Six years after being incarcerated for her father's murder, Bianca Foster is released from prison. She returns home to Monarch Cove to find that her once affluent and respected family has fallen apart emotionally and financially, and that her grandmother Grace is gravely ill.

Determined to set her family back on track, she tries to find a job, but soon discovers that no one wants to hire an ex-con. Frustrated, she hits the beach with her sister, Kathy. There, they meet two intriguing men, Eddie Lucas, Monarch Resort's head of security, and Jake Preston, heir to the Preston family fortune and Monarch Resort. Eddie pretends to be Jake, and Jake, not quite willingly, plays along. Kathy falls for Eddie, and Bianca is smitten by Jake.

Later, after a fight with Kathy over finances, Bianca goes to the Monarch Resort, hoping to ask Kathy's rich new boyfriend "Jake" for money. At the resort, Bianca meets the real Jake's troublemaking little sister, Sophia, and Jake's fiancée, Elizabeth. Bianca calls Kathy to tell her that her beau is engaged, then lies her way into a concierge position at the hotel.

After Kathy gets the news, she goes to Eddie (still believing he's Jake) and threatens to expose his cheating ways unless he pays her for her silence. Eddie throws her out without revealing his true identity.

While Bianca's conniving sister looks out for herself, their brother, Ben, is dealing drugs to help pay for Grace's medication. In murky waters already, he teams up with Caleb, a competing drug dealer with connections — and dark intentions: Caleb meets with Detective Straker, the lead investigator on Bianca's father's murder case, and orders Straker to murder Ben. Straker, strangely protective of Bianca's clan, orders Caleb to stay away from them.

Jake, meanwhile, can't get Bianca out of his head and is reconsidering his engagement to Elizabeth. At the resort, he goes to see Bianca as "Eddie," but Sophia catches him in the act and outs him as the real Jake Preston. Just then, Elizabeth walks in and Bianca flees. Outside, she runs into Straker who says he knows the truth about her father's death. As Jake runs out to apologize to Bianca a gunshot rings out, and Straker is killed before being able to reveale the murder's name.

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Virginia Williams ( Bianca Foster)
Kieren Hutchison (Jake Preston)
Simon Rex (Eddie Lucas)
Samantha Shelton (Kathy Foster)
Shirley Jones (Grace Foster)
Matt Funke (Ben Foster)
Vanessa Lengies (Sophia Preston)
Rachel Ward (Arianna Preston)
Robert Colby (Alexander Preston)
Stephen Martines (Parker Elian)
Samantha Healy (Elizabeth)
Dillon Stephensen (Steve)
Craig Horner (Caleb)



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