Young Hercules

Young Hercules is a spin-off series of the popular Hercules The Legendary Journeys. It began as flash-backs in the original series looking back into the hero's childhood. Due to the popularity these episodes received it was made into a series of its own, consisting of 50 half-hour episodes.

Young Hercules chronicles how the young half god struggles with being stronger than common mortals and seemingly being ignored by his father Zeus. His obsession with getting his father's attention worries his mother Alcmene. When he is old enough she sends him to a warriors academy that is led by the wise and mighty centaur Cheiron. At the academy Hercules meets Iolaus again, a thief he knows from home and who becomes his closest and most loyal friend. Another friend is Jason - the crown prince of Corinth who in the course of the show becomes king. Together the friends face many dangers and adventures - crossing paths with many of the gods and other children of Zeus, as well as Amazons, giants and other mystical creatures. The stories are well written, fun & entertaining.

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Young Hercules
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Kieren Hutchison
Kieren Hutchison guest stars as in three episodes of Young Hercules as Orpheus, a young musician who lures people into the cult of Bacchus with his music.
1.19 Lure of the Lyre
1.20 Fame
1.21 Lyre, Liar