Kalem warns William about an impending disaster. She can sense but not pin point it. A short time later the rebels and Kalem come upon a village that is totally destroyed. The only survivor is a little girl. Strangely she identifies William as the murderer. The rebels are confused. Drogo cannot find any scents other than the ones of the villagers and the rebels. This makes it clear that Dark Forces are involved. Will and Kalem suspect Kreel behind it.

They take the girl to the Zama, a nearby village in the Canton Quesenia, where she has relatives. The Canton has sworn allegiance to Xax but the people of Zama are still on Tell's side.

The following day the barbarian is wreaking havoc again. As before he spares only one child, a boy this time, as a witness. When the barbarian lifts his mask and shows his face it is identical to that of William Tell! The barbarian also claims that this is his name.

Kreel and Xax have watched the events in Kreel's seer water basin. They are pleased. Their plan is to reverse Will's good reputation, to rob him of the support of the people and ultimately destroy him.

In Zama the rebels contact the village elder. He warns them. The mood in the village has turned against the rebels since the barbarian has started his terrible attacks. Tell is blamed for all of them. The girl's accusations contradict the rebel's protest of innocence.

The priestess of Zama speaks for the town's people. Will tries to talk with them but they have turned into a mob. They will not even listen to Vara. The rebels have no choice but to run. The barbarian has watched everything from a hill.

Kreel is somewhat disappointed that his plan has not been more successful. However, he is not ready to give up yet. The sorcerer creates a second Doppelgänger. This time one who is dressed exactly like Tell and is send to fool the other rebels.

A short time later it shows that the priestess is in cahoots with Kreel and the Doppelgänger. The rebels are on their enemy's trail when suddenly they are attacked. The fight serves the purpose of separating the princess from her friends. When this is accomplished the attackers retreat. Doppelgänger # 2 finds Vara. She mistakes him to be Will and follows him. Meanwhile Doppelgänger # 1, the barbarian, gives Tell an ultimatum. Either he finds out who the barbarian is and why he does what he does. Or he tries to save Vara. Will fires an arrow at the barbarian. But to the surprise of all of them he catches the arrow in flight just before it hits. Kalem assures them that their adversary is not human. As the barbarian has threatened to attack further villages, the rebels split up. Drogo, Leon and Aruna go looking for Vara while William and Alvar follow the barbarian. Kalem goes on a mission of her own. She wants to find out what Kreel is up to. William warns her urgently to stay well away from Shaytana's Eye. But Kalem is confident that she is not in any danger, as long as she is not facing the Dark Crystal directly.

In the guise of a dove Kalem flies to a place near the Citadel. There she changes back into her true form and then into a warrior. A few moments later Xax rides by, accompanied by one of his soldiers. Kalem challenges him to a duel. A bitter fight ensues. The two opponents are almost matched in strength and skill. Eventually Xax gets the upper hand. But when he removes her helmet Xax is most surprised to see a beautiful redheaded woman. She introduces herself as Thalestris. Xax is fascinated by her and also amused, when it becomes clear that she is mistaking him for William Tell. She wants to avenge the death of her children who have been murdered by the barbarian. Thalestris allies herself with Xax.

Vara notices that something is wrong with Tell and is alarmed when Doppelgänger # 2 is taking her back to Zama. He hands the princess over to the village elder. Then the priestess appears with a group of people. The priestess identifies Doppelgänger # 2 as a friend. She claims that he has changed sides. The false Tell kneels before the people, confessing his crimes and asking forgiveness. Confused Vara realises that this is not the real William Tell. She tries to inform the people but the priestess prevents it.

As Thalestris Kalem enters the Citadel. Xax tells her that Kreel has created a weapon for the certain destruction of William Tell. Thalestris asks to be allowed to witness Tell's death with her own eyes. Xax promises her to make that possible.

In the meantime it is easy for Will to follow the barbarian as his adversary wants to be found. He leads Tell to a cave. William enters it with caution. He is shocked when the barbarian takes off his helmet and reveals his face. Now he understands why the people blamed him for the atrocities. The barbarian confuses Tell by claiming to be his lost twin. William is suspicious as well as fascinated. They talk. Will lets down his guard and is caught by his Doppelgänger.

Kreel watches the events and is very pleased. Xax leads Thalestris to Kreel's laboratory. She waits outside while Xax enters. Kreel is not killing Tell yet, even though he could. After all, the rebel is only the bait. Whom he really wants is Kalem. The sorcerer counts on her to come to Tell's aid.

The barbarian sets William free to show that he could kill him if he wanted. Then he continues their conversation. The barbarian offers a pact. But the promise of power cannot seduce William. Kalem, who is listening to them through Kreel's seer basin is torn between her desire to help Will and the danger posed by Shaytana's Eye.

Their search for Vara leads Leon, Aruna and Drogo back to Zama. From the hill opposite the village they see William. Drogo is suspicious. But Doppelgänger # 2 has spotted them and calls them down. In the village they are surrounded and overpowered. The village elder realises that the priestess has betrayed the rebels. Doppelgänger # 2 claims to be the true William Tell, created by Kalem to kill the king and queen. He accuses the others of being accomplices to Kalem. Leon, Aruna and Drogo are tied and gagged, therefore they cannot defend themselves. The priestess orders Doppelgänger # 2 to execute the prisoners. When the village elder tries to intervene he is arrested as well. Desperately, Vara tries to prevent the execution.

Kalem hears Xax give the order to kill Tell. She storms into the laboratory and uses her powers. Both of the Doppelgängers are immobilised for a few moments. William uses his chance and shoots an arrow at the barbarian. He is hit and shatters like a mirror. However, Shaytana's Eye demands a high prize. Kalem utters a terrible scream and only her silhouette in flames remains on the Citadel wall. Will hears her scream and believes her to be dead. The barbarian's men flee after their leader has been destroyed. Will frees Alvar, who had been captured, and then hurries to Zama.

Doppelgänger # 2 recovers and gets ready to execute the rebels. But the respite gave William enough time to reach the village. Another arrow and this false Tell also shatters into a thousand pieces. The priestess cries out in despair. Will unmasks the priestess as the true traitor in their midst.

Xax is angry. They were so close to killing Tell and have failed once again. Kreel, however, is pleased. Tell might still be alive, but Kalem has been eliminated which is even better.

While the villagers celebrate the death of the barbarian Will is not in a celebratory mood. The loss of Kalem weights heavy on his heart. Aruna comes out to him and persuades him to come inside where the others are waiting.

© Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment & CLT-UFA International



Original US Airdate: December 6, 1998

Screenplay by Rio Fanning
Directed by John Reid

Kieren Hutchison (William Tell)
Katrina Browne (Aruna)
Nathaniel Lees (Leon)
Beth Allen (Vara)
Drew Neemia (Drogo)
Andrew Binns (Xax)
Ray Henwood (Kreel)
Sharon Tyrrell (Kalem)

Guest Cast:
Helen Moulder (Pristess)
Frank Edwards (Village Elder)
Kirsten Basset (Young Girl)
James Ordish (Young Boy)
Peter McKenzie (Warrior Captain)
Daimen Hutchison (Doppelganger)
Benj Berryman (Warrior)


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