Bianca and Jake are brought in for questioning for Detective Straker's murder. It's soon revealed that Straker lost DNA evidence in Bianca's dad's case that could have proved her innocence. The plausible motive makes Bianca look guilty. Luckily, one of the Jake's family's lawyers intervenes, and Bianca is set free.

Bianca soon learns that the drug-dealing Caleb is also a suspect in Straker's homicide. Bianca is convinced that the same gunman killed her father and Straker, and it's not Caleb. She convinces Ben to come forward since he can avouch Caleb's alibi.

Caleb thanks Bianca for her help by telling everyone she killed her father because he abused her. Bianca soon discovers that Kathy made up this nonsense so Ben would forgive her for murdering their father. When the air is cleared, Ben realizes Bianca isn't responsible for their dad's death and the two finally reconnect.

Later, Bianca breaks the news to Kathy that Eddie isn't Jake Preston and that the sisters have been played. Kathy visits Eddie and the pair patches things up — in a very hot way. When they're done, Kathy threatens to scream rape if he doesn't pay her a large sum of money. Eddie refuses but Kathy has him scared.

On another front, Jake's little sister Sophia attempts to seduce Steve, a member of the resort's security team. Elizabeth chastises her for being loose; Sophia retorts that Elizabeth should worry about her own love-life issues (meaning the obvious chemistry between Bianca and Jake).

When the Preston clan confronts Jake about his negligence toward his fiancée, Jake drops the bomb that he's not sure he wants to marry Elizabeth. Devastated by her husband's comment about this matter, Arianna gets drunk and winds up in bed with Steve.

Jake shows up at the Foster house and tells Bianca he's going to break off his engagement. They seal their new relationship with a kiss, and he goes to tell Elizabeth. But before he can, she reveals that she's pregnant.

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Virginia Williams ( Bianca Foster)
Kieren Hutchison (Jake Preston)
Simon Rex (Eddie Lucas)
Samantha Shelton (Kathy Foster)
Shirley Jones (Grace Foster)
Matt Funke (Ben Foster)
Vanessa Lengies (Sophia Preston)
Rachel Ward (Arianna Preston)
Robert Colby (Alexander Preston)
Stephen Martines (Parker Elian)
Samantha Healy (Elizabeth)
Dillon Stephensen (Steve)
Craig Horner (Caleb)



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