Nathan is on his way home when he gets a call on his cell from Taylor, who is currently working in a bar named 'Swinging Donkey'. Taylor is sorry to hear that Haley isn't with him.

Lucas lets Jake and Peyton stay at Nathan's house, while he is away, to hide from Nikki with Jenny. The place is a mess, but Jake is very grateful to Lucas for his help.

At the dealership Lucas has an awkward conversation with Dan. When Dan is gone, Lucas closes the blinds on the door and window and checks out the hiding place in the ceiling. He finds a large bag filled with cash and a ledger that does not make sense to him.

Lucas talks to Andy about what he found at the café. Andy tells him that there are two reasons to hide money from the state, either you don't want them to know you have it or how you got it. Lucas wants to get that ledger. Andy offers his help.

Anna is surprised when her friend Darby calls on her. They go for a walk and talk about Darby's coming out. They run into Lucas who can't stay because he is on his way to an appointment.

The lawyer tells Jake that a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Jake is not willing to give up Jenny to Nikki. It could be two or three months before he could get her back. If Jake does not give her up, he will have to go to jail until he does.

Nathan stops by the 'Swinging Donkey' bar where Taylor is working. Taylor notices that he is no longer wearing his wedding ring. She helps him to forget his troubles for a while.

Bevin visits Brooke and talks her into coming to a party even though Brooke had promised Karen to help at the café. When she comes home late, Karen is waiting for Brooke. Karen is disappointed and grounds Brooke. Brooke is shocked, she never had been grounded in her life.

Jake tracks down Nikki. She tells him that he is not Jenny's father. Jake doesn't believe her and walks away.

In the dead of the night Lucas and Andy go into the dealership. Lucas knows the security code. They get a scare when their flash lights illuminate Dan's card board cut out. When they reach Dan's office Andy stands watch while Lucas goes to get the ledger. But it is gone, the hiding place is empty!

Later, when they are safely away in Andy's car they talk about the situation. Lucas cannot understand why everything is gone. Andy suspects that Dan is onto him and moved it;Andy wants to back off. Lucas feels safe because he is Dan's son, but Andy reminds him what Dan just did to his brother Keith. He suggests Lucas should move back with his mother. But Lucas says he can't. Andy urges him to find out whether Dan is onto him or not. Lucas promises that if he is no longer safe there, he will get out. Andy also says, he will not lie to Karen, should she ask him about this.

Karen gives Brooke a list of chores to do, while she is grounded. When Brooke is unwilling, Karen tells her she will help her pack her bags and they will call Brooke's parents. Brookeis only allowed to go to school and to work at the café, where she will have to work until she can repay the money Karen advanced her.

Coach Whitey Durham talks to Peyton and Lucas about Jake. Lucas takes the coach to Jake. Jake tells him what happened when Nikki had been watching Jenny only for one night and he found her passed out from drinking with Jenny in the car with her, without even as much as a blanket covering the baby. The windows were already frosted over. The coach understands now that Jake cannot give up his daughter.

Darby tells Anna how she practised in front of the mirror coming out to her parents. The most important part for her was that even though it was hard for them, they still loved her. Anna is still afraid about telling her parents.

The next night Nathan and Taylor almost kiss, but Nathan finds he can't do it. Taylor tells him that Haley called her after he had left her. Nathan is annoyed and insults Taylor.

Lucas catches Dan at home shredding some papers. Lucas returns a Sherlock Holmes novel he had borrowed. Dan tells Lucas that his favourite character has always been Professor Moriaty. Lucas reminds him that Moriaty was the villain but Dan has a different point of view on that.

Peyton catches Jake saying good-bye to Jenny. Peyton wants to go with him, no matter where he goes. Jake tells her she can't come with him, but he has never been happier than when he was with her. He asks her for one last favour before he leaves.

Early next morning Nathan packs up his car. Taylor sees him off. Nathan apologises. She makes it easy for him. She tells him he needs to start being there for himself instead of waiting for Haley.

Anna tells Lucas she came out to her parents. She feels elated, because they told her they still love her. She also wants to go back to her boarding school to be who she is. Lucas is sorry to see her go.

Brooke is working at the café when Bevin comes in to tell her that there is a party tonight that they just can't miss. Karen sees Brooke being all excited about it. But when she comes home later, Brooke is still there, doing the dishes. Karen is impressed and tells Brooke she is no longer grounded, as she seems to have understood the lesson.

Lucas comes into the dealership and sees security cameras being installed. Dan gives Lucas a book by Conan Doyle, having marked his favourite story. It's the one where Sherlock Holmes pulls Professor Moriaty with him off the cliff. Dan thinks, Doyle was tired of the character of Holmes, but Lucas thinkgs that Holmes sacrificed himself to rid the world of the evil villain. It is obvious that Dan suspects what Lucas is up to. Sometime later Lucas manages to take the shredded papers from the machine unseen, exchanging them for other shreds, so no one will notice.

Jake goes to the police station and turns himself in. Nikki comes by Peyton's place with the police to get Jenny. But the baby isn't there. Coach Durham is taking her away. Peyton visits Jake in jail.

Nathan comes home. There is a message on his answering machine from Haley. He deletes it without even listening to it.

One Tree Hill © The WB Television Network 2004 & Tollin/Robbins Productions

Lonesome Road

Original Airdate : 26 April 2005
Filmed in Wilmington, NC, February 2005

Script by John Norris
Directed by Tom Wright

Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott)
James Lafferty (Nathan Scott)
Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer)
Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James)
Paul Johansson (Dan Scott)
Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis)
Barry Corbin (Coach Whitey Durham)
Craig Sheffer (Keith Scott)
Moira Kelly (Karen Roe)

Guest stars:
Emmanuelle Vaugier (Nikki)
Daniella Alonso (Anna)
Kieren Hutchison (Andy Hargrove)
Lindsey McKeon (Taylor)
Sprague Graydon (Darby)
Bryan Greenberg (Jake)


Unaired Scene (DVD Extra)

Commentary to this scene from creator Mark Schwahn: In Season Two Lucas spend a lot less time with his uncle Keith than he did in Season One. So he really didn't have that role model in his life, so when we introduced the character of Andy, Kieren Hutchison's character, introduced him into Karen's world, we also introduced him into Lucas's world so he could be that role model of sorts. And this is a scene where he gives some advice to Lucas.


Andy: Lucas. Everything okay?
Lucas: Yeah. I don't think Dan suspects anything.
Andy: You don't sound very convinced.
Lucas: I'm not. I need a little more time.
Andy: No, Luke…
Lucas: Come on, Andy. You want to bring him down just as bad as I do.
Andy: Okay, but we gotta be smart about this.
Karen (coming to the table): Smart about what?
Andy: Nothing. Just guy stuff.


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