Eddie, Jake and Bianca share a tense moment following Jake's discovery of Bianca and Eddie's rendezvous, but are interrupted by the sound of Sophia's party in full swing. They go to shut down the unapproved bash and arrive just in time to see an intoxicated partygoer, Charlotte, fall face first into the pool. But Charlotte's not just any partygoer: Her father is the casino commissioner of the state, and if anything bad befalls her, it could mean the end of Parker's plan (despite Jake's objections) to open a casino in the hotel. Parker pulls the girl out, and Bianca immediately removes Ben from the scene, thinking he's responsible for the drugs Charlotte has ingested.

The next morning, Sophia tells Ben she doesn't care if he dealt Charlotte drugs, but Ben claims he's innocent. Charlotte, meanwhile, does her best to break up Ben and Sophia's burgeoning relationship. While her ploys don't work, Ben is ambivalent about Sophia, wanting to be with her one day, dropping her the next, then asking for her forgiveness.

Not everyone takes Charlotte so lightly: Alexander immediately sets to work on damage control by apologizing to Charlotte and her father, Sam. However, he doesn't get far before he offends the commissioner by suggesting that Charlotte brought drugs to the party.

Despite Alexander's faux pas, Parker makes a deal with the commissioner — a costly one. Alexander grudgingly agrees to pay Sam's price, and the casino-building gets under way.

Furious about Parker's new role in the business, Jake takes a swing at him, but it comes to nothing. Parker's play is successful, and Jake is forced to toast his new brother's success. What Jake and the rest of the family don't know is that Parker cut a deal with the commissioner to extort money from Alexander, and Alexander played right into it.

Caught up in the resort's drama all day, Bianca and Eddie finally get a moment to reconnect at night. They're awkward with each other and still more awkward when Kathy shows up. After Kathy needles Bianca about taking her rejects, and the sisters bond over their shared taste in men. When he's had time to cool down, Jake is also surprisingly supportive of Bianca and Eddie's new relationship. With no more obstacles to hurdle, Eddie and Bianca decide to give dating a try.

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Virginia Williams ( Bianca Foster)
Kieren Hutchison (Jake Preston)
Simon Rex (Eddie Lucas)
Samantha Shelton (Kathy Foster)
Shirley Jones (Grace Foster)
Matt Funke (Ben Foster)
Vanessa Lengies (Sophia Preston)
Rachel Ward (Arianna Preston)
Robert Colby (Alexander Preston)
Stephen Martines (Parker Elian)
Samantha Healy (Elizabeth)
Dillon Stephensen (Steve)
Craig Horner (Caleb)



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