Kris has a hard time accepting that Kerry is lost and she might never see him again. The only one she talks to about it is Wildfire.

At Raintree they hold a wake for Henry, Jean’s father, who passed away while he was in Australia.
Junior finds Kris and talks to her. He tells her they need to find a name for Baby Wildfire. Jean comes up to them, telling them the Sheriff just called with the news that Kerry’s plane has been found at last. Kris rushes to the hospital, Junior accompanies her. Kerry is still in surgery when they arrive. Kris tells Junior she needs to be alone right now and he leaves reluctantly.

Kris stays at the hospital while Kerry is in surgery. Junior is thinking about her, hoping she will call. Kris thinks about it, but doesn’t call him after all. Kerry is in surgery for hours and unconscious when he comes out. Junior finally shows up at the hospital and sees Kris at Kerry’s bed site. He goes away without being seen by Kris. Jean brings Kris something to eat to the hospital and the news that one of Kris’s checks bounced.

Matt and Gillian go for a picnic by the beach. Gillian asks Matt to come with her on a trip to Namibia. Matt is stunned but pleased and agrees. Later, Matt tells Pablo that he and Gillian want to be off to see the world. Matt feels he doesn’t have a role at Raintree. Pablo disagrees.

Jean is worried about all the repairs that the farm needs, but Pablo tells her not to worry, even though the check for the Breeder’s hasn’t come yet.

Henry’s younger brother Jessie arrives at Raintree with a present for Matt. It’s an Andalusian called Tazmanian Devil or Taz, the horse is still wild. Henry’s will is opened. Jean inherits half of Raintree, Todd gets his collection of  baseball cards and Matt gets Taz. If Matt can work with the horse he will inherit the other half of Raintree. Should he fail, he forfeits his claim on the Ranch and Jean will get his share. Jessie inherits the bunk house, a little cabin on the ranch where Henry used to live. Matt talks to Jessie about Henry’s will. Jessie tells him every opportunity in life has an expiration date.

Kerry finally wakes up, while Kris is making a phone call to her bank to find out why her checks are bouncing. Kerry tells her that everything he did, he did for her. Kris finds that a little cryptic. Junior feels something was up with Kerry, since he was found so far off course.

Matt tells Jean that he wants to go on a trip with Gillian. Jean understands him. Matt wants to sell Taz, so he can be financially independent. He feels he cannot be trained. Jean tells him that Raintree is their family business but Matt says horses are not his business. But at the auction Tazmanian Devil rears and runs off and no one is willing to buy him.

Junior visits Kris in the hospital. He tells her he got a call from the Sheriff’s office who told Junior Kerry was on his way to Mexico when his plane crashed. She thinks Junior is just talking trash. Junior fails to make her see he is telling her the truth.

Kerry is starting to feel better. He tells Kris to go home and get some rest. She tells him it was hard for her when his plane was lost.

Matt and Jessie go through the stuff in the bunk house and find old stuff of Jessie’s that Henry kept, pictures, journals, and memorabilia. It makes Matt think again about leaving.

Jean finally makes a call to find out when the Breeder’s purse will be paid. She is told it already was paid to a special Raintree account. But Raintree does not have a special account. The written instructions were in the envelope with the entry forms for the race. Kerry was the one who dropped of the envelope. Kris returns to the hospital to talk to Kerry. She finds him as he is getting a dressed and spots a bag under the bed. She realises that he is getting ready to leave. Kris asks him about the purse money. She realises he betrayed her. Kerry confesses that he was in money trouble and used the purse money to pay off his debt. He apologises but Kris is not giving him another chance. Right after she left, Kerry is arrested by the police.

Kris is devastated and promises to pay the money back to Raintree. Jean and Pablo are disappointed and in trouble, because they really need the money Kerry stole from them. Matt tells Gillian that now is not a good time for him to leave his family in a time of need.

Ken used money he asked Dani for to bribe someone to drop all the charges against him. Dani invites him to celebrate. While she is going to change Ken calls his lawyer, asking him how to get his assets back from his children.

Jessie tells Jean that he is planning to stay at Raintree. Jean is happy to have him back home.

Matt is giving training Taz a try. The horse is ignoring him. Matt is fed up and starts yelling at him. Then the horse comes up to him. Pablo who watched the incident is amused and tells Matt that sometimes the best horse whisperer is a horse yeller and that it takes most trainers a lifetime to figure that out.

Kris finally gives Baby Wildfire a name: Flame. When Junior arrives to name the horse he is stunned, because Flame was also the name that he picked.

Fairy Tale Endings

Original airdate : 1 January 2007
Filmed in New Mexico, July 2006

Genevieve Cortese (Kris Furillo)
Micah Alberti (Matt Ritter)
Ryan Sypek (Junior Davis)
Nicole Tubiola (Dani Davis)
Nana Visitor (Jean Ritter)
Greg Serano (Pablo)
Andrew Hoeft (Todd Ritter)
John Terry (Uncle Jessie)

Guest Stars:
James Read (Ken Davis)
Kieren Hutchison (Kerry Connelly)
Charlotte Salt (Gillian Parsons)



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