Eddie finds out that the police has issued a warrant for Kathy for the murder on Detective Straker. Eddie and Bianca go to the FBI HQ to speak to Alexander. Jake gets her in. Bianca questions Alexander about what he knows. He tells her that he hired Victor to get him proof of the affair between Arianna and Rex. It turns out that there is a surveillance tape about the murder of Bianca’s father and that Victor had it. Jake goes with Bianca to Victor’s boat to look for the tape. Jake finds it under a bench.

Parker arrives at this destination in the Bahamas and finds out that his accounts have been cleared. Kathy did to him what he has done to the Prestons.

Detective Ramos arrives at the Foster’s beach house with a search warrant, looking for evidence against Kathy. Bianca and Jake return to the beach house and find it messed up from the police. Bianca puts the tape into a VCR. There is no picture but they can hear Rex, Victor and... Kathy. Then the tape gets stuck. Jake tells Bianca that he is still in love with her; but he can't stay he has to leave to attend his father arraignment. Bianca calls Jake back when she finds their laptop showing Parker’s file. They see a message being exchanged between Parker and Kathy, setting up a meeting. Jake calls the FBI.

Kathy has to flee from the bank where she was to pick up they money when the police show up. She runs home because she needs her passport to get out of the country. The house is under police surveillance. Eddie is taking the VCR apart, trying to safe the tape. Bianca sees Ben take Kathy’s passport and follows him downstairs. When she tells Kathy she has to turn herself in, Kathy runs away again, leaving her cell phone behind.

Eddie realises that Bianca is still in love with Jake. He talks to her about it and leaves. Later that night he tells Jake that he and Bianca broke up. Jake admits he’s in love with Bianca. Just then Bianca calls. She has discovered where Parker will meet Kathy, on a boat named Comtessa. Bianca wants to talk Kathy to give up. Jake and Eddie get on their way to help her. Kathy and Bianca argue. Bianca tells Kathy that she knows her sister was there the night their father was killed. Kathy pulled the trigger although she had been aiming for Victor. Kathy also admits to killing Straker. Bianca is appalled. She wants to call the police when Parker shows up, aiming a gun at Bianca. Kathy shoots Parker to protect Bianca, there’s a struggle, Parker gets the gun. Jake body checks Parker, a stray shot hits Kathy and she goes overboard. Eddie enters the fight and Parker is subdued.

Jake and Bianca finally admit their love for each other and get married. They have a little daughter they name Grace after Bianca’s grand-mother and live happily ever after. Ben and Sophia are also together and Alexander and Arianna are happy once more. One day, a postcard arrives from Kathy, letting Bianca know that she is fine.

© 2006 Lifetime Entertainment Services


Virginia Williams ( Bianca Foster)
Kieren Hutchison (Jake Preston)
Simon Rex (Eddie Lucas)
Samantha Shelton (Kathy Foster)
Shirley Jones (Grace Foster)
Matt Funke (Ben Foster)
Vanessa Lengies (Sophia Preston)
Rachel Ward (Arianna Preston)
Robert Colby (Alexander Preston)
Stephen Martines (Parker Elian)
Samantha Healy (Elizabeth)
Dillon Stephensen (Steve)
Craig Horner (Caleb)



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