Will, Leon and Aruna are hunting and Vara uses the opportunity to run away. The path leads her over a narrow ridge. The princess slips and hangs precariously over the abyss. Alvar had stayed with the girl. When he sees her predicament the dog runs back to get help.

At the same time Xax and Kreel pay a visit to the weapons maker Mondar, whom they have incarcerated. Kreel shows him a necklace with an angel pendant that belongs to Mondar's daughter Gadreth. With the threat to harm the girl they force Mondar to work for them.

William and the others find Vara. Aruna, the best climber in the group, saves her from the ridge. When William gives a helping hand, Vara stumbles and knocks against his crossbow. The weapon clatters down into the abyss.

In the meantime Kreel hands a crystal communicator to one of the Warriors with the instruction to pass the device on to Gadreth. The sorcerer is manipulating Gadreth as well as Mondar to co-operate by threatening each with harming the other, without them knowing about it. Gadreth's assignment is to find William Tell and let Kreel know where to find him.

A group of refugees, Gadreth among them, is attacked by Xaxian Warriors. A boy from the Wolf tribe manages to escape. Running through the forest he meets Leon and Will. They take him with them. The boy's name is Drogo. He leads the two men to the place of the attack. On the way he tells them about the refugees. After Xax had destroyed their village they had joined together, thinking that they would be safer that way. Arriving at the scene they find everyone slaughtered. The only survivor is Gadreth who clearly is shaken by the event. They take her with them as well and return to their camp in a cave.

Hearing their tale Vara refuses to believe that Warriors would attack without reason. Will wants to find the Warriors and take revenge. But Leon cautions him. Full of anger Will leaves the camp and walks through the forest alone. Night has fallen. Kalem appears and warns William that there is a time to fight and a time for flight. She reminds him of his task. The young man does not like to hear this, but he follows her advise nonetheless and returns to his friends.

Mondar has build a crossbow for Xax as ordered. But the Lord Protector is not pleased with the reach of the weapon. He wants it to be twice the distance it is now. Mondar has an idea how to achieve this, but needs time to do it. Xax allows him a single week.

Gadreth reports how Xax came to her village and proclaimed himself the new protector of the kingdom. Vara confirms this claim, believing it to be true. Gadreth's lord refused to follow Xax and demanded a gathering of all the lords of the land. Her lord was never seen again. Gadreth and three others were able to escape, everyone else was murdered. Later she encountered the refugees and joined them. Prompted by Will, Drogo tells them that his entire family was murdered. Vara asks Gadreth for news of her parents. The young woman regrets to say she has none. Drogo gets up and leaves the cave. Aruna follows him, but he hides from her.

The following morning Vara refuses to go on because she is tired. Will threatens to drag her along and so she walks on reluctantly. They are unsure about which way to go. Drogo suggests they go through the valley, Aruna would prefer the route over the mountains. After a little argument with Vara Aruna storms ahead, seething with anger. This turns out to be fortunate, however, because this enables her to discover Xax and a group of Warriors who lie in wait for them. Still, her warning comes to late. Quickly the rebels are surrounded. With Kalem's help, who sends a white goat to guide them, they manage to escape into yet another cave. Xax is furious when his Warriors fail to catch the rebels.

William, Aruna and Leon are suspicious about Xax's uncanny ability to find them. Also, Aruna is upset because they are always running and not fighting. But with Will being unarmed since his crossbow was damaged, their chances in battle would be slim indeed. Gadreth tells them about a weapons maker named Mondar whom she knows without revealing her relation to him.

In a fight Drogo tells Vara that her parents are dead. She refuses to believe it. William catches Drogo alone and questions him about his statement. The boy reports having seen the dead bodies of the royal couple. William is shocked to hear that he is being blamed for the murder. Drogo is not sure if he believes that William and his friends are trying to protect Vara from Xax.

William calls Kalem and she comes. He is disturbed and shaken about the news he has received from Drogo. He pulls the arrow pendant from his neck and tries to throw it away. Miraculously it sticks to his hand and will not come off. Kalem tells him he cannot escape his destiny. The young Kalean begs her to change his destiny. At this Kalem vanishes without another word. Back at the cave William is brooding. Gadreth comforts him and they get closer to each other.

In the morning Gadreth leads William, Leon and Aruna to Mondar's house. It lies remotely at the edge of a cliff and is deserted. Alvar takes Gadreth's scent there and growls at her. Aruna spots Warriors in the distance, heading for them from all directions. Before the Warriors reach the house, however, the rebels have escaped down the side of the cliff with the aid of some ropes. Xax is furious to have been foiled once again.

By now Leon, Aruna and Will are sure that they have a spy in their midst. To find out who it is each of them tells one of the other three about a different direction there are going to take the coming day.

Mondar has completed the crossbow to Xax's wishes. But the Lord Protector breaks his promise. Instead of reuniting Mondar with his daughter he orders Mondar to be locked up again.

The following day Gadreth is exposed as the spy. She explains her situation. William makes a promise to help her and her father. Aruna prematurely threw away the crystal communicator, used by Gadreth to contact Kreel. Therefore Gadreth must now go to Kreel in person to tell him a story that will lead him into a trap. Kreel and Xax believe her and act accordingly. The girl has a chance to briefly speak with her father. She tells him about William's promise to help them. Mondar is doubtful whether the rebel will keep his word.

Kreel leads the majority of the Warriors away on his hunt for Tell and the others, following Gadreth's information. Aruna, Leon and William approach the enemy camp to try and rescue Gadreth and Mondar. Drogo has followed them against orders and causes a distraction by letting the horses go. They manage to rescue father and daughter. Xax aims his new crossbow at William as they run, but Kalem intervenes and the weapon catches fire without causing harm. The rebels get away. The Warriors start pursuing them instantly. Kalem appears and tells them to gather around a crystal. Concentrating on it makes them invisible for their enemies. They find themselves in a Shelter, a tent, completely furnished. Kalem gives this to William as a gift. Vara is thrilled when William shows her their new home a little later.

To thank him for his help, Mondar repairs Williams broken crossbow and gives him a second one as well. Father and daughter plan to go to relatives living near by. They want to take Drogo with them and give him a new home. William, Leon, Aruna and Vara say good-bye to them.

Unexpectedly, Drogo returns after only a short time has passed. He was to work as a shepherd, not exactly the best job for someone from the Wolf tribe. The rebels agree to accept him into their band. Now the group is complete.

© Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment & CLT-UFA International



Original US Airdate: September 6, 1998

Screenplay by Jonathan Myerson
Directed by Mike Smith

Kieren Hutchison (William Tell)
Katrina Browne (Aruna)
Nathaniel Lees (Leon)
Beth Allen (Vara)
Drew Neemia (Drogo)
Andrew Binns (Xax)
Ray Henwood (Kreel)
Sharon Tyrrell (Kalem)

Guest Cast:
Grant Tilly (Mondar)
Ashleigh Seagar (Cyrana/Gadreth)
Peter McKenzie (Warrior Captain)


TRIVIA: In the first chapter of "The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring" the name of the second cousin of the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins is Drogo.


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