Kreel and Xax appear to have won. Their flag is hoisted in every Canton of the kingdom. Tell and his rebels haven't been seen for a while. Kreel is convinced that Tell has given up after the deaths of Aruna and Kalem.

Leon, Drogo and Vara have gone into hiding. In disguise they are working in a sordid eating house. After another day of gruelling work a black cat strays into the kitchen. When the Bolino, the owner, sees it he tells Vara to take it outside. The children are unhappy about this way of life and they miss William. However, this is the only place where they can be safe. Each being from a different tribe, none of their people would accept the other two.

Meanwhile Will is working on a pig farm. The farmer is a mean man and Will's life is hard and miserable. His only remaining friend is Alvar. One day out of the blue Kalem appears. She was able to escape total destruction. Now her strength is slowly returning, though at present she is still weak. Will is confused as well as angry. The young man refuses to do anything else for her, after she had made him kill Aruna. But Kalem informs him that there yet may be hope to safe Aruna. Arboreans, after all, are a cat tribe and a cat has many lives. With that, she vanishes. Will finds new hope. The black cat now comes to him.

Xax is impatient. Because of the tumult his coronation had not taken place and he is more than fed up with waiting. Once again his mentor begs for patience. Kreel wants to wait until Tell is forgotten which should be soon.

The black cat eventually leads William to the town and eating house where his friends are. At first their reunion is tainted with bitter resentment, especially from Leon who still feels betrayed. But they reconcile, especially with the news that Aruna can still be saved. They all want to do their best to bring her back.

Bolino has witnessed their discussion and suspects their true identity. He sends word to the Citadel. When Kreel and Xax arrive with their Warriors, however, the rebels have long gone. Xax is upset and has Bolino arrested.

The black cat shows the rebels the right direction. They find a large red tent down by the beach. Inside they meet the Cicerone and his servant. The Cicerone, only a floating head painted in a black and white checkerboard pattern, is a sort of oracle. He recognises Tell, greeting him by his name. For the first time Will declares his love for Aruna, to the surprise of his comrades. The Cicerone tells them that there is not much time left to safe her. They will find her in the Throne of Thrones of Heroes. A map of Kale appears on the floor. William places his arrow pendant on it. It rotates and shows them the way. Filled with a new sense of hope the rebels set out to their final journey.

Walking along the beach they come upon a camp fire. By its side they find a clown, dressed all in red with a mask painted on his face. Behind him in the rock lies the entrance to a cave. The clown is quite irritating but not unfriendly. Tired and hungry as they are, the band ask permission to join his fire and rest.

Kreel and Xax also reach the tent of the Cicerone. His reception of them is distinctly less welcoming than that of the rebels. Kreel and Xax use Shaytana's Eye to show them the way on the map. Xax takes advantage of the situation and snatches the Dark Crystal away from Kreel, much to the sorcerer's dismay.

Kalem materialises in the Throne of Thrones. The black cat is already there, waiting.

Suddenly the clown reveals that he has been guarding the entrance for 500 years. It leads to the place the rebels seek. To the Crystal Arrow. The clown denies them entry. But the rebels have not come that far to turn back now. Eventually they get inside, only to find Xax and Kreel already there. Those two came by another entrance. The Throne of Thrones is the final resting place of Kale's most revered heroes. There lies Aruna as well as the first William Tell and a few others. Tell's hand is closed around the kingdom's talisman, the Crystal Arrow. Kalem walks over to the rebels. Together they watch Xax approaching the other William Tell. The Lord Protector attempts to take the Crystal Arrow. It begins to glow. Its power lashes out at Xax who is thrown backwards. The arrow is still in Tell's hand. Kalem explains that only the true hero is able to take the arrow. Everyone else will be destroyed. Shaytana's Eye hanging around his neck saved Xax life. Kreel takes the Dark Crystal back from him.

Will is the next person to approach his namesake. A little nervous he reaches out to grasp the arrow. And it comes away easy. This proves that he is the true hero. Taking the arrow he goes over to Aruna and brings her back to life. Xax is utterly shocked. Kreel has been telling him all his life that he is the Chosen One and now it appears it was all a lie. Angry, Xax attacks William. But weapons cannot be used in this holy place so all they can do is fight without arms. Kreel uses the distraction to kidnap Vara. The rebels notice it quickly and pursue him. Xax feels betrayed and also makes his way back to the Citadel. As Kreel and Xax are on horseback and the rebels on foot, Tell and his friends cross the mountains to get to the Citadel as quickly as possible. On the way William has an opportunity to speak with Aruna alone. She only remembers being mad at him and fighting him. She does not believe Will when he tells her that she has been dead. He is relieved to find that she is not angry with him and tells her how glad he is to have her back.

Kreel drags Vara into his laboratory. Urgently he points Shaytana's Eye at the princess, trying to brainwash her into a puppet without free will.

It is already dark when the rebels and Kalem reach the Citadel. They can see the pulsating of the Dark Crystal. Kalem feels the threat to Vara, knowing they are running out of time. She urges William to shoot the Crystal Arrow with his crossbow into the Citadel. Unerringly the Arrow hits Shaytana's Eye. Both crystals shatter in a huge explosion. But Vara is not safe yet. Kreel takes her along, as a hostage. The rebels storm into the Citadel and meet Xax and Kreel with Vara in the great hall. Kreel challenges Kalem, but without the power of Shaytana's Eye Kalem is stronger than he. Xax challenges Tell to a duel with swords. Their fight is bitter and long. Eventually Will wins. But he cannot bring himself to kill Xax, despite all the evils he has done. A group of Warriors enters the hall. To the great surprise of Xax it is him they arrest, not Tell. Kalem informs Kreel that the wisdom of Light will always defeat the wisdom of Darkness. Then she absorbs him. They have won!

Not much later the entire kingdom celebrates their victory over the Darkness. Vara is restored as ruler of Kale. She and the rebels show themselves to the people from the balcony of the Citadel. Then they return to the great hall. As Vara needs good advisers to rule, the queen appoints the rebels to their skills. Leon is appointed to Chief Minister, Drogo to Companion and Chief and Aruna to Commander at Arms.
William Tell, however, asks her leave to return to his parent's farm to rebuild it. Vara appoints Aruna to personally protect and defend their national hero. Will takes her hint and finally confesses his love to Aruna, asking her to be his wife. She accepts happily.

After darkness has fallen, Aruna and William say good-bye to their friends and set out to return to Will's farm. The Quest for the Crystal Arrow is over, the Light has returned to Kale.

© Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment & CLT-UFA International



Original US Airdate: December 20, 1998

Screenplay by Rio Fanning
Directed by Mike Smith

Kieren Hutchison (William Tell)
Katrina Browne (Aruna)
Nathaniel Lees (Leon)
Beth Allen (Vara)
Andrew Binns (Xax)
Ray Henwood (Kreel)
Sharon Tyrrell (Kalem)

Guest Cast:
Bruce Philips (Bolino)
Tim Spite (Clown)
Ralph Johnson (Farmer)
William Plumb (Farmer's Son)
Steven Ray (Cicerone)
Ian Harcourt (Cicerone's Servant)


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