William is convinced that Kalem is dead. He is spending a lot of his time lost in thought. Without Kalem, he feels, the Quest is lost. Kreel on the other hand senses that Kalem is not utterly destroyed. He and Xax plan to kill Tell before she regains her strength.

In a nearby village Drogo hears about Xax's plan to crown himself King of Kale. The Lord Protector has proclaimed going on the King's Pilgrimage, alone as required in the statutes of Kale. Aruna thinks this might be their chance to finally get him. But William and Leon are convinced that this is a trap. Aruna is fed up with not doing anything and sets out alone, nonetheless. William follows her, hoping to stop her. But Aruna overpowers him and ties him up. The Arborean wants to take on Xax alone. Will manages to free himself. By the time he catches up with Aruna, she is being led away in chains. It was indeed a trap.

Vara, Leon and Drogo worry about them when they do not return until evening.

Aruna is brought into the Citadel and locked into the dungeons. Will has disguised himself and followed her and the Warriors. He joins a group of prisoners to get inside. However, when he tries to sneak away he is caught and arrested with the others. Alvar runs back to the rebel's camp.

The following morning Xax visits Aruna in her cell. He provokes her and the Arborean challenges him to a duel. Xax accepts. Aruna's chains are taken off and they fight. Even though the woman is unarmed she gets the upper hand. She nearly kills Xax but at that moment Kreel walks into the cell and stops her with the power of Shaytana's Eye. Aruna is chained up again.

William and the other prisoners learn that they are to fight as gladiators at the coronation. The giant Gar will be training them for the day. At the training, Will refuses to fight. For that he is punished.

Kreel reprimands Xax for getting into the fight with Aruna. But Xax is very impressed by her and he is convinced that he can win her over.

Alvar leads Leon, Drogo and Vara to the Citadel. On the battlements they see Aruna, in chains. What they don't know is that Xax has just offered her the kingdom and confessed to her, he would like her to be his queen. Naturally Aruna declines. Later Aruna is led into a luxurious chamber. Her emotions are in turmoil. Xax visits her. With his words he adds to her doubts. Her resolution is not as strong as before.

Leon disguises himself as a Heraclean farmer woman, selling fruits at the market. Drogo and Vara are also in disguise and help him.

Gar tries to force William to fight. Still the rebel resists, even though he is severely beaten because of it. In their cell Will makes friends with another prisoner called Alum. Gar is driving the men very hard. But Tell keeps refusing to fight, despite the painful consequences.

Xax asks Aruna to ride down with him to the river. Leon, Drogo and Vara cannot believe their eyes when the two of them pass them by on horseback. Leon sends Drogo after them. The boy watches how Aruna and Xax talk to each other like old friends. He reports back to Leon and Vara, but they find it hard to believe that their friend has changed sides. The princess puts herself in Aruna's line of vision when the riders return. The Arborean stares at Vara for a long moment, not showing any sign of recognition or saying anything. Vara is convinced that Aruna is still loyal because she didn't reveal her identity. Leon and Drogo are not so sure.

Gar has developed reluctant respect for William Tell, nonetheless the giant shows no mercy punishing him for his ongoing refusal to fight. Alum fears that Will is going to get himself killed if he keeps disobeying Gar. At the next training Tell surprises everyone by challenging Gar to fight him. The giant refuses. William attacks him just the same. A vicious blow sends him sprawling. Just at that moment Lord Xax pays a visit to the training facilities. Gar quickly covers Will's still form with a cloth to hide him. The giant suspects that Will is a rebel. He likes Tell, but he will not help him and warns him, not to cause any trouble.

Meanwhile Kalem is recovering. Shaytana's Eye senses her returning power and alerts Kreel to it.

In the evening Xax challenges Aruna to another duel. This time they both will be armed with a deathwand. Aruna's fighter spirit cannot resist this. Xax manages to disarm her. To equal the odds he puts his own weapon down. They continue their fight with bare hands and end up kissing. At the same time Will has revealed his true identity to the other prisoners and rallied them to rebellion. Tell leads them in a courageous attack against the guards. However some of the soldiers run up to the battlements and train crossbows at the men in the yard. Will calls to the gladiators to surrender. Aruna and Xax have witnessed this. Tell is brought before Kreel and the Lord Protector. Kreel asks Tell about Kalem, but the rebel insists that she is dead. The sorcerer wants to hang his enemy at once but this time it is Xax who has other plans.

Aruna is filled with doubts. She feels attracted to Xax and that disturbs her. Some time later Xax visits her. He knows exactly what to say to her to feed her doubts. Eventually Aruna succumbs to his charm.

Back in the prison William tries to encourage the gladiators after their failed revolt. Lord Xax visits them shortly afterwards to inform them that his coronation will be held tomorrow. For the occasion the gladiators are to fight one on one to the death. Lots decide about the pairings. Except for Tell. All over town posters advertise the upcoming fight of the rebel William Tell against the champion Gar. That way Leon, Drogo and Vara find out about it.

The following morning dawns. Gar comes to lead William to the fight. People file up to the stands within the Citadel. Among them Leon, Drogo and Vara, still in disguise. Kreel is not very happy to allow Aruna at the platform with him and Xax. The sorcerer still does not trust her. Xax is sure that Aruna will be fully his after Tell is dead. He offers Kreel to put Aruna to any test he can think of. Kreel, Xax and Aruna sit down on the royal platform. Xax orders the amusement to begin. Will and Gar are the first fighters to enter the yard. That gives Kreel an idea. He demands Aruna to take Gar's place as William's opponent to prove her loyalty beyond a doubt. She hesitates for a moment, then steps down. William does not wish to fight his friend but Aruna does not leave him any choice. Leon, Drogo and Vara are shocked. Aruna gets the upper hand as William is only defending himself and not attacking her. When she is about to deliver a fatal blow with her deathwand Will suddenly hears Kalem's voice, urging him not to hesitate. At the last moment he twists Aruna's hand and turns her weapon against her. Xax is outraged. He orders his guards to kill Tell. This enrages Gar as the victor of the duel had been promised freedom. The giant attacks the guards. William is appalled about what he has done and too stunned to move. Leon, Vara and Drogo use the chaos created by Gar to get down to Will. Leon picks up Aruna and they turn to flee the scene. Gar fights his way to the platform and raises his weapon against Xax. But Kreel points Shaytana's Eye against the giant. Horrified Will watches the man die. Vara urges him to hurry.

The rebels are able to escape into the forest. The others don't believe Will when he tells them that Kalem advised him to kill Aruna. They are shocked and appalled by his deed and turn away from him. Will is blaming himself and is full of sorrow about Aruna's death. He accepts the scorn of his friends, takes off his arrow pendant and declares their quest failed. He walks away from the others, into the forest. Alvar follows him. Leon agrees with Will. It is all over.

© Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment & CLT-UFA International



Original US Airdate: December 13, 1998

Screenplay by Harry Duffin
Directed by Mike Smith

Kieren Hutchison (William Tell)
Katrina Browne (Aruna)
Nathaniel Lees (Leon)
Beth Allen (Vara)
Drew Neemia (Drogo)
Andrew Binns (Xax)
Ray Henwood (Kreel)
Sharon Tyrrell (Kalem)

Guest Cast:
Tim Balme (Alum)
Sinisa Copic (Gar
Chris Ryan (Weaselman)
Peter McKenzie (Warrior Captain)


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