Kreel is calling upon the powers of Darkness and brings the Memlok into the world. The Memlok is a creature so terrible that Kreel himself is frightened of it.

Leon is called by his friend and teacher Chow Chu. Chow Chu is a very learned man. In his studies he has found a clue to the Crystal Arrow. It is supposed to be hidden in the Labyrinth of Lost Souls. Chu even found a map of this labyrinth. He gives it to Leon, as well as a description how to find its entrance.

Meanwhile William and Aruna are at an inn and witness Xaxian soldiers taking away a girl they mistake for Vara. William is too drunk after joining the locals for a few drinks, so Aruna goes after them to free the girl on her own.

Kreel tells Xax about the trap he has made for the rebels. It's the labyrinth.

The following morning Vara and the girl become friends. The girl's name is Arabella. Drogo is suspicious, as is Alvar who barks at her. Vara insists on Arabella staying with them, so that she can have a friend. The girl tells them that only her father is still alive, but she has not seen him for a long time.

Leon returns to the camp, with the book Chow Chu has given him. Will and Aruna are thrilled about the news he brings. Leon is somewhat worried as it all seems too easy. But Will is determined to take his chance with the labyrinth. They set out at once in search of the entrance. Aruna finds it by accident, falling into a hidden pit. Tell's plan had been to go into the labyrinth on his own but Aruna has made up her mind to accompany him. Leon stays behind to protect Vara should anything happen to them in the labyrinth. They go inside and soon get lost, despite the map.

In the meantime Xax and a group of soldiers are on their way to the labyrinth. Leon returns to the camp for a short time to check on the others. Drogo tells him about his suspicion against Arabella. The boy thinks the is spying for Xax. Leon, however, does not think so. When the Heraclean returns to the entrance of the labyrinth he discovers the Xaxian Warriors. He now knows that Chow Chu has betrayed them. Chu, meanwhile, has been visited by Kreel. The sorcerer believes Chu has warned his friend and punishes the old man. Leon finds Chow Chu dying in front of his house. Chu confirms that the labyrinth is a trap. Kreel has incarcerated Chu's son Sammi and blackmailed the old man to lie to Leon. Chow Chu also knows about the Memlok and warns Leon about it. This creature is powerful and can take on any form. Only Kreel is strong enough to destroy the Memlok. Then Chow Chu dies.

Arabella tells Vara that her father is a prisoner of Xax. The girl doubts if Will could help her, in fact, she even doubts that he really is the Chosen One. Arabella leaves the Shelter and sets out to the Citadel. Vara follows her. Drogo tries in vain to stop them. Arabella shows him her true nature and strikes him down, before continuing on her way with the princess.

Eventually Will and Aruna reach the heart of the labyrinth where indeed they find the Crystal Arrow. Will takes it and they make their way back. Some creature is on their heels, scaring them. To their relief it turns out to be only Alvar. Looking for a way out they see Xax who has also entered the labyrinth. Following Greek mythology the Lord Protector is using a thread to mark his passage. Fleeing, Will and Aruna get separated.

Upon his return Leon finds Drogo unconscious on the ground. Drogo's description of Arabella's change and his injury remind Leon of Chow Chu's warning about the Memlok. They follow it and Vara and catch up with them within sight of the Citadel. Vara, Drogo and Leon are taken prisoner and brought inside.

Will confronts Xax. But Xax only laughs at him and to Tell's utter surprise the Crystal Arrow vanishes in his hand. He flees. After a while Will finds Aruna again. They discover Xax' thread and follow it, hoping it will lead them to the exit.

Arabella overhears two guards talking about the fate of the prisoners and her own. According to the men Kreel plans to send the Memlok back to the Underworld. Meanwhile Kreel has all his prisoners brought before him, this includes the three rebels as well as Sammi Chu and a few others. Kreel orders the Memlok to destroy all the prisoners. But the creature hesitates. First it demands to know what is to be done with itself afterwards. The Memlok has no desire to return to the Underworld. It does not believe Kreel's assurances. Taking on its true terrible form it attacks the sorcerer. Leon takes the chance and frees himself and the others. Seeing that Kreel cannot defeat the Memlok alone, Leon returns to help the sorcerer. With their combined strength and the power of Shaytana's Eye they finally manage to ban the creature. Then the prisoners flee.

Aruna and William eventually find the exit. Xax, however, finds the thread torn. Running, Aruna had caught her foot in it and torn it. Thus Xax is trapped in the labyrinth. To give himself a respite Kreel does not rescue Xax immediately.

Some time later, when the rebels are reunited in the Shelter with Sammi as their guest, they exchange the stories of their adventures. The Quest for the Crystal Arrow is not over yet.

© Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment & CLT-UFA International



Original US Airdate: November 22, 1998

Screenplay by David Fox
Directed by John Reid

Kieren Hutchison (William Tell)
Katrina Browne (Aruna)
Nathaniel Lees (Leon)
Beth Allen (Vara)
Drew Neemia (Drogo)
Andrew Binns (Xax)
Ray Henwood (Kreel)
Sharon Tyrrell (Kalem)

Guest Cast:
George Henare (Chow Chu)
Helen Steemson (Arabella)
Sean Allen (Memlock)
Timothy Bartlett (Barman)
Peter McKenzie (Warrior Captain)
Karl Kite Rangi (Sammi)
William Brandt (Man in Bar)
Carolyn Lambourn (Barmaid), Peter Daube
& Phil Grieve (Warriors)


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