Brooke prepares her campaign to run for student presidency, aided by Felix.

Dan wants Lucas to move with in with him. Lucas wouldn't do it, but Dan makes this a condition for not telling Keith the truth about Jules.

Taylor leaves Haley's computer on and Nathan finds a bunch of E-Mails that she sent to Chris in Haley's name. He is stunned and hurt. He goes to find his wife at school and confronts her with print-outs of the E-Mails. She tells Nathan that it's all Taylor's doing. Nathan says he will throw Taylor out as a consequence. Haley agrees to that.

Lucas, Brooke and Mouth are very happy to see Jake return to the school with Peyton. Peyton thanks Lucas for calling Jake. Jake calls on Coach Durham in his office. The Coach is glad to see Jake again and promises to help Jake to get back into school and rebuild his life again in Tree Hill.

A student called Erica Marsh introduces herself to Brooke. All the girls in the classroom are running for a position on the student council. Erica tells Brooke that she has been school president since seventh grade. Brooke is not too impressed and certainly not intimidated.

Lucas comes into the café. He tells his mom that the test results came back and that he is clear. Karen is greatly relieved. Though not for long, as Lucas tells her now that he is moving in with Dan. She immediately suspects that something is up and that Dan is manipulating Lucas into this. But Lucas refuses to tell her anything. It's breaking Karen's heart.

Dan throws an engagement party for Keith at the dealership in Keith's office. Dan offers to pay for the wedding, so they can have a big celebration. Keith is pleasantly surprised. Just then Karen bursts into the show room, demanding an explanation from Dan. But he only says that Lucas wants to get to know his father. Karen does not believe it for a second. When Dan just turns his back on her and walks away, she follows and ends up in the room with the party guests. She is stunned by the news of the engagment between Keith and Jules.

Haley tells Peyton that her connection to Chris is purely through music because Chris understands that part of her in a way that Nathan can't. Haley loves Nathan and she does not want to hurt him.

Later Keith visits Karen in her café to explain his feelings. He is glad that he loved her all those years, even if it didn't work out between them. Keith is shocked when Karen tells him that Lucas moved in with Dan.

Brooke puts up her campaign posters at school. Suddenly a video ad from Erica comes onto the schools TV screen, bashing Brooke. Brooke wants revenge.

Andy eats lunch at Karen's café. He can't help but notice that the air between Lucas and Karen is frosted. Karen tells him about Lucas plans to move in with Dan. Lucas is not telling her why and she asked Keith to try to find out. Karen also tells Andy that Keith is getting married to Jules. Karen is a bit worried about that, too, because she feels Keith hardly knows his bride-to-be.

Nathan tells Taylor she has been found out and tells her to leave. Later Taylor talks to Haley about it. Just then Dan knocks at the door to drop of the last of Nathan's stuff and to tell him that Lucas is moving in with him now.

Nathan asks Lucas about that at school. When Lucas says it's complicated, Nathan just walks away. Before the concert at Tric that night, Lucas comes over to Brooke's house to help her with her presidential speech. Lucas recommends a speech by John F. Kennedy about courage. Brooke isn't sure that this is right for her. Just then Felix walks in. He is not very happy to see Lucas there.

Taylor is packing. Haley gives her some money. Taylor accepts the cash but tells her sister that she cannot relieve her conscience with money.

At Tric Peyton introduces Haley to "The Wreckers", Jessica Harp and Michelle Branch, who are a very talented and popular band. Haley is very surprised when they say they have heard of her. It turns out that Chris is there opening act. Michelle tells Haley she should go on stage with Chris tonight to sing their duet. Haley feels uncomfortable by all that and makes a quick exit.

Chris is the first to go on stage and dedicates his opening song to Haley. Nathan is not happy to see him. Brooke hands out her campaign buttons at the club.

Nathan waits for Chris backstage. Chris tells him, that Haley may love Nathan but what if that is not enough and makes Nathan unsure.

While "The Wreckers" are performing, Karen confesses to Keith that she feels jealous of Jules, as Keith has always been there for her even before Lucas was born and she needs some time to get used to the new circumstances. Andy sees them embrace and feels a pang of jealousy.

Haley talks to Chris. He tells her Michelle wants Haley to join the tour. Haley is uncertain what to do. She later tells Nathan about this opportunity. She tries to convince her husband that this is not about Chris, but of finding out if she can make it as a singer for real. Nathan tells her she should go if she wants to go, but if she does, it would be over between them. Then he leaves. Haley is crushed.

When Karen comes home she finds Lucas packing. She orders him to unpack, but he refuses. She tries to tell him that if he told her they could fight Dan together, but Lucas says that they cannot. Karen is left feeling helpless.

While Brooke is working on her speech, Mouth walks in to finally confess that he was the one who threw the brick through her car window. She is not sure they can still be friends after that. Mouth says that he is not sure either, it is too hard. Brooke is stunned; she had thought she knew him. But that revelation gives her some inspiration for her speech.

Nathan walks through the night and passes by the place where he and Haley shared an important moment in their relationship. He suddenly realises what a fool he has been and runs back home. But Haley has already gone and Taylor is just leaving. In his desperation Nathan throws Haley's keyboard at their wedding picture on the wall. Then he sits down, helpless and unsure what to do.

Karen goes to Andy. When he opens the door she tells him that Lucas has left and she doesn't know what to do. Andy tenderly takes her into his arms to comfort her while she is crying on his shoulder.

Chris is beaming when Haley shows up at the bus with her luggage but Haley feels terrible.

Lucas is unpacking in his new room. He thanks Dan for paying for his medication. Lucas has HCM after all and he doesn't want his mother to know. He showed Keith's negative result letter to Karen to put her fears at rest. Dan is impressed with Lucas's duplicity. Lucas replies that it seems he is Dan's son after all.

One Tree Hill © The WB Television Network 2004 & Tollin/Robbins Productions

The Hero Dies In This One

Original Airdate : 8 February 2005
Filmed in Wilmington, NC, November 2004

Script by Jennifer Cecil
Directed by Kevin Dowling

Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott)
James Lafferty (Nathan Scott)
Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer)
Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James)
Paul Johansson (Dan Scott)
Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis)
Barry Corbin (Coach Whitey Durham)
Craig Sheffer (Keith Scott)
Moira Kelly (Karen Roe)

Guest stars:
Michael Copon (Felix)
Daniella Alonso (Anna),
Tyler Hilton (Chris)
Kieren Hutchison (Andy Hargrove)
Lindsey McKeon (Taylor)
Lee Norris (Mouth)
Katherine Bailess (Erica Marsh)
Bryan Greenberg (Jake)

Special Appearance:
"The Wreckers"-Jessica Harp & Michelle Branch



Unaired Scene (DVD Extra)

Commentary to this scene from creator Mark Schwahn: It's really great to have an actress like Moira Kelly because you can throw anything at her and she always makes it incredibly interesting, incredibly watchable. I would include very scene that I have of her so the fans can just watch an actress in her prime doing great work. And here's one of those scenes:


Andy: Well, a more couple of nights like this and you'll be ready to franchise.
Karen: I'm happy the way things are.
Andy: Yeah, thing is, I'm not. I've been thinking about how you didn't call when you found out Luke wanted to live with his dad. You asked Keith for help. He's the one you count on.
Karen: Keith and I have known each other for a long time.
Andy: I understand. I just want this to be perfectly clear: what's going on with you and me, this isn't a fling. I'm in this for the long haul and no matter how much time it takes, I want to be the guy you count on.

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