the episode you can download here:

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German Site
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