The episodes for the show Young Hercules were shot four at a time over two and a half weeks. The four episodes about Orpheus and Eurydice - 1.19 Lure of the Lyre, 1.20 Fame, 1.21 Lyre Liar & 1.22 A Lady in Hades - were referred to as the "Bacchus" block.

The character of Orpheus only appears in the first three. The fourth episode deals only with the fate of Eurydice, what has become of Orpheus remains a mystery.

Here are some quotes from three of the stars about their work on these episodes.


"Doing the Orpheus episodes on Young Hercules was great fun, that was a different sort of character for me, not exactly the good guy. Ding the rockstar concert scenes were a highlight, a cool fantasy to have that screaming crowd... even if they were paid extras!"

About working with Ryan Gosling (Young Hercules), Dean O'Gorman (Young Iolaus) and Kevin Smith (Bacchus), Kieren says, "I'm good friends with all three of those guys, Ryan I met in L.A. at the final auditions for the Young Hercules character, so it was great to catch up with him a few months later on the set. The episodes were the first time I met Mr Smith wich was weird, because the first three days I was talking to him he was in the Bacchus prostetics... so I kind of had to meet him all over again at the wrap party!

Dean and I have been good friends for a number of years, going back to the Shortland Street days, so it's always fun doing scenes with him. The year before he'd guested on William Tell (as Bruno in the episode "The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior"), so I got to return the favour."

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No particular Young Hercules episodes stand out for Gosling.
If he had to narrow it down, though, Gosling points to the "Bacchus" block. That really felt like we were shooting a feature - because all four episodes were about the same thing, with the same characters. We could really concentrate on one story. A lot of time and effort was put into that block as far as camera things.

Kevin Smith is pretty awesome. He had to wear a 40-pound prostethic head during the Bacchus shows and he was just an angel through the whole thing. Not a peep from Kevin Smith. They were always picking at his face and he could never be alone. Kevin's really talented.

From "Heroic Virtues" Ryan Gosling Interview; Starlog #269/August 1999, by Maureen McTigue


The first story Smith recounts concerns the 20 pounds of rubber he had to wear on his head to portrait Bacchus in Young Hercules. "I've never done the prothetic thing before, so that was partly why I took the job. I thought that I should give it a go. My curiosity is well and truly sated," he laughs. "A good tema of people, the special effects artists, made what could have been a trying time acutally enjoyable.

Bacchus had appeared in an early Xena, but the actor that played him then was in Australia and wasn't available. So they said 'What about Smitty?' And they asked me. As it happens, it ties in very well because Bacchaus is another of Hercules' half-brothers. So that's three of his brothers I've played now (including Iphicles). Gotta love that."

From "War of the God" Kevin Smith Interview; Starlog #258/Januar 1999, by Maureen McTigue

Kevin Smith sadly died after a tragic accident in China on 15 February 2002, aged 38. He will be greatly missed.
Whoosh online edition # 67 (April 2002): Friends & Co-Workers share their Memories and Impressions of Kevin Smith
[including a letter from Kieren]

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