To increase their chances in their fight against Xax and Kreel, William has enlisted his friend Alexim, a brilliant horseman, to apply for work in the Citadel. Thus he hopes to find out what his enemies are planning next. Leon meets Alexim at the market where they wait for the arrival of Drendol, the captain of the guard. Leon is nervous because of the great number of guards milling about the market and he is right. Drendol is suspicious and has both of them arrested.

At the Shelter William is restless. He fears something has happened to Leon and Alexim and goes to the market himself to investigate, despite Kalem's warning. Tell comes just in time to see how both men are led away. However, he notices that one guard has lost his deathwand. William picks it up and leaves as there is nothing he can do to save his friends. Returning to the Shelter he hides the weapon from Kalem, knowing she would have objections about it.

Xax is outraged about the arrest of Alexim. The Lord Protector is fond of horses and insists that Alexim is spared. Kreel agrees reluctantly but vetoes the immediate execution of Leon, as he hopes to use him as a bait for Tell. A little later Drendol leads Alexim to the stables.

During the night a thunder storm is raging. William tortured by self-doubt cannot sleep. He is still unsure whether he really is the Chosen One and if he has the strength to see all of this through. Will picks up the deathwand. He is amazed and frightened at the same time when he finds that he is able to activate briefly. Vara comes forth. She too cannot find sleep. The young princess is filled with thoughts of revenge and fears to be a bad person because of it. William comforts and reassures her. As his parents too have been killed by Xax, he only understands her too well. According to Kalem there are always to ways, a right one and a wrong one. And the wrong one is always more tempting.

Some time later William sits by the fire in front of the Shelter and makes new arrows. Aruna joins him. She voices her suspicion that Alexim might work for Kreel, but William is convinced that his friend has not betrayed them. Then he tells Aruna about the deathwand. She is sceptical about its usefulness.

When William goes into the forest to think, Kalem appears before him. She is concerned about his plan to spy on Xax because of the danger involved. Shaytana's Eye has the power to turn deceptions into reality and Kalem will be unable to aid him within the Citadel, Kreel's domain. To help him in his task she has created a crystal that can store an image and reflect it for a little while. Suddenly a horse appears, saddled and bridled, but without a rider. William understands it to be a message from Alexim. His friend is not under suspicion. So far, their plan has worked.

In the following days William practises with the deathwand until he learns to master it. He is fascinated by the great power of this weapon. Aruna is impressed, as are Drogo and Vara. During one of his exercises Alexim appears. They discuss their further actions.

In his cell Leon is tortured by Kreel with Shaytana's Eye. Despite the excruciating pain the sorcerer inflicts on his mind, Leon remains steadfast and claims not to know Alexim. Kreel believes him as he cannot imaging anyone lying under such pain.

Alexim is to lead William through the stables into the Citadel. Inside they will follow a plan Vara is drawing for them. Meanwhile Aruna and Drogo will lure Xax and his Warriors away from the Citadel, to make their rescue easier.

When Drendol is causing trouble at the market once more, harassing one of the farmers, William shoots an arrow from his crossbow at the captain and nails his arm to a pole. Drendol is furious. To the arrow's shaft William has tied a message addressed to Xax. He challenges the Lord Protector to a life or death duel with the deathwand. Xax is amused. He has been trained to use the deathwand since he was a boy and believes in an easy victory. Kreel however suspects the truth. But Xax ignores him. As Tell expected, Xax does not go alone to the designated place but has some Warriors accompanying him. Aided by the crystal Kalem gave him and Aruna dressed in William's clothes Xax is lead further away from the Citadel.

Kalem visits Vara who has stayed behind alone in the Shelter. Kalem is shocked and worried when she finds out that William has a deathwand as she knows that the crystal swords get their power from Shaytana's Eye.

William is very tense and edgy when he and Alexim enter the Citadel and his friend is worried about him. They find the dungeon and overpower a guard. Alexim is appalled when William uses unnecessary violence against their prisoner to find out where Leon is held. Will's behaviour gets more and more aggressive and paranoid and Alexim hardly recognises him. When Tell puts on the guard's uniform the resemblance to a Xaxian guard is frightening. In a nearby shrine William discovers Shaytana's Eye, placed there by Kreel to tempt him. Alexim is suspicious but Tell believes that he can take Kreel's power away from him when he takes control over the Dark Crystal. The horseman tries to stop his friend, but in vain. It becomes obvious that Shaytana's Eye has Will under its spell already. While the rebel leader goes to look for Kreel, Alexim follows through with their plan and eventually finds Leon. But Drendol has lain in wait for someone to come and rescue the prisoner. Alexim is struck down from behind with a deathwand and mortally wounded. The horseman lies dying in Leon's arms. He tells his friend that William is not to blame. He was corrupted by the deathwand and lost his free will. Then Alexim dies. Leon is enraged but helpless in his chains and tortured body.

William finds Kreel in his laboratory. The sorcerer has been expecting him and enhances the spell of the crystal with his words. Seduced by the power of Shaytana's Eye the young man puts it around his neck. Together they watch Xax in the seer water basin. Will uses his new found power to prevent Xax from executing Aruna and Drogo who have been captured. Xax feels weakened. Kreel and Will laugh evilly at his plight. Kalem feels the change in her Chosen One and despairs. Vara refuses to just give up on William. When Kalem sleeps, the girl makes her way to the Citadel. In the dungeons she finds the arrow pendant Will had discarded when turning to Shaytana's Eye. She picks it up and it leads her to the great hall, just in time to stop William from killing Leon who has been brought before him. Kreel plans to make Tell the new Lord Protector of the kingdom. Together Leon and Vara, with some help from Kalem, finally manage to turn William back to the path of Light. Kreel is shocked to see that the young Kalean has found the strength to free himself of the influence of Shaytana's Eye. Kalem is relieved. At the same time Xax arrives with his prisoners at the gates of the Citadel. While they wait, the man who has been troubled by Drendol at the market and saved by William, frees Aruna and Drogo. Xax enters the great hall just as William, Leon and Vara untie Leon. They manage to escape and Kreel has to find a satisfactory explanation for his protégé about what had gone on in his absence.

In the forest the rebels are reunited. William apologises to Leon. The Heraclean forgives him and explains the influence of the deathwand as Alexim had told him. Will swears revenge. But Kalem explains to him that he must give up all thoughts of revenge. William understands when she says that hate is the true enemy.

© Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment & CLT-UFA International



Original US Airdate: September 20, 1998

Screenplay by David Fox
Directed by Graham Wetherell

Kieren Hutchison (William Tell)
Katrina Browne (Aruna)
Nathaniel Lees (Leon)
Beth Allen (Vara)
Drew Neemia (Drogo)
Andrew Binns (Xax)
Ray Henwood (Kreel)
Sharon Tyrrell (Kalem)

Guest Cast:
Jack Campbell (Alexim),
Todd Rippon (Drendel)
Danny Mulheron (Graz)
Jeff Kingsford-Brown (Guard)

Jackson (Alvar) - Ghandi (Alvar's voice)


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