The next morning Kerry finds out that Gillian already submitted Ishmael for the race. They fight and Kerry leaves angry. When he tries to tell Kris, Jean and Pablo the bad news, he finds out that Rex Hubbard still has a place because the horse he submitted was scratched. So he still has a chance.

Dani is visiting Gillian later that morning. Gillian asks Dani to be truthful to her in the future. While Gillian is taking a phone call, Dani finds Kerry’s watch in the bed and takes it. Later, Dani is trying to find out who the watch she found belongs to.

Ken Davis comes home unexpectedly. He is not happy that his children sold a part of the farm to Gillian Parsons. Because her father had wanted to buy Ken out six months ago and turn Davis Farm into a shoping mall and condos. Dani is shocked. Junior is asking Ken why he paid his mother to leave. Junior also tells him he never got the letter Ken left him in the club.

Kerry arrives at Raintree with a big car that is for Kris, part of an endorsement deal. And he tells her when she wins the Breeder’s Cup they could be staying in Europe for up to two years. Kris is not happy to hear it might be so long.

They all meet at the club, Kerry, Kris, Junior, Dani and Matt. Dani asks Matt if he knew Gillian’s plans for Davis Farm. Junior tells Dani that he and their father have a plan to save Davis Farm. Dani thinks they can do it without their father, but Junior disagrees.

The next morning Wildfire runs off from the training track. Pablo and Kris go searching for him. Kris meets Junior on her search and he is helping her. When they get back to Raintree Kerry is waiting for her.

Dani is determined not to let Gillian have control over Davis Farm. Ken plans to give control to Junior once Ishmael has won the Breeder’s Cup. Dani is not happy about this prospect, but she knows that it is vital for Davis Farm. Ken has a plan for winning the race: Tina Sharp will be riding Ishmael.

Kris finally tells Jean and Pablo that she is planning to leave with Kerry for Europe for a few years. Jean is not comfortable that Kerry is controlling all of Kris’s life; where she lives, which races she is running etc. But Kris trusts Kerry and does not change her mind.

Kerry has to leave for Colorado to take care of some business, and because of bad weather he can’t be with her for the race. He asks her on the phone if he left his watch with her and tells her he loves her before he starts the plane.

Matt talks to Gillian and tells her he feels it is wrong to build a shopping mall and condos on Davis Farm. Gillian promises not to build anything there without Dani’s agreement. Matt tells Dani when he sees her at the club. Dani is grateful, but is suspicious of Gillian’s motives. Matt is upset. Dani asks Gillian for three of her interest points, betting them on Ishmael. If he wins, Dani will gets Gillian’s points, if he looses, Gillian will get three points from Dani and with that control of Davis Farm.

At the race track the Ritters and the Davis’s are nervous as a lot is at stake at the race and the purse money is one million dollars. Wildfire and Ishmael are leading the pack, running neck to neck. Wildfire wins the race by the length of his nose. The Ritters are relieved and happy. Dani is devastated. Her gamble didn’t pay off. But when Kris mentions Kerry’s watch in her winning address to the press, Dani suddenly has a new leverage against Gillian. She looses no time to find Gillian and tells her she knows she’s been sleeping with Kerry. She blackmails Gillian who does not want to loose Matt over this. Ken and Junior are depressed but Dani tells them she got control of Davis Farm and two million dollars she can invest. She gives Junior the role of minority partner and offers her dad his room to stay in. Ken wants to talk to her about it, she says she doesn’t and walks out.

At the party Jean is making a speech, thanking Pablo for bringing them Kris and Wildfire and makes a toast to the Raintree Team. Kerry has not shown up so far. Junior takes Kris to the stable. He has a present for her: he bought the foal, Baby Wildfire, as a gift for Kris. Kris is overjoyed. He wants to train the horse for her while she is away. He asks her not to go because he loves her. Just when they are about to kiss, her cell phone rings. It’s Kerry’s office. Kerry is missing, his plane went down in the mountains.

Close Shave

Original airdate : 10 April 2006
Filmed in New Mexico, February 2006
Working Title: Best Laid Plans

Genevieve Cortese (Kris Furillo)
Micah Alberti (Matt Ritter)
Ryan Sypek (Junior Davis)
Nicole Tubiola (Dani Davis)
Nana Visitor (Jean Ritter)
Greg Serano (Pablo)
Andrew Hoeft (Todd Ritter)
Dennis Weaver (Henry)

Guest Stars:
James Read (Ken Davis)
Kieren Hutchison (Kerry Connelly)
Charlotte Salt (Gillian Parsons)



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