The newly opened casino is already in danger: A too-lucky player is close to breaking the bank. The player? Victor! After Parker accuses Kathy of sleeping with the enemy, she strikes up a deal with Victor: He gives her all the money he's won -which she'll return to the casino - in exchange for the chance to be with her again. She almost seals the deal, then spots Parker with a blonde on his arm and changes her mind.

Elizabeth learns from an ultrasound that she's having a boy, but she's reluctant to celebrate when she knows Jake's thoughts are still with Bianca — despite his assurances to the contrary. Hoping to lessen Bianca's hold on him, Elizabeth goes for a paternity test, and when the results come back, she tells a heartbroken Bianca that the baby is Jake's. Alone in her room, though, Elizabeth breaks down: The test actually proves Jake isn't the father.

Arianna enters rehab, and Sophia deals with the news by returning to Ben's side. She offers to set him up with a lawyer who might be able to get Ben's trust fund released to him early. After a promising meeting with the attorney, Ben and Sophia consummate their relationship. Grace is called to the lawyer's office, but instead of granting Ben's request, she extends the time before he can access his money. Sophia isn't so keen to stick around once she learns of the wait.

Despite her improved health, Grace's doctor says her prognosis isn't good. She begins the process of saying good-bye by giving Bianca her mother's wedding ring, along with the encouragement that the right man will come along. To celebrate Grace's life, the Fosters throw a barbecue. Eddie, who attends, notices the wedding ring Bianca is wearing around her neck and attempts to engage her in a conversation about the next step in their relationship. But Bianca stays firm on taking it slow. Grace watches her granddaughter, who looks happy with Eddie (though, in her addled state, she mistakes him for Jake), and dies a contented woman.

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Virginia Williams ( Bianca Foster)
Kieren Hutchison (Jake Preston)
Simon Rex (Eddie Lucas)
Samantha Shelton (Kathy Foster)
Shirley Jones (Grace Foster)
Matt Funke (Ben Foster)
Vanessa Lengies (Sophia Preston)
Rachel Ward (Arianna Preston)
Robert Colby (Alexander Preston)
Stephen Martines (Parker Elian)
Samantha Healy (Elizabeth)
Dillon Stephensen (Steve)
Craig Horner (Caleb)


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