David Robinson (Richard Thomas) - Inspiring the family by his example on the island, David is a proud and loving father who is determined to care for his family and make sure they never lose hope. An idealist and optimist, David is a dreamer who always looks at things on the positive side. He is persistent and realistic too, however, and all these qualities of David's are certainly needed on the island.

Elizabeth Robinson (Margo Gunn) - Used to the comforts of Boston society Elizabeth is initially aghast at being shipwrecked However her willpower and firm resolve shows through as she adjusts to life on the island. Loved by all the Robinsons for her kindness and wisdom, Elizabeth cares deeply for David and supports the entire family with her love for them and sense of purpose.

Ernst Robinson (Kieren Hutchison) - As the oldest child Ernst is aware of his responsibilities to the family but he sometimes clashes with his Father over the best course to take. A writer, Ernst records the families adventures in his diary. Fearless yet tender, Ernst gradually falls in love with fellow shipwrecked survivor, Emily Chen.

Joanna Robinson (Charlotte Woolams) - The eldest daughter, Joanna is a lover of life and has a positive outlook although she does have a fiery temper and stubborn streak. Joanna is in love with Ben, who was also shipwrecked - yet their love for each other creates many difficulties.

Christina Robinson (Mia Koning) - The youngest child, Christina is full of energy and in many ways enjoys the island's adventures. Always loving, she does what she can for the family. She has adopted a variety of animals as pets. Sometimes mischievous, though this can arise out of Christina's honesty. Her best friend is Billy, the shipwrecked cabin boy.

Billy (Junior Chile) - An orphan who was the ships cabin boy, Billy becomes part of the Robinson family on the island. Streetwise and inventive, Billy often comes up with great ideas. He can be mischievous at times. He shares a special bond with Christina. Sometimes Billy feels he is alone but he becomes a valued and loved member of the family.

Emily Chen (Chantelle Yee) - A wealthy heiress who is shipwrecked on the Robinsons' voyage, Emily initially considers herself "above" everybody else. Moody, aloof, snobbish and selfish Emily must adjust to her new life on the island and learn to get along with others. She does change and becomes compassionate and caring to the family especially to Ernst, with whom Emily gradually falls in love.

Ben (Gareth Howells) - A young apprentice sailor, Ben survived the shipwreck only to fall under the influence of Parsons as his reluctant accomplice against the Robinsons on the island. As time passes, however, Ben begins to care for the Robinsons' welfare and Parsons' influence over him wanes - this is especially due to Ben's love for Joanna Robinson yet that poses problems for all involved.

Parsons (K. C. Kelly) - A rogue and seadog of countless sailings, Parsons tried to loot the Robinsons' cargo during the voyage with his brother. When his brother was accidentally killed in the confrontation with David, Parsons swore revenge against David and all the Robinsons. As a fellow shipwreck survivor, Parsons is the enemy of the Robinsons and forever gets in their way.

Bruno - The trusted pet of the Robinsons, Bruno is loyal and protective of the family, especially Christina and Billy with whom he plays on the island. Bruno's keen sense of smell and awareness of danger is an added bonus on the island - as the family love Bruno for his companionship and fun.

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Book 1 - Survival
Book 2 - The Islands of the Gods
Book 3 - Invasion
Book 4 - The Princess from the Sea
Book 5 - Captives
Book 6 - The Ghost of Raven Jones
Book 7 - The Treasure Hunt
Book 8 - Star-Crossed Lovers
Book 9 - Paradise Lost
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