Looking for allies in their battle against Kreel and Xax, Tell and his band have contacted the mountain tribes. They are invited by the Mendicans. Assan, their leader, gives a feast in their honour. William is hoping that the Mendicans will join their fight. So far the mountain tribes have not been bothered by Xax and Kreel because they live so remote. Now, however, as Kreel and Xax have conquered great parts of the kingdom, they turn their attention to the mountains. Assan is sceptical. His people are Warriors and have been fighting the tribe of the Sark for a long time. He cannot believe that Xax would be able to defeat him.

Darak, a young Sark, has made camp in a stone circle. Suddenly he is attacked by a young Mendican Warrior. But this is no ordinary fight. Kalem and Kreel have both witnessed the attack. The magical beings use the bodies of the two young man to fight a battle of Darkness against the Light. Both the Sark and the Mendican are horrified and helpless and both suffer injuries. Suddenly both are shocked to the bone. The Mendican retreats backwards. The Sark tries to warn him about the abyss behind him, but too late. The young man falls to his death.

Tell learns from Assan and his wife Leanna that their son Bruno is in the mountains, alone. It is his Becoming, which means he will return after having become a man. What exactly that entails William is not told.

Drogo feels the need to be alone for a while and leaves the camp.

Will is frustrated when he returns to his friends. Assan is not taking the threat serious. His only interest lies in their war against the Sark. Leon knows the legend about that conflict. Two hundred years ago, in a battle more than one thousand Mendicans had been killed in a single day. It was the worst massacre in their history and they never got over that. Tell plans to have another talk with Assan in the morning. If he cannot convince the Mendican leader then, the rebels want to move on.

The following morning Darak reaches the Mendican camp. A child sees him and raises the alarm. Darak throws a message written on a piece of leather wrapped around a stone into the camp, then runs for his life. Mendican soldiers start looking for their enemy immediately. Darak manages to escape. Eventually, however, overcome by exhaustion he collapses.

The message is brought before Assan. It reads: "Help, Bruno". Leanna persuades her husband to send out some men to find their son. Assan is worried too. The message was written with blood.

At the Citadel Xax is pointing out to Kreel that the Mountain Tribes have still not signed the friendship pact that they received months ago. But Kreel is not worried. In his opinion all the tribes are barbarians, killing each other. Kreel is hoping that his interference of the fight between the two young Warriors in the Circle of Stones will prompt both of their tribes to go to war, thus solving the problem for him.

The men sent out to find Bruno return with his body. His parents are devastating. Leanna's cry of woe attracts the rebels who approach to find out what is going on. Assan believes that a Sark has killed his son and swears revenge against all of them. Aruna wants to leave Mendica at once, but Leon and William try to understand Assan, hoping they will be able to stop him.

Will is granted an audience with Assan and Leanna. He offers his condolences, then asks to see the message. Tell wonders aloud, why a Sark would first kill Bruno and then risk coming to the camp to bring this message. Leanna sees his point, but Assan only wants revenge.

Will confers with his friends. They have decided to leave early next morning when Leanna walks into the Shelter. She explains that not everyone shares her husbands point of view. Many of the Mendicans wish the fighting to end. Leanna asks Will not to leave. She is bitter about the hatred dominating her people, though she is hoping for a better future for them. Suddenly Assan appears demanding an explanation for her being with the rebels. Assan is furious but his wife is not afraid of him. She reveals that only the act of killing a Sark makes a man out of a Mendican boy. William proposes that the rebels will search for Bruno's killer and find out what really happened. If the Sark is guilty he to be punished according to Mendican law. If his is not, the people of the Sark will be spared. Reluctantly Assan allows them one day for this.

The band begins the search at the stone circle, hoping to find some sort of clue there.

Kreel shows Xax in his seer water basin how his protégé placed small stones within the stone circle as a boy. This was the foundation for the fulfilment of a prophecy.

Aruna and Leon climb up to the stone circle and find Darak's abandoned fire. The Heraclean can't shake the feeling of being watched, however, only within the circle. And he is right. Kalem as well as Xax and Kreel are indeed watching them. Outside the circle of stones Leon finds a Mendican battle axe, presumably Bruno's.

Meanwhile William, Drogo and Vara search at the bottom of the cliff for clues. Drogo is unhappy. He feels like he
is the lowest member of the rebels and not respected. The boy is fed up with being treated as a child. Will tries to convince him that he is wrong. Drogo and Vara are the youngest members of the group that's just a fact. But Drogo does not listen.

Unexpected the rebels find a tent. It belongs to the Sark Uluban and his daughter Misha. They have found Darak, who is suffering from a high fever and close to dying. The next Sark settlement is too far away for Darak to make it, therefore the rebels take him back to Mendica, along with Misha and her father. The Sark girl tells them about Darak's ravings about a sort of mirror and singing stones. She is exhausted and Aruna sends her away to rest. Uluban tells them about Misha and Darak's plan to get married.

As soon as Darak recovers they want to determine if he is responsible for Bruno's death. Uluban doubts the justice of Mendicans. Assan allows Will to speak in Darak's defence under the condition that he will accept the verdict of the Mendican elders. William agrees.

Darak recovers. He asks Aruna what his name is. The young man seems to be strangely confused. Aruna gives him a mirror and he is distraught when he sees his face. Then Darak asks her if Bruno is dead. She confirms it.

Later Aruna reports to Will about Darak. She is convinced that he is hiding something and whatever happened has to do with the Circle of Stones.

Meanwhile Misha finds out that Darak is not Darak but her father does not believe her.

Kalem as well as Kreel watch the trial. William is frustrated about Darak's sketchy account of what has happened. All he keeps saying is, they fought and Bruno fell. But Tell is not one to give up easy and he urges Darak to try and remember more details. Darak, however, remains stubborn and silent. The rebel leader fears that Darak will be found guilty and executed. There is only one hope. The secret of the Circle of Stones must be uncovered. William sends Leon to the trial to buy him some time, while he, Aruna and Drogo depart for the circle at once.

Within the Circle of Stones Drogo and Will experience the same thing that has happened to Darak and Bruno. Distraught Will runs into the night. Aruna and Drogo search for him until the break of dawn but in vain.

Leon is surprised and cannot believe what Aruna and Drogo are telling him. Drogo and Will's bodies were exchanged in the circle. Will - in Drogo's body - proves his identity with a masterful shot. When Misha then informs the rebels that Darak is not himself, all becomes clear. Darak is dead and in his body now lives the soul of Bruno.

Kalem appears to Drogo - in Will's body - who is still very disturbed by the events. She calms him.

The council of elders declares Darak guilty. Will calls Kalem and she appears. Without Drogo the spell cannot be broken. Therefore Will must go to the trial in Drogo's body. Leon, Aruna and Kalem accompany him. But Assan does not believe their story of switched bodies. He demands the verdict to be carried out at once. Darak is to be hanged immediately. Drogo returns and Kalem helps him and William to return to their respective bodies.

The noose is already around his neck when Leanna shows the young man Bruno's battle axe, demanding to know if he is her son. At last Bruno admits it. He apologises to his parents. The fear of being despised in the body of their enemy had caused him to remain silent for so long. Misha feels betrayed. She attacks Bruno with the axe Leanna had dropped to embrace her son. But William stops the young woman and comforts her.

Some time later it is decided that the Mendicans will move their camp into the mountains as Xax and his troops are approaching. Assan wishes to make peace with the Sark. He has learned a lot in the last couple of days.

Drogo also has realised that being an adult is not as grand as he thought it would be.

Kalem materialises within the centre of the Circle of Stones. She transmits a message to Kreel: William and his rebels will find the Crystal Arrow. The prophecy will come true and Kreel's rule will come to an end.

© Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment & CLT-UFA International



Original US Airdate: November 15, 1998

Screenplay by Colin Fox
Directed by Graham Wetherell

Kieren Hutchison (William Tell)
Katrina Browne (Aruna)
Nathaniel Lees (Leon)
Beth Allen (Vara)
Andrew Binns (Xax)
Ray Henwood (Kreel)
Sharon Tyrrell (Kalem)

Guest Cast:
Dean O'Gorman (Darak)
Frankie Stevens (Assan)
Monika Ahuiri (Leanna)
Hannah Gould (Misha)
Tom McCrory (Uluban)
Turei Reedy (Colombek)
Heath Donaghue (Young Xax)
Reweti Montgomery (Bruno)
Leon Ellison (Benji)


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