The gang of Tree Hill find strange envelopes in their lockers one morning. They were left there by Felix who is challenging them to a dare night. One night, two groups, multiple dares. Each envelope contains a two part dare, part one is written on the front of a card, part two on the back side. Every dare counts for a number of points. Felix also hands out mobile phones that can take pictures and videos, so each group can prove that they have completed the dare. The game is on until midnight, then the winner will be declared. Lucas isn't very thrilled about the idea and he and Brooke are the last two to accept. It will be the boys against the girls.

Lucas is the first to be dared. He is challenged to return clothing items to the mall by wearing them. One of those items is a bra. But Lucas is not backing down and taking on the challenge. The guys split up to be able to complete more dares in the time they have, while Felix splits up the girls. Haley and Peyton are on one team, Brooke is with him on the other. Brooke is not happy that she has to team up with Felix, but when she learns what the dare is, she feels confident to do it.

Andy is putting a painting on top of a book shelf when Karen comes by. She wants to talk to him about him coming to her café every morning for coffee. Karen does enjoy seeing him but she isn't sure that it is appropriate. Andy replies that there are cultures where you can actually have coffee without having to have sex with the café owner. He adds, that those cultures are not as much fun for him. Karen feels embarrassed and apologises for jumping to conclusions. She asks him to forget she ever came by. Andy agrees, under the condition that they have dinner. Karen feels slightly put off balance, but agrees.

Lucas is not doing too badly, returning the clothes. But when he is walking through the mall dressed only in jeans and a bra, a guard notices him and starts to follow. When Lucas finally drops his pants in a shop, the guard wants to arrest him. Only with the help of a beautiful stranger Lucas manages to escape. The girl's name is Anna and she helps him to recover his own clothes. In return she asks to be allowed to participate in the dare. Lucas is only too happy to team up with her. Their next dare is to collect the money from a wishing fountain.

Nathan and Tim find themselves at a massage shop. The dare is to ask for the special. Nathan is sceptical but Tim is very excited about this. As it turns out, Nathan was right to be suspicious, as the special turns out to be full body waxing. The next dare is not much better, as it requires Tim and Nathan to dress up as girl scouts and try to sell cookies from door to door. Needless to say that they are not very successful. After that the two friends get into an argument, when Nathan is annoyed with Felix and Tim is defending him.

Felix is cheating Brooke. Their first dare is to get a table at the most popular restaurant in town without a reservation. Brooke tries her charms but fails. Felix does get them in, but he had reserved a table two weeks earlier. After dinner he leaves her behind at the table, phoning her later to let her now that the second part of the dare is to leave without paying. Brooke is furious, but manages to get away without paying the bill as well.

Another dare is Karaoke. Mouth is actually doing quite well at that and the crowds cheer him on.

Andy takes Karen to a hot dog vendor for their date. He tells her to pick everything she likes, as he is rich. While they eat they walk along the pier and Andy learns that Karen has a son. She also tells him about her plan of opening another business. He asks if he can invest but Karen says no. Then she invites him to ice cream. Andy wants to know if that means anything and she counters, starting wit the words that in some cultures… He gets it!

Lucas and Anna have pizza together, then take on the next dare. It's making out in a photo box. They do it and find they rather enjoy it.

Brooke and Felix go to a cemetery. The dare is to have your picture taken in an open grave. They find one and Brooke has to get inside. Just then a police car patrols the area. Felix jumps into the grave with her and they remain undetected. Brooke is really getting quite annoyed with Felix.

Peyton and Haley have to go inside a church and one of them needs to confess. Peyton is the one to go. But instead of confessing the stupid line on the card, her confession is real. She is still suffering from the death of her mom and the knowledge that most days she is not the person her mother would want her to be. She feels she has failed and that trying cocaine the other day was just one more thing of many she should never have done. In the end she finds that the confession has given her comfort.

A beautiful woman turns up at the dealership to buy a car. She knows what she wants and puts on a somewhat defensive attitude. Keith invites her to a test drive during which he tells her that he is actually a mechanic. That changes her attitude towards him and she actually starts flirting with him.

Karen says good night to Andy in front of his office. He tells her how much he admires that she is taking on another business venture. And he lets her know that by no means she has been jumping to conclusions.

At the end of the night, the girls are the winners of dare night, because Lucas held back the photo of himself and Anna. It is too precious to him to be shared with a guy like Felix. Anna did not come to meet his friends tonight, but she had Lucas give her his phone number. What he doesn't know yet is that Anna is Felix's sister. Anna had enjoyed her evening with Lucas as well, but keeps it a secret from Fellix for now.

Karen asks if Lucas has a CD of "The Constantines", a band that Andy likes. He does and gives it to her.

One Tree Hill © The WB Television Network 2004 & Tollin/Robbins Productions

I Will Dare

Original Airdate : 19 October 2004
Filmed in Wilmington, NC, September 2004

Script by Mark Schwahn
Directed by Tom Wright

Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott)
James Lafferty (Nathan Scott)
Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer)
Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James)
Paul Johansson (Dan Scott)
Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis)
Barry Corbin (Coach Whitey Durham)
Craig Sheffer (Keith Scott)
Moira Kelly (Karen Roe)

Guest stars:
Michael Copon (Felix)
Daniella Alonso (Anna)
Maria Menounos (Jules)
Kieren Hutchison (Andy)
Lee Norris (Mouth)
Antwon Tanner (Skills)
Brett Claywell (Tim)


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