Book 1 - Survival Book 2 - The Islands of the Gods  
Book 3 - Invasion Book 4 - The Princess from the Sea
Book 5 - Captives Book 6 - The Ghost of Raven Jones
Book 7 - The Treasure Hunt Book 8 - Star-Crossed Lovers
Book 9 - Paradise Lost Book 10 - Boston

Swiss Family Robinson

Richard Thomas heads the cast in this captivating and lyrical adaptation of the literary classic by JohannWyss.

The series chronicles the adventures of David Robinson (Richard Thomas) and the Robinson family as they struggle to survive in the face of adversity after being shipwrecked on a tropical desert island.

The story is told from the perspective of Ernst (Kieren Hutchison), the eldest of the Robinson children, who reads parts from his journal to tell the viewer about the adventures of the Robinson family.

The story is driven by human drama and interplay between the family and their fellow survivors on the island - some of whom are friendly to the family - and others who become enemies against the Robinsons.

There are also pirates… natives… romance… humour… treasure… animals… as the Robinson family battle against the forces of Mother Nature - and at times even themselves.These exciting tales will be enjoyed by the entire family.

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