William Tell (Kieren Hutchison) - A reluctant hero, Will is a lively, life-loving young man. He accepts his role to overthrow Xax and Kreel's forces of darkness and leads the resistance movement. Headstrong, daring (to the point of reckless sometimes), impatient, dismissive of convention, he also has an eye for the ladies. It is his destiny to restore peace and order to the kingdom of Kale...

Aruna (Katrina Browne) - She is an Arborean and cat-like - feline, elegant, but with a quick, aggressive, fiery temperament. Aruna is very athletic, acrobatic, and a great climber. Like a cat Aruna can squeeze into places the others can't. She can also get into scrapes the rest would avoid. She admires Will¹s daring qualities, but has less time for his more thoughtful moments. Aruna's relationship with Leon is one of natural mutual antagonism and this makes for often humorous developments.

Leon (Nathaniel Lees) - A Heraclean giant, renowned for their strength - however, Leon is the gentlest of Will's rebel band. Mild, courteous, calm, with a quick intelligence - Leon is knowledgeable about history and the natural world around him. Though a man of peace, he can clearly see that Kale will be destroyed by Xax, and philosophically accepts that his destiny is to help Will in his rebellion.

Vara (Beth Allen) - By instinct a fun loving child, she has been brought up to see herself as above all others and can turn on the Royal dignity and scorn with ease. Being indulged tends to make her spoilt and headstrong. But that fiery spirit can also be channelled into positive acts, because deep down she is a compassionate, caring young girl. Her attempts to pass herself off as a common peasant to avoid capture are sometimes highly amusing. She is determined to return to the royal throne and reverse the damage Xax and Kreel have done to her kingdom.

Drogo (Drew Neemia) - From wolf ancestry, he has a striking black grey mane and a wary alert presence. Drogo has great instincts, is fast and has developed pack loyalty. He is the least educated of Will's group, but is not unintelligent. Drogo can sometimes be frustrated by Will's tendency to see him as a little brother and be over-protective. Though initially Princess Vara shuns this rather uncouth, basic 'creature', she is also intrigued by his strangeness, as he is by hers - and they become firm friends.

Xax (Andrew Binns) - Given the title Lord 'Xax, Protector of Kale', by Kreel, he is William's reverse image. Xax is a misguided idealistic megalomaniac, who genuinely believes he is the saviour of Kale. Xax has genuine charisma. People flock to him and his glamorous image. This feeds his natural vanity. His relationship with Kreel is symbiotic - one can't succeed without the other. Xax's goal is to rule over Kale.

Kreel (Ray Henwood) - A sorcerer like Kalem - they represent the positive and negative souls of the nation. He uses Xax's image and self delusion for his own ends, which is to gain power for its own sake. He doesn't want to do good, just have total control, and he is prepared to do anything to attain that goal. He recognises that he needs Xax's charisma to achieve this end (though if he could turn William Tell, he would do just as well). His reliance on his swaggering, rather simplistic protégé is frustrating

Kalem (Sharon Tyrrell) - A sorceress, Kalem will from time to time travel with Will's rebel band. She has magical powers, but they are limited to how much help to give Will and his band. She is not there to get them out of scrapes continuously - they must prove themselves. Kalem can transform herself into other beings or animals. She is the inner light, opposed to Kreel¹s inner darkness - and determined to triumph over Kreel and ensure Kale is covered in light and not darkness.

Alvar is Will's dog and grew up on the farm of Will's parents. He is totally loyal and devoted to Will. A companion, Alvar will often keep Will company on his travels. Drogo and Vara enjoy Alvar's playful side - but he can show his teeth when necessary and will protect Will and the others as best as he can when they face danger.

The Legend of William Tell © Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment/CLT-UFA/RTV

1. Shaytana's Eye
2. The Fifth Column
3. Escape Into Fear
4. Darkness & Light
5. The Hidden Valley
6. The Challenge
7. The Spririt of Kale
8. Swarm
9. The Sorcerer's Apprentice
10. Master of Doubt
11. The Lotus Eaters
12. The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior
13. Labyrinth
14. Doppelgänger
15. Combat
16. Resurrection
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