All over the kingdom white statues in the image of Xax are erected. William and Drogo spot a group of Warriors transporting such a statue. Drogo follows them as Kalem appears before William to warn him about a great challenge awaiting him.

The Warriors erect the statue in a nearby town and instruct the villagers to pay their respects to it whenever they pass it by. Drogo witnesses this. Every statue has eyes made of a red crystal. This crystal is of a specific kind allowing Kreel and Xax to monitor the entire kingdom.

Lalia, a young and proud woman comes along. She refuses to pay her respects to the statue and consequently gets arrested. For her crime she is to be send to the mines. However, Xax has witnessed the incident through the crystal eyes. He is attracted to the beautiful Lalia and wants to personally convince her of his qualities. Drogo and William attack the Warriors and free the young woman.

The siblings Flynn and Tilly play in front of the statue and make fun of it. To their misfortune, Xax is watching them. Upset about their behaviour he orders the children to be send into the mines.

Lalia leaves Will and Drogo in the forest near her house. It is obvious to Drogo that William is fascinated by the young woman. When they return to the Shelter Leon informs them that they are surrounded by Warriors. Will insists on their staying in the area for a few more days to find out what the Warriors are up to. On a scouting trip Drogo and William meet the parents of Flynn and Tilly who are looking for their children and are asking for help.

Some time later William goes off alone, hoping to find Lalia again. And he is fortunate. She invites him into her house. Lalia tells him about the man she loves, Brodam, who has spoken out against Xax and banned into the mines because of it. William talks to her about his background and the murder of his parents. And of his hatred. Lalia, however, thinks he should have love in his heart. She is confident that he will find the right woman eventually.

Aruna, Leon and William argue about Will's interest in Lalia. Tell wants to stay and help looking for the missing children. Aruna stays with the princess while the others go on the search. They start at the statue. Drogo notices its strange eyes. Leon pushes the statue over and the head breaks off. They take it with them, to be able to investigate without being disturbed. Kreel and Xax have watched them through the eyes. Xax orders his Warriors to get ready to move.

Upon examination of the head the rebels discover the crystals. Vara suspects that Kreel and Xax may be able to watch them through these. Leon knows a jeweller named Florian who might be able to give them information about that. William puts on a disguise and sets out to visit the jeweller. On the way Kalem appears and asks him about the challenge. William believes the rescue of the children and the fight against the statues is it. Kalem remains cryptic. She wants to know if someone forced William to become the way he has. He thinks Kalem did just that when she send him on the quest to find the Crystal Arrow. The issue remains unresolved.

A little later the path leads Will past the statue. He pretends to be dumb and fools the two guards standing watch. Finally he reaches Florian's house. The jeweller is reluctant to help him at first, but William can persuade him to examine the crystal. He recognises it as a very unstable kind of quartz that can indeed be used to transmit images. Florian knows it can be set on fire with a substance called starsilver. To Will's disappointment the man claims not to have a supply of the substance. There is only one place in Kale where this specific crystal can be found, up in the mountains. The arrival of Xaxian Warriors drives William away before he can find out more.

In the mines Flynn and Tilly meet Brodam. He is as nice as Lalia has described him to Will and he looks after the children. Brodam tells them about a tunnel he has dug. It just has been completed and he plans to flee tonight, with the children. When the time comes Brodam lets the siblings go first. They manage to get away, however, he is caught by a guard.

As Warriors are all over the area, William visits Lalia in her home on his way back. He urges her to come with them. But Lalia does not wish to leave, still hoping that Brodam might return one day.

Vara, Aruna, Leon and Drogo worry about William because he is late in returning. When he finally shows up with Lalia the others are not very happy. Aruna and Leon don't trust the young woman and feel ignored. But Will gets support from Vara and Drogo. The rebels and Lalia set out to the mine. They are still divided about Lalia. On the way Alvar discovers Tilly's rag doll. Thus they know they are on the right track. After a while Will and Lalia manage to spend a few moments alone. That proves dangerous as a few Warriors discover them. William is struck down and Lalia taken away. When Leon finds him, Will feels worthless. He is torn between his desire to save the woman he cares for and the necessity to destroy the mine. Eventually he decides in favour of the mine.

They make camp when suddenly Florian appears. He has changed his mind about helping them and brings William a large bottle of starsilver. The jeweller then instructs him how to use it. Soon after that the rebels meet Flynn and Tilly. Leon and Will overcome two approaching soldiers and put on their uniforms. The children show them the way to the mine. Tell pretends to be a warrior captain. He orders the prisoners out of the mine, then he goes inside to inspect it. When he is alone in there he dips the arrow head into the starsilver and shoots it at the crystal. It catches fire immediately. Leaving the cave he sees Xax, his Warriors and Lalia coming to the mine. Will closes his visor and warns every one to move away from the cave, even Xax. He frees Lalia as soon as the Lord Protector turns his back to him. Lalia and he are happy to be reunited. Then Flynn and Tilly notice that the man who has helped them is still in the mine. William rushes back inside. He finds the man trapped in a hollow. Tell recognises him from the picture Lalia has shown him. It's Brodam! For a few moments Will is torn between the chance to save this man and loosing Lalia or letting him die. But eventually he cannot turn away and frees Brodam. The mine explodes. The others fear that William has been killed. But Brodam and Will have escaped through the tunnel in time.

With a heavy heart William leads Brodam back to the rebel camp, where Lalia and the children are with the others. Lalia is overjoyed to see her beloved returned to her safely. Flynn and Tilly are happy to see him as well. Will stands aside, pained, but in the knowledge, he did the right thing. The couple walks away. Finally William Tell realises that this was the true challenge. And with that, Brodam disappears and Lalia changes into Kalem, before she, too, vanishes.

© Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment & CLT-UFA International



Original US Airdate: October 4, 1998

Screenplay by Charles Hodges
Directed by Declan Eames

Kieren Hutchison (William Tell)
Katrina Browne (Aruna)
Nathaniel Lees (Leon)
Beth Allen (Vara)
Andrew Binns (Xax)
Ray Henwood (Kreel)
Sharon Tyrrell (Kalem)

Guest Cast:
Katherine Kennard (Lalia)
Michael Wilson (Florian),
John Wraight (Owen)
Vivien Bell (Morag)
Paul McLaughlan (Brodam)
Michael Wesley-Smith (Flynn)
Amelia Reynolds (Tilly)
Matt Spicer (Mine Guard)
Peter McKenzie (Mine Guard)
Eddie Campbell, Peter Dennet & Pepper (Warriors)


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