Brooke comes home with Felix after staying the night at his place to find her bed gone. Her parents have sold it and ordered a new one. Brooke is quite upset about it.

Some time later Haley accompanies Brooke to the record store. Brooke wants to sell some of her CDs. Chris is not exactly friendly, but buys her albums. Also, he asks Haley to come to the studio to record a song with him. She says yes.

Nathan and Lucas pack the car to drive to a Bobcats game in Charlotte. They have great seats and are very excited. When they say good-bye Haley does not tell her husband that she is meeting Chris later.

Haley has told Karen about the drugs in the club. Karen confronts Peyton with this, not knowing that Peyton has been taking drugs herself.

Brooke is organising a slumber party at Haley's appartment. She is also inviting Peyton, who brings Anna. When Peyton and Anna arrive at Haley's home, the door is open and the place looks burgled. The girls sneak further into the appartment only to find Brooke and Felix in the bedroom.

Karen catches Andy last minute after his class to hand in her first college paper. He invites her to dinner, promising that this time it will be a real restaurant. She accepts.

Karen has asked Rick to meet her at Tric. She tells him to stay away from her club, because he's been using drugs there. He threatens to keep the musicians away, which in his opinion will ruin the club. Karen is not worried about that though.

Chris is quite strict during the recording session. He is putting pressure on Haley and she finally sings like he wanted her to. The recording goes really well and Haley is actually enjoying it.

When Haley comes home she wants to shower and finds Felix in her bathroom. Brooke is quite mad at him for not leaving immediately after they had been caught. The girls start arguing and it is revealed that Brooke had sex in Haley's bed, Haley has lied to Nathan and that Peyton did cocaine.

Andy is waiting at the bar of the restaurant for Karen who is late. Only moments after her arrival, Keith and Jules also appear. After an uncomfortable moment Jules is buying drinks for everyone. They eat together and it turns out to be a nice evening after all. Afterwards Andy takes Karen home for a nightcap. She admires a picture that she has a print of. Andy's is not a print, though. She is tired as she pulled an all-nighter for her college paper. Andy leads her to his bedroom, where his desk stands and gives her paper an A. Karen assumes that he did not read her paper and only gave her the A because she went out with him. She is upset and leaves.

Nathan and Lucas arrive at Charlotte and see the Bobcats' game. They are totally enjoying it. After the game Nathan tells Lucas that their fathers' heart-attack was caused by a genetic defect that they both might have as well. Nathan has made an appointment in a local clinic that is doing the tests, which are normally very expensive, for free. The chance of them having the defect is fifty-fifty. If they have it, they won't be able to play anymore. After this talk they have the chance to meet Emeka Okafor, one of the Bobcats' top players.

The girls eventually talk about all their issues and make up. After talking for a long time they end up pillow fighing.

Andy calls Karen. He is already standing outside her door. She lets him in. Karen accueses him of giving her an A without reading her paper, in his bedroom. Andy tells her that he did read her paper. He offers to have another professor grade it, if she is not believing him. Andy explains that it is about more than memorizing text and that her life as a single mom and business woman has prepared her for this. All she needs is to have more confidence in herself and in him. She is relieved and kisses him, then leads him into her bedroom.

The next day Nathan goes first, having the test. Lucas is changing his mind, he does not take the test. Nathan explains to his half-brother how dangerous it is, not getting the test. But Lucas refuses this to ruin his life. He asks Nathan to promise him to tell his mother and Haley that he did take the test and that he is fine.

The next morning Karen wakes up next to Andy. She tells him he looked more attractive last night, which must have been the wine. He starts to tickle her, then they kiss. When Lucas comes home he hears voices and laughter from his mother's bedroom.

The girls from Tree Hill accept Anna as their new friend. When she comes home she starts arguing with her brother. Then Felix confesses that he really likes Brooke but that is against her rules and he does not know how to deal with that.

Some time later Nathan meets Lucas on the basketball court. He got his test results back. Nathan is fine. Lucas knows what that means, as one in two has the defect.

One Tree Hill © The WB Television Network 2004 & Tollin/Robbins Productions


Original Airdate : 9 November 2004
Filmed in Wilmington, NC, October 2004

Script by Stacy Rukeyser
Directed by Billy Dickson

Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott)
James Lafferty (Nathan Scott)
Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer)
Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James)
Paul Johansson (Dan Scott)
Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis)
Barry Corbin (Coach Whitey Durham)
Craig Sheffer (Keith Scott)
Moira Kelly (Karen Roe)

Guest stars:
Michael Copon (Felix)
Daniella Alonso (Anna)
Maria Menounos (Jules),
Tyler Hilton (Chris)
Kieren Hutchison (Andy Hargrove)
Emeka Okafor (himself)


Unaired Scene (DVD Extra)

Commentary to this scene from creator Mark Schwahn: Sometimes on our show the show is positioned as a teen drama and I bristle at that because the adults do such good work as well. This is a scene where we have four of the adults, two new characters, Andy and Jules, and then of course, Craig Sheffer who plays Keith and Moira Kelly who plays Karen, we have them all in close quarters and it really speaks to the fact that we have great adult actors on the show doing really good work.


Andy: So Keith, you're Lucas's uncle, right?
Karen: Keith actually was one who helped raise Lucas.
Keith: Ah, I didn't do that much. Karen pretty much raised him herself.
Karen: We were very lucky to have Keith in our lives, that's for sure. Are, are very lucky!
Jules: Screw it. Let's just get it all out. You were in love with her, stuck around for years and she broke your heart. Now she's dating her professor which is great in a Van Halen Hiller teacher sort of way.
Andy (laughs): Works for me.
Jules: But she's moved on. You're moving on, hell, I'm moving on and I wasn't even part of it.
Keith (uncomfortable): Jules…
Karen: Actually, no, it's fine. I should thank you for getting it all out in the open.

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