Kalem is taking a great risk by daring to enter Kreel's laboratory in the guise of a dove. Shaytana's Eye alerts Kreel to her presence. Quickly it becomes clear to Kalem that she has overestimated her own strength and disappears. All Kreel finds of her is a white feather. Weakened, Kalem changes back into her true form near the camp of the rebels. She notices Xaxian Warriors who are swarming the area, searching for Tell. Kalem drags herself forward.

Vara has used some make-up on Aruna. When the men return and see her they laugh. Aruna is hurt, especially since she has fallen in love with Will. But he is blind for her feelings for him. The arrival of Kalem interrupts them. Kalem warns them about the approaching soldiers. Building the circle they make the Shelter invisible. Due to Kalem's weakness it takes longer this time and they almost get caught. Afterwards she can hardly stand on her own. She says she needs to go up to the Snowy Mountain. Only water from Crystal Spring can restore her strength. But Kreel presumes her weakness and prevents her changing back into a dove to fly away. Eventually she gives up trying and falls unconscious. The rebels are alarmed.

One soldier had glimpsed the Shelter before it became invisible. Not believing him, Xax orders his arrest, as a warning to others not to glorify the legend of William Tell. Kreel, however, suspects that the man has told the truth and suspects Kalem behind Tell's ability to so effectively hide from them.

Will and Aruna set out on the dangerous trek into the Snowy Mountain to retrieve some water from the crystal spring for Kalem. Will notices that Aruna is mad at him but the proud Arborean gives him the cold shoulder.

In the meantime Kreel approaches Gwendol, the royal nurse. The Heraclean had been forced to work as a washer woman ever since the princess left the Citadel. Kreel brainwashes her with Shaytana's Eye to make her hate and despise William Tell. Also, the nurse owns a portrait of Vara, which the sorcerer asks to borrow.

Vara is afraid and Drogo comforts her. Kalem is in a delirious state. Still she senses the danger that she is in and she calls on the elements fire, wind and earth to protect her and the Crystal Spring as well.

Using her portrait Kreel sends Vara a dream in which Gwendol appears to her, telling the princess that the way to the Citadel is clear. Vara awakens with the desire to go to Gwendol, believing that her nurse can help Kalem. Drogo hears Vara calling Gwendol's name. When she tells him about her plan to go to the citadel, Drogo suspects a trap and tells her to go back to sleep. Some time later Vara sneaks out of the Shelter and heads for the Citadel.

At nightfall Aruna and Will take refuge in a cave. The rebel leader confesses that he is tired of fighting and running all the time. Aruna's fighting nature helps her to cope with the situation better. Again Tell hurts her feelings by thoughtlessly telling her that he views her only as a comrade in arms and not as a woman. Aruna makes it clear what she thinks about his opinion. Too late Will realises what he has said but Aruna won't accept any his attempts to apologise.

Aruna wakes up with the distinct feeling that something is wrong. She wakes Will. The entrance to the cave has disappeared! In its place is a solid wall. The earth is holding them prisoner. In the back of the cave they discover a tunnel. As this is the only way out they follow it.

When Leon and Drogo notice Vara's absence in the morning, Drogo knows where she went. He tells Leon to stay with Kalem who is still unwell while he goes forth to bring the princess back.

On her way to the Citadel Vara is attacked by two scoundrels. The royal ring she wears on a necklace reveals her identity. The men plan to take her to Lord Xax and receive a reward. Then one of them accidentally steps into a wolfe's trap. Drogo has caught up with them. Seeing the situation he howls like a wolf to chase the second man away. The plan works and Drogo comes forth to free Vara. But the princess insists to continue on her way to the Citadel. Reluctantly Drogo follows her.

In the meantime Kreel has told Gwendol to prepare Vara's chamber for her return and sent Lord Xax to another Canton for a birthday party in Xax' honour.

Delirious as she is Kalem continues to call upon the elements to protect her. As a result Aruna is caught between two fires in the tunnel when she stays behind a little. There is nothing Will can do to help her and she urges him on to fulfil their mission. Reluctantly Will continues and eventually comes upon the exit. He finds himself on top of the Snowy Mountain. A bitter cold wind is blowing and Will struggles on against it.

Vara and Drogo enter the Citadel through a secret passage. Gwendol is overjoyed to be reunited with her beloved princess. About Drogo's presence she is less enthusiastic. When Vara asks her to come with them into the wilderness Gwendol is not pleased. But Vara can persuade her. Just as Kreel had planned it. He is watching everything through his seer water basin.

In a clear moment Kalem recognises Aruna's plight. Kalem lets the flames go out just before Aruna is suffocating. Coughing, the Arborean emerges from the tunnel and follows William's footsteps.

Will is wading through knee-high snow and struggles across a plain against the biting cold wind. At last he comes upon the crystal spring and fills the vial Leon has given him. But then the cold overcomes him. Aruna finds him some time later, asleep and already covered by a thin layer of snow. She wakes him and he hands her the vial, telling her to return with it to Kalem as quickly as she can. However, Aruna has no intention of leaving William behind and so she supports him while they slowly make their way back to the entrance of the tunnel.

Leon is sceptical when Drogo, Vara and Gwendol show up at the Shelter. Vara tells him about Gwendol's herb knowledge. Since Leon himself is at his wits end about how to help Kalem, he relents and lets Gwendol to her. When Gwendol is alone with Kalem, the being of Light wakes for a moment and recognises the danger Gwendol poses. But she is too weakened to do something about it. After Vara and Kalem have fallen asleep Gwendol joins Leon in the main part of the Shelter. She offers him a drink, mixed with a sleeping potion. Soon Leon is slumbering as well. Kreel is contacting the nurse via a crystal communicator. The sorcerer tells her to cut a piece of cloth from the Shelter. After she has done this, Kreel teleports it to himself with the aid of Shaytana's Eye. For her help Gwendol has been promised a title and no more work as a washer woman. Drogo who had been keeping guard outside the Shelter comes inside after sensing something going on. He is suspicious of Gwendol and gnarls at her. This wakes Leon who demands an explanation. Gwendol declares that she has not done anything.

Examining the piece of cloth from the Shelter Kreel realises that the hiding place of the rebels is a projection of Kalem's supernatural energy. In fact, they are hiding inside Kalem's spirit. Kreel hopes to be able to get inside as well and destroy the powers of the Light forever. Accompanied by Xax and a chosen group of Warriors Kreel sets out to find the Shelter.

In front of the tunnel entrance the last of his strength leaves Will. Aruna carries him inside. Her friend is cold to the bone. She starts a fire and warms him with her body. When Will wakes up after a while he is furious. He cannot understand why Aruna disobeyed and saved him, risking Kalem's death instead. Aruna is hurt, but Will is to angry to notice. When they continue on their way back, it soon becomes clear that he is still too weak to keep up with her. So he sends her ahead with the vial containing the precious crystal spring water. Upon reaching the Shelter she finds it surrounded by Xaxian Warriors. Aruna returns to Will and hands the vial back to him. She plans to lead the soldiers away from the Shelter, thus giving Will the chance to bring the water to Kalem. Tell is against it, but cannot stop the Arborean. Her plan works. When Will enters the Shelter, however, he finds it deserted.

After Gwendol's treason Leon has fled with the others into a cave in the forest. Gwendol is still convinced that her deed would save Vara from the rebels.

The Warriors drive Aruna to a ledge. Kreel aims Shaytana's Eye at her and she falls down the cliff. Xax and Kreel look down and see her lifeless body sprawled on the ground far below them. Then they return to the Shelter. But they too find it empty.

Will finds Drogo and Alvar more or less by accident. They lead him back to the others. Will gives Kalem the crystal water. At the same time Kreel is pointing Shaytana's Eye at the Shelter. But Kalem's powers are restored quickly. A battle of powers ensues over the Shelter. Finally it explodes, but that was Kalem's doing. Kreel is shocked and disappointed. When he, Xax and their Warriors ride back to the Citadel they pass Gwendol who is walking back on foot. She calls out to Kreel but he ignores her.

Miraculously Aruna returns to the rebels. She is a member of the cat tribe, after all, and has landed on her feet, despite the deep fall and only pretended to be dead. All her friends are overjoyed, especially Will.

© Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment & CLT-UFA International




Original US Airdate: October 11, 1998

Screenplay by Harry Duffin
Directed by Declan Eames


Kieren Hutchison (William Tell)
Katrina Browne (Aruna)
Nathaniel Lees (Leon)
Beth Allen (Vara)
Drew Neemia (Drogo)
Andrew Binns (Xax)
Ray Henwood (Kreel)
Sharon Tyrrell (Kalem)

Guest Cast:
Dra McKay (Gwendel)
Ken Blackburn (Commissoner Esdras)
Brian Sergent (Zark)
Sam Husson (Slood)
Peter McKenzie (Warrior Captain)
Edward Campbell (Warrior)
Vanessa Byrne (Washerwoman)

Jackson (Alvar) - Ghandi (Alvar's voice)


TRIVIA: In the first episode "Shaytana's Eye" the name of Vara's nurse was Melba (played by Carmel McGlone)


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