Almost twenty-two months have past since the Robinsons and the others were castaway. Since Parsons and the pirates have sailed away life has become quiet. Still, they keep the fort in good condition as a precaution.

Much time is spend now for the preparations of the wedding of Ben to Joanna. On the wedding day the Viper returns to the island once again. Ernst takes the bride up to her groom as their father will hold the ceremony. Just when David begins, Parsons sneaks up from the forest unseen and fires a pistol at David. Luckily, the bullet hits the bible and gets stuck there. The Robinsons retreat in direction of the fort. The pirates follow suit. David, Ernst and Ben activate a few of the traps that they have installed along the way and thus slow the pirates down sufficiently to allow the family to reach the safety of the fort. The pirates try to take the fort but are beaten back. Two pirates stand guard at the fort while the rest of the men and Bonnie Mary return to the treehouse.

Over time Ernst has fallen in love with Emily. He tells her he would buy her freedom from Kwang Sen if it were in his power. She is touched.

Parsons sets fire to the treehouse. The Robinsons see the smoke and know what has happened. Christina is worried about her animals and leaves the fort. Emily and Ernst follow her and stop the girl. Emily is taken by the two pirate guards but David, who has come after them with the musket, frees her. Ironically, the smoke of the burning treehouse attracts another ship. It is the Hawk, one of Oscar Wyss's ships. Wyss is on board, as is Kwang Sen.

The Robinsons flee the fort and make camp at the beach. Ben and Joanna ask David to wed them and he does. After the ceremony they discover the ship. Parsons and the pirates have found them, but Bonnie Mary fears the other ship that they also have seen. She orders to retreat. Parsons, who cannot let go of his revenge, stays behind when the Viper sails away.

Two boats are lowered from the Hawk. One carries Oscar Wyss, the other Kwang Sen and two of his Chinese servants. The Robinsons watch their approach. Elisabeth recognises her father and runs into his embrace. Then Oscar Wyss says hello to the rest of the family.

Emily sees Kwang Sen and walks towards him. Their meeting is cool by comparison. Kwang Sen wishes to take Emily with him at once but David and Elisabeth insist that until the wedding Emily is to stay with them. Everyone goes on board the Hawk.

At dinner Kwang Sen demands to sit on Ernst's place, next to Emily. And Oscar Wyss does not allow Billy, a mere cabin boy, to sit at his table. Thus upset twice the entire family including Emily and Billy gets up and leaves, much to the bewilderment of Oscar Wyss and Kwang Sen. David and Elisabeth realise how much living on the island has changed them. They consider staying here, even though the treehouse has been destroyed.

Later that evening on deck Ernst tries to convince Emily to just tell Kwang Sen that she does not want to marry him anymore. But Emily feels she is bound to her father's word. Kwang Sen, who suddenly appears, is pleased to hear this. Ernst tells Kwang Sen to set Emily free but he refuses as he has paid a lot of money for her. Ernst asks him if he would sell Emily to him. Kwang Sen replies that everything has its price. So Ernst plans to use the treasure to buy Emily's freedom. He enlists the help of Ben and Billy and early the next day the secretly swim ashore. Unnoticed, they are watched by Kwang Sen, who sends his two servants after them. Parsons, who has been hiding on the island, sees their arrival too. Parsons follows him into the treasure cave. He takes Billy prisoner and demands the treasure for his release. When they leave the cave again, Kwan Sen's servants are waiting for them. Parsons foolishly attacks them and thus enables the boys to escape with the treasure.

At the smouldering ruins of the treehouse the three boys meet David and Elisabeth as well as a few sailors. Ernst explains to his parents what his intention had been. David understands but insists that this is a decision the entire family must make.

Oscar Wyss considers it madness, when he finds out that the family is willing to give up such a treasure for the Chinese girl. But the family's decision has been unanimous. Kwang Sen accepts this prize. David asks the merchant to sign an affidavit. The Chinese feels insulted by this request but agrees to it reluctantly.

By now all the family agrees to rather stay on the island. Except for Ernst and Emily that is, who both want to pursue their respective careers in Boston.

Some time later the two Chinese servants bring Parsons before their master. When Kwang Sen hears about Parsons accusation of murder against David Robinson he sees a way to get even with the man. He and Parsons make a deal and Parsons officially accuses David of murder in the presence of the captain, Oscar Wyss and several sailors. As prove Parsons presents the handkerchief Elisabeth has lost that fateful night. The charge must be answered and David willingly agrees to return to Boston with them to answer it and settle the matter once and for all.

Soon they are all on their way back to Boston. The entire family is worried about what the future may hold in store for them.

At last, the reach Boston. Emily is staying with the Robinson until her father arrives from China. David reluctantly starts working for Oscar Wyss's shipping company again. Since David has no money, his father-in-law offers to pay a lawyer for his trial, partly out of concern for his own reputation. But David is adamant to defend himself.

Billy, meanwhile, moves into the stables, feeling more comfortable there. Ben receives a subpoena from the prosecution.

Kwang Sen and Parsons forge an entry in the Fury's log that the old sea dog had been keeping safe all that time. Parsons is unaware that he is being used by Kwang Sen.

The trial begins. David declares himself to be not guilty. The presiding judge Clancy, is an old man who likes to drink a lot. Ben and Elisabeth are questioned by the prosecution as well as David. Captain Blacker of the Hawk is also called to testify. He uncovers the forgery on grounds of the handwriting being copper-plate when the entry states that a storm is raging. Judge Clancy agrees and gives the order for Parsons to be arrested. Parsons storms forward and raises his hook to strike David. Ernst jumps up, grabs a pistol from one of the court ushers and shoots at Parsons to protect his father. Parsons is hit, but to Ernst's relief merely wounded, not killed. Parsons is admitted to an asylum. David is acquitted and his good name restored. The entire family is relieved that this unpleasant chapter in their lives is finally over.

Ernst's Journal

I calculate, if I have kept my records accurately, that we now have been marooned on our tropical island home for almost 22 months. Our lives have been at peace ever since our adversary Parsons and Bonnie Mary and their vile crew of cut-throat pirates sailed away. We pray to the dear Lord that they will never return. The birth of baby Hope has brought a new found sense of joy and happiness to the entire family. But we all question what the future holds in store for her should we never be rescued and returned home. The days are full with our routine chores. But we remain ever vigilant. Keeping the fort well stocked in the event we require a refuge of form of defence.

Much of our present time has been taken up with planning for the marriage of Joanna to Ben. Father, Ben, Billy and myself are building the marriage hut. While mother, Christina and Emily attempt to keep Joanna calm and complete their own preparations.

As the dawn broke heralding Joanna and Ben's important day we were all unaware of the danger which lay ahead. The Viper had returned. With our adversary Parsons, his mistress Bonnie Mary and their band of cut-throat pirates. Who were sailing the waters of the outer island.

The only thing on my mind was Emily.

As Parsons was left deserted by Bonnie Mary and her cut-throat pirates on the other side of the island we all waited in excited anticipation. Finally the dear Lord had answered our prayers. But our rescue was to take on a surprising dimension which was destined to change the course of our lives forever.

The following morning Ben, Billy and I decided to return to the island while the ship was still at anchor replenishing supplies. Unaware that Parsons was still in hiding, intend on securing his own supplies.

The circumstances surrounding our return to Boston have been strange, to say the least. I intended to write 'our return home' but this would not be true for in the years that we have been away we have come to regard the island as our home. Which holds so many adventures, so many memories.
Because of the charge of murder laid against him by that foul man Parsons officially my father is under arrest. But the captain is happy to allow him a constitutional twice a day.
Parsons meanwhile is confined to the fox hold. Billy has taken it upon himself to serve Parsons his daily rations. A proportion of which, I suspect, Billy keeps aside for Bruno.

As the days at sea pass I can't help but recall our hopes and aspirations when we embarked on our voyage to Canton. Now, as we return to Boston there is so much uncertainty. Our adventures have seemingly ended. But somehow I have the ominous feeling that they have only just begun. A sentiment shared by all members of the family.

This new chapter in our lives is indeed proving to be a difficult one. Especially for father, as he walked back through the doors of grandfather's shipping line which he though he had left forever.

Billy meanwhile decided to move into the stables with Mr Beak and Barnabas.

Ben and Joanna's plans were disrupted by the unexpected arrival of the subpoena. Parsons was also unknowingly manipulated by the sinister machinations of Kwang-Sen.

I thank the dear Lord that Parsons was only wounded by my course of action and attempt at protecting father. And while Parsons was committed to an asylum, father was acquitted. And his good name was cleared. But I wonder if our paths will ever cross Parsons' again.

© Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment & CLT-UFA International


Original US Airdate: 8 - 10, October 1998
(each 75 minute episode was divided into 3 parts)

Screenplay by Rio Fanning & Mervyn Haisman Directed by John Laing

Guest Cast:
Ken Blackburn (Oscar Wyss)
Madeline McNamara (Bonnie Mary)
Charles Lum (Kwang Sen)
Peter Vere-Jones (Captain Blacker)
Patrick Smyth (Jugde)
Matthew Chamberlain (Collins)
Jed Brophy (Seth Parsons)
Sean Allen (One Eye)
Noel Coutss (Sinbad)
Gerald Bryan (Hudson)
Ingrid Prosser (Bessie Porter)
Nikita Schembri (Gertrude)
Brian Lee & Nigel Wong as Kwang Sen's servants Steve Andrews, Apollo Angeuego, Sam Manzana, Pepper and Sam Spicer as pirates



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