The teens of Tree Hill realise how much they have changed this year. It is finals time. The class has to write an essay about a quote from Bernard Shaw about loss.

Nathan is working hard on getting his shape back to play basketball again.

Lucas asks Brooke to come on a road trip with him to New York to see Haley.

Andy tells Karen that his mother is unwell and has asked him to come home to New Zealand. He also tells her he may have problems coming back into the states because Dan is trying to get Andy deported.

Karen storms into the dealership and demands from Dan to leave her and her loved ones alone. Dan is amused. He grabs and kisses her, telling her this is what she really wants. Karen is disgusted. She grabs a chair and throws it through the window, telling him next time it will be his face.

Jake tells Peyton his lawyers caught Nikki lying and he will get out of prison soon and also get sole custody of Jenny. She is so happy she starts crying.

Coach Durham wants Nathan to go to High Flyers. The coach thinks the camp will heal his body and the game will eventually heal Nathan's heart. Nathan is unsure, he is considering his mother. When Nathan tells Dan about it, his father is against him going to the camp. He tells Nathan Deb's pill addiction started when he moved out.

Peyton managed to get the band Jimmy Eat World to play at Tric for the end of school year party.

Karen is upset because of Dan, but Andy is not too worried. Andy would like Karen to come with him to New Zealand for the summer and maybe a few years beyond that. But Karen thinks she has too many commitments to go. Andy suspects this has something to do with Keith and tells her so. Karen does not deny it.

Lucas has a chance to speak alone with Haley when they arrive in New York. They talk about Nathan, about the good times they had and how things have changed in the past year.

Whitey visits Dan. He wants Nathan to be in High Flyers. But Dan is enjoying his position of power and refuses. Whitey is upset for Nathan's sake.

Mouth and Erica are a couple now and truly happy with each other.

Jake gets a surprise visit from Nikki in jail. She has found Jenny and just wanted to let him know this, before she disappears with their daughter. Jake is helpless and frustrated, because he can't stop her.

Later, Lucas has a talk with Chris. Chris tells him that he never had sex with Haley and that he is trying to help Haley to fulfil her dream. In this business you have to be all in or you are out.

Andy visits Dan in the dealership. Dan thinks no one can hurt him. Andy tells him that he knows about the tax evasion scam and that he has proof. He manages to get under Dan's skin. This time it's Dan who throws a trophy through the window. Andy is not impressed and tells him to leave it like this, he plans to redecorate when he buys this place anyway. Dan is steaming. After Andy has left, Dan checks his safe for the ledger. Andy is wired into the security system watching and recording Dan's every move.

Haley works all night on her essay for school. But she dashes Lucas's hopes when she tells him that she will not come home. She also with a heavy heart gives Lucas the signed petition for annulment. Lucas feels terrible. He is very quiet on the way back to Tree Hill.

Peyton is devastated when Jake comes out of jail, telling her he has to go and find his daughter. Peyton is sure that won't come back.

Andy says good bye to Karen on the night when he leaves. Karen is sorry to see him go. Andy gives her an envelope for Lucas, with the disc of his surveillance on Dan. Karen tells him that she loves him. Andy replies he loves her too but that somehow that doesn't seem to be enough.

* * *

Whitey meets Deb when she is released from the clinic to talk about Nathan.

Peyton gets a visit from a woman who introduces herself as Ellie Heart who claims to be a reporter who wants to write about Peyton, the student who got bands like The Wreckers and Jimmy Eat World to play at her club. But Peyton does not want to do an interview.

Lucas plays the disc Andy left him and sees Dan open the safe. Andy left him a note saying if he can find the combination he can bring Dan down.

Soon after Lucas takes the tape out of the surveillance recorder in the dealership so he can try to open the safe unseen. While he is taking the tape out, Nathan stops by. He is suspicious but Lucas tells him that he is done spying on Dan. Nathan is not sure if he is believing him.

When Deb stops by Nathan's place, she is surprised to see that he has all his things packed up. Just then Dan shows up to tell her Nathan is moving back home and they can be a family again. Deb isn't exactly happy about that.

Peyton gets a strange message from a person whose alias is watchmewatchu on her computer. She gets visited by Brooke. Brooke is shocked when she hears that Jake has left. Brooke also tells Peyton that she thinks Lucas still has feelings for her.

Karen is confused when she tries to reach Andy at the hotel where he was supposed to check in but he hasn't arrived there yet. She gets distracted when she believes seeing Keith across the street. But after a car passes he is gone. Then Deb comes in and Karen is happy to see her friend again.

When Peyton comes into Karen's Café she meets Elly there. Peyton has been convinced to do the interview and they start talking.

Deb meets Nathan at the Rivercourt. They talk and Deb it makes clear she wants to be family only with Nathan. Deb is in favour of Nathan going to High Flyers. And she asks Nathan to come with her, away from Dan. Nathan says yes.

This night Lucas waits until Dan locks up the dealership and then tries to open the safe. He gets lucky on the second try and finds the ledger.

In the night Lucas has a dream in which he tells Brooke he loves her. In his dream Brooke tells him she loves him too. Falling out of bed Lucas comes to realise it has been only a dream.

Coming out of the bathroom in the morning, Lucas finds his mother packing. She wants to go after Andy. Lucas is in favour of her going. Lucas says goodbye to her and tells her to find happiness. Karen is really excited about going. On her way to the airport she calls the hotel again but Andy still hasn't checked in.

Peyton finds out that Elly is not working for the magazine she claimed to work for when she wants to postpone an interview. She feels confused and alarmed.

Lucas gives the ledger to Deb and tells her everything he knows. He thinks Deb can use it to get away from Dan. Deb is very grateful to Lucas.

When Dan checks out his safe again he finds the ledger gone. Just then Deb shows up in the door of his office. Dan is totally upset. Deb thinks she finally can bring Dan down, but then he tells her that the business is owned by her, which makes her just as responsible for the fraud. Deb is shocked.

Deb tells Nathan that they will have to stay a little longer, because of something Dan has done and Lucas has found out. She wants Nathan to go to High Flyers. Nathan is reluctant but his mother insists.

Dan visits Whitey in his office. He threatens to make sure that Whitey will lose his job next year. Whitey is upset but not too worried about Dan's threat.

Lucas finds Nathan going through his stuff. He wants to find whatever it is that Lucas has on Dan. Then he finds the petition for annulment. Nathan is upset that Lucas went to see Haley without telling him and leaves.

Dan finds a bottle of fine whiskey with a note, saying "For all you have done" in his office. Soon after, Lucas walks in. Dan tells him that the money and the ledger was only a test and that Lucas is nothing to him now. Dan also tells him that he will no longer pay for his heart medication. Lucas tells Dan he also means nothing to him and that he is out. Dan tells him he will never be out. But Lucas is not impressed. Dan starts drinking the whiskey.

Peyton is saying good-bye to Brooke who is leaving for the summer to spend time with her parents.

Nathan tells Lucas that he will go to High Flyers. He also tells him that the brother-stuff will be over when he gets back, that they are not brothers, not even friends. Lucas is stunned and hurt.

Lucas gets home just in time to see Brooke off. He kisses her good-bye and finally tells her he loves her. She is stunned, but she has to leave because her taxi is there. Lucas is feeling bad, he had hoped for some sort of reply and now doesn't really have an answer. In her taxi Brooke is crying.

Lucas is down to his last pill of his heart medication.

Elly calls on Peyton late at night and tells her she is her mother, whom Peyton believed dead for so many years. Peyton is shocked.

Dan puts the ledger back into the safe and keeps celebrating, drinking the whiskey. But suddenly he feels funny. On the rim of the bottle he discovers something foamy. The drink has obviously been spiked. Reaching for the phone he knocks over the bottle that breaks on the floor, the rest of the whiskey pooling. Somebody dressed in black with black gloves sets fire to Dan's office. The flames start spreading but Dan is already too drugged to get out.

Nathan comes home to Deb. When he opens the door to get his last bag he is surprised to see Haley standing there, with her bag on her shoulder.

Lucas finds Peyton sitting on the beach. She hugs him, seeking comfort.

One Tree Hill © The WB Television Network 2004 & Tollin/Robbins Productions


EPISODE 2.22/2.23
The Tide That Left and Never Came Back The Leavers Dance

Original Airdate : 24 May 2005
Filmed in Wilmington, NC, April 2005

Script by Mark Schwahn (2.22 & 2.23)
Directed by Thomas J. Wright (2.22),
Greg Prange (2.23)

Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott)
James Lafferty (Nathan Scott)
Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer)
Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James)
Paul Johansson (Dan Scott)
Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis)
Barry Corbin (Coach Whitey Durham)
Craig Sheffer (Keith Scott)
Moira Kelly (Karen Roe)

Guest stars:
Emmanuelle Vaugier (Nikki)
Kieren Hutchison (Andy Hargrove),
Tyler Hilton (Chris)
Lee Norris (Mouth)
Katherine Bailess (Erica Marsh)
Sheryl Lee (Ellie Heart)
Bryan Greenberg (Jake)



Karen Andy

A WB promo for season three explains Andy's absence with his extended stay in New Zealand:

"Season three finds everyone three months later, with many questions still to be answered...
Karen decides to pursue some new dreams while still dealing with old nightmares. With Andy still in New Zealand, Karen must decide whether she wants to return to him or remain in Tree Hill surrounded by the ghosts of her past..."

Karen later gets together with Keith, who is killed by his brother at the end of season four.

When season five of the show leaps ahead five years Karen is married to Andy when she returns for her son's wedding.

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