Dan leaves the house. Lucas follows him and starts punching his father. Nathan comes out too and joins the fight. Dan defends himself as best as he can. Then Jamie comes running outside and the fighting stops. Jamie thanks Dan for saving him. Haley has followed her son and calls him away from his grandfather. Dan tells the boy to listen to his mother and Haley leads Jamie back into the house.

Four weeks later Haley and Nathan are at a marriage counselling session. The events of the recent weeks are too much for them to handle on their own and their relationship is on the rocks. They openly talk about their feelings, their fears and their wishes, many things had been left unsaid until now. The counsellor realises that both of them have given up their dreams and with that a piece of themselves; after his accident Nathan could no longer play basketball and Haley stopped singing. So both of them now lack the affirmation from cheering crowds, causing them both to feel frustrated. She suggests that both of them become a little more selfish and from time to time act a little more teir age. Haley and Nathan take this advice to heart.

Peyton is reflecting on her life so far. She’s trying to figure out if she has made the right decisions. She had believed that she could live with the fact that Lucas would marry Lindsey, as long as he is happy, but she realises that she was wrong. She still wants Lucas.

Lucas talks about his situation with Andy. Lucas feels he has lost everything that was important in his life and he still wants to marry Lindsey. Andy reminds Lucas about the time when Andy had left Karen for the first time and he knew that she loved Keith. Still, it would have only taken a call from her, and Andy would have been happy to get back together with Karen. He tells Lucas to go and talk to Lindsey, because not knowing over time is far worse than a no. He even offers Lucas the use of his private jet. Lucas finds it hard to believe that it is so easy.

Peyton is thinking about selling her car. She drives to her favourite record store and leaves a message. Some time later the record store owner, Max, who is a good friend of Peyton’s, comes round to visit. She talks to him about her situation. He says she should keep the car and go for a drive again, listening to good music. Peyton takes his advice.

A woman from the adoption agency visits Brooke at home. Brooke is being evaluated as an adoptive mother. Brooke has prepared herself, but still has the impression that she is being judged, especially when she is asked about her former boyfriends and relationships, her alcohol consumption and Peyton, who lives with her. At one point Brooke realised that the woman has spoken to her mother. At last, Brooke is judged as unfit for adopting. She is devastated, but still gives the woman an impressive speech of how much she has to offer to a child.

Dan has a meeting with his parole office. He tries to convince the man, that he has changed and tells him that his grandchild Jamie will help him to stay on the right path. The parole officer remains sceptical, he knows from experience that most convicts end up back in jail. Dan wants to talk, but the man is not in the mood for a conversation. Dan pays him most of his pay from his work in jail for talking to him. After the talk the man says he cannot keep the money. Dan tells him to donate it to charity. Dan secretly visits Jamie at his pre-school. He tells the boy to keep his visits secret. Jamie promises this.

Lucas talks to Lily. She tells him about a dream she had about her father, in which he told her everything will be okay. Lucas decides to go to New York after all and visits Lindsey in her office. He tells her, that he will only publish his latest book if she edits it. She agrees, if only because she believes the book deserves to be published. She is taken by surprise by Lucas’s conviction that she will eventually realise that they are meant to be together.

Brooke picks up Jamie from pre-school. She takes the boy home, to give Haley and Nathan some time to themselves. Jamie’s parents talk about the councelling session and eventually forgive each other and make up.

All of them realise that they only need to really believe in their wishes to make them come true.

One Tree Hill © The WB Television Network 2004 & Tollin/Robbins Productions

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

Original Airdate: 14 April 2008
Filmed in Wilmington, NC, March 2008

Script by Mark Schwahn
Directed by Greg Prange
Ratings: 2.72 million viewers

Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott)
James Lafferty (Nathan Scott)
Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley James Scott)
Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer)
Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis)
Lee Norris (Mouth)
Antwon Tanner (Skills)
Jackson Brundage (James Scott)

Guest stars:
Kieren Hutchison (Andy Hargrove)
Paul Johansson (Dan Scott)
Mark Schwahn (Max)
Mary Kate Englehardt (Lily)
Michaela McManus (Lindsey)


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