Lucas, Haley and Jamie are driving to the Marina. Lucas tells Jamie about a road trip that he had taken together with his mom and Uncle Keith, when he was about Jamie’s age and that his uncle let Lucas drive. Then Lucas lets Jamie take the wheel, which the boy enjoys.

Peyton drives passed the church where the wedding is to be held later this day. She stops her car before the entrance and looks to the doors, daydreaming about herself and Lucas emerging as newlyweds to the cheers of all their friends. The honking of a car behind her brings her back to reality. When she looks again at the doors, no one is there.

At the same time Brooke is in her Clothes over Bro’s store, putting finishing touches to Lindsey’s wedding dress. She also daydreams, seeing herself in the dress, until Millicent walks in, complimenting her on the dress.

Nathan tries to talk to Haley, when she walks passed him; he takes her into his arms, kissing her. When she returns his kiss, it starts raining all around them in their house. Then the camera shows Nathan in the shower, alone. He was only dreaming.

Meanwhile Haley, Lucas and Jamie sit at the pier, waving at the passing yacht, waiting for it to dock. Haley tells Lucas that she read his new manuscript and sees it as a declaration of love for Peyton. Lucas says she is wrong, but thanks her for caring. Then he gets up, greeting Karen, who comes running from the yacht. She hugs her son, then Haley and then Jamie. Jamie asks where Lily is and Andy appears on the yacht, Lily on his arm, both waving to the group below.

Their first stop takes Lucas, Haley, Karen, Andy and the children to the cemetery. While Karen visits Keith’s grave, Andy and Lucas wait by the car and Lily and Jamie run around. Lucas tells Andy how glad he is that Andy and his mom got back together. Andy is happy to hear this. He says how much he loves Karen and Lily, but he would give it all up if that would bring Keith back. Lucas appreciates this.

Dan is getting dressed for the wedding. He is looking forward to a family reunion at the church. Strangely, he is changes his whistling of the wedding tune to that of the funeral tune.

Lucas, Jamie and Nathan are also getting ready. Lucas has a flashback of himself with Lindsey, when she told him she thought his new book was very romantic and how much she loved it and the fact that Lucas had written it. A messenger knocks on the door, delivering the flowers for the bride. The men accept them. Nathan hopes taking the flowers to the women will give him a chance to speak to Haley. But Jamie beats him to it, and neither Haley nor Lily let Nathan or Lucas into the room, saying it will bring bad luck.

Brooke is finishing last preparations in the store, when Karen walks in. Brooke is feeling insecure, as she turned Karen’s café into her store. But Karen loves it and says she is proud of Brooke. Peyton arrives a short time later and the three women have a little talk.

Peyton and Brooke drive together to the church. There they find Skills, Mouth and Millicent at the back of Skills’s car, where he drinks beer and handing out more cans to Brooke and Peyton. Skills asks Peyton about her plan to win Lucas back. Peyton feels embarrassed at that.

Haley walks outside the church, when she notices a man sitting in a car. When she walks up to it, she is shocked to see Dan Scott. She warns him, not to enter the church and to stay away from her family and from Karen. Dan only smiles, unimpressed.

Nathan and Lucas take their place at the front of the church, together with the priest. Haley walks down the isle, taking her place at the front. While Nathan watches her, he has another flashback, of them together, talking after their wedding night. Next comes up little Jamie, carrying the wedding rings. Up with the choir nanny Carrie watches Jamie, telling a woman that he is her son. Then comes Lily, who acts as the flower girl, followed by Lindsey in the dress Brooke tailor-made for her.

Brooke remembers telling Luke about her wish for a baby and his reaction. Peyton has a vision about speaking up, telling Lucas he cannot marry Lindsey because she loves him. But she says nothing, watching Lucas say ‘I do’ to Lindsey.

Jamie needs to go to the bathroom. He convinces Skills to let him go alone. In the hallway he meets nanny Carrie, who talks Jamie into coming away with her.

Lindsey suddenly realises that Lucas is still in love with Peyton. In his book Lucas mentions a comet which plays an important part in the life of the book’s main character and just outside the church Lindsey had seen that Peyton’s car is a comet. Lindsey tells Lucas that she cannot marry him, gives him back the ring that Lucas had just slipped on her finger and runs out of the church, leaving everyone stunned.

Haley notices that Jamie is missing and starts searching frantically for her son, fearing that Dan took him. Everyone else is helping her look for the boy.

Lily brings Lucas a little flower, hoping to cheer him up a little.

Brooke comforts Peyton and at the same time confesses that she wants a baby of her own, when Millicent and Mouth walk in, asking if they have seen Jamie.

Meanwhile Dan has followed Carrie and Jamie. When Carrie leaves Jamie alone in a motel room, Dan knocks and asks Jamie to open the door. But Jamie fears him and hides. So Dan waits until Carrie returns, and then follows her into the room. He threatens her and warns her to stay away from Jamie and his family forever.

Everyone is gathered in Haley’s and Nathan’s house, trying to comfort them. Haley hides in Jamie’s room, blaming Nathan and blaming herself for not being able to protect their son. Nathan takes her into his arms to comfort her. A little later Haley is downstairs with the others, when Jamie suddenly walks in. Everyone is relieved to see the boy well. Haley sweeps him up into her arms and Nathan hugs them both. Everyone is surprised when Jamie says that Grandpa Dan saved him. Then Dan walks in. Everybody stares at him, unbelieving. Lucas and Karen are appalled.

One Tree Hill © The WB Television Network 2004 & Tollin/Robbins Productions


Original Airdate: 18 March 2008
Filmed in Wilmington, NC, Dec. 2007
100th episode of the show

Script by Mark Schwahn
Directed by Les Butler
Ratings: 2.92 million viewers

Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott)
James Lafferty (Nathan Scott)
Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley James Scott)
Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer)
Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis)
Lee Norris (Mouth)
Antwon Tanner (Skills)
Jackson Brundage (James Scott)

Guest stars:
Moira Kelly (Karen Roe)
Kieren Hutchison (Andy Hargrove)
Mary Kate Englehardt (Lily)
Michaela McManus (Lindsey)
Paul Johansson (Dan Scott)


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