Lucas goes over to Brooke's house to tell her that he still loves her. He finds Brooke and Felix kissing and walks away in the rain that just started pouring down.

Haley realises that it would be a mistake to leave town with Chris when he is kissing her at the bus stop. He is disappointed when she tells him that she won't be leaving with him and gets on the bus alone. Meanwhile, Nathan is surprised when a strange young woman turns up on his doorstep with a heavy suitcase. The woman turns out to be Haley's sister Taylor. Nathan is not too happy about her arrival. Haley is even less happy to see Taylor, when she comes home.

Deb just told Karen that she lied to her about not having slept with Keith. Karen is hurt and throws her out.

Jake walks in when Peyton is again tempted by Rick to buy drugs. Lucas had called Jake's cousin, hoping Peyton's old friend would return to look after her. Jake has only come back for a few days. He is still on the run from Nikki, fearing that she will steal his baby daughter Jenny from him.

Karen tries to call Andy, who is away on a trip in New York, on his cell phone. A woman answers his phone, telling Karen that Andy is in the shower. Karen is confused and perplexed. Just then Deb shows up to try and talk to her old friend again. But Karen is still hurt that Deb lied to her, something she won't accept from a friend or a business partner.

Lucas happens to see that Dan is calling Jules on her cell phone and suspects foul play. He asks her how she knows Dan. She tells him he only wanted to check on credit as she has bought a car from him. Lucas remains sceptical.

Peyton shows Jake the club and he is impressed. She fills him in on all that has happened since he left Tree Hill, including Haleys marriage to Nathan. Jake mentions that he saw her kissing a guy, who's description fits Chris. Peyton is not happy to hear this.

Lucas and Nathan meet at the baseball court in the park. Lucas says that he will take the heart test after all. Nathan confesses to his half-brother that Taylor was the first girl he ever had sex with on a party two years ago when he was quite drunk. Lucas thinks this is hilarious. Taylor is openly flirting with Nathan when he comes home. He feels quite uncomfortable in her presence.

Anna visits Peyton. The last time they met they didn't part on the best of terms. Anna tells Peyton that Lucas broke up with him. She hugs Anna and Anna kisses her. Anna is horrified when she realises what she has done and leaves immediately. Peyton goes after her and tells her not to be afraid of whom she is. Anna is not sure that they can still be friends after this incident.

In the morning Nathan and Taylor go running together. They run into the ocean afterwards and then go to Dan's beach house to dry. Taylor tells him that she does remember him and their night together. She tells him that she had been found out not only of cheating at exams but also having an affair with a professor who had paid for her rent and her expenses. She keeps flirting with Nathan, which he is uncomfortable about. Haley is not happy about seeing Nathan with Taylor, when they return, and the couple has yet another argument.

Felix picks a fight with Lucas because he thinks Anna is crying because of Lucas. They have a pretty nasty fight and Felix kicks Lucas when he is already on the ground, then leaves him lying in pain.

Peyton enjoys having Jake around again. They talk about what their lives have been like since he left. Jake says he is tired of running. He asks Payton to go with him to get Jenny and then come back home. Peyton happily agrees.

Andy comes home and visits Karen at her café. He tells her that he'd been worried she might have been abducted or something because she didn't return his calls. Karen is upset. She tells him about the woman who answered the phone saying he was in the shower and demands to know who she is. Andy is not quite sure how to answer this, but she does not wait for him to find the words and tells him their relationship will be that of professor and student from now on. He feels sad.

Brooke gives back the necklace Felix gave her. She does not want to be like her mother, who married her dad for his money. Felix is surprised but understanding.

Lucas shows up at Jules's door again. He checked her story and found out that Jules has been lying to him. She tells him she had been abused, battered and left in debt by her former fiancé. Desperate for money she posted an ad on the internet that she'd do anything legal for money. Dan answered, paying her medical bills. Her assignment was to make Keith fall in love with her and than break his heart. She confesses to Lucas that she has fallen in love with Keith and does not want to go through with this but that it is too late. Lucas is doubtful.

The next morning Haley tries to throw Taylor out. But Nathan tells her she has to let her sister stay because she is family.

Andy walks into the classroom, obviously unhappy and preoccupied with something. The subject today is going to be managerial ethics. But even before he really begins the lecture he decides to change the subject. He tells the students about a mistake he made three years ago. Andy reminds them of the word he wrote onto the blackboard on his first lesson - greed. He was already rich when he was driving in his SUV one day and while talking on the phone he hit a woman he hadn't even seen. It had been a terrible accident and for a moment he had thought he had killed the woman, who's name is Miriam. But she had survived and he visits Miriam and her son twice a year to make sure they are okay. The valuable lesson he has learned from this is that there comes a point in life when enough is enough. Karen realises that she had been jumping to conclusions.

Karen comes into the café to find Deb there. Deb feels terrible and offers to dissolve their partnership if Karen wishes it. But Karen does not want that, she just does not want to be lied to again.

Anna finds Lucas at the baseball court in the park. She confesses to him that she likes girls as well as guys and that she had kind of hoped that having a relationship with him would make things right. Lucas is surprised. He promises Anna not to tell Felix. Anna promises in turn not too tell Felix that Lucas is still in love with Brooke. Lucas had thought he was hiding it better than that. He and Anna remain friends.

Karen knocks onto Andy's office door and offers him sandwiches with apologies on the side. Andy is very happy to see that she is giving him another chance.

Lucas visits Keith. But his plans to talk to his uncle are foiled as Jules is there. So Keith remains unaware of his brother's evil scheme for now.

One Tree Hill © The WB Television Network 2004 & Tollin/Robbins Productions

The Heart Brings You Back

Original Airdate : 25 January 2005
Filmed in Wilmington, NC, October 2004

Written by Jennifer Cecil
Directed by Joanna Kerns

Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott)
James Lafferty (Nathan Scott)
Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer)
Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James)
Paul Johansson (Dan Scott)
Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis)
Barry Corbin (Coach Whitey Durham)
Craig Sheffer (Keith Scott)
Moira Kelly (Karen Roe)

Guest stars:
Michael Copon (Felix)
Daniella Alonso (Anna)
Maria Menounos (Jules)
Tyler Hilton (Chris)
Kieren Hutchison (Andy Hargrove)
Lindsey McKeon (Taylor)
Bryan Greenberg (Jake)


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