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Yes! It's true! Rachel McKenna's brother Jonathon McKenna is coming back to Shortland Street and the character will be played by the original actor, Kieren Hutchison who first gained the role in the early 90's.

Back in the early days of Shorty, there was a whole McKenna family, Mum Alex McKenna (played by Liddy Holloway - that's Geordie Holibar (Phoenix Raynor) real life grandmother!), Dad Michael McKenna (Paul Gittins, his son Callum Gittins went on to play Jake Valentine), sister Rachel (played by actor/ director Angela Bloomfield and brother Jonathon (Kieren Hutchison).

Michael ran the clinic, Alex ran a bar and the teenagers, well, they bickered and fought like siblings normally do.

Kieren's character Jonathon had some pretty controversial storylines at the time, he was one of Shortland Street's first bisexual characters.

He eventually got fired from his job and left town having given up on med school in 1996.

Now, he's back and the drama is set to continue!

Why is Jonathon back? How will Rachel react? And how long is he back for?

All these questions will be answered over the next couple of months.

Kieren has been living in LA for the last few years, where he has worked on shows such as The Ghost Whisperer and One Tree Hill, but was very excited about being asked back to New Zealand to catch up with the Shortland Street gang.

"In some ways it was like stepping into a time warp," he says. "On one of my first days back I stood on set and the camera op, the vision switcher, the director and the two actors that I was working with were all the same as when I was last on the show! Some things never change around here. But it was really nice to have some familiar faces in the building. Being able to work with Angela (Rachel McKenna) and Michael (Chris Warner) again has been fantastic."

Watch the sparks fly as Jonathon and Rachel McKenna get to know each other all over again.

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Rachel & Jonathan McKenna - then and now

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Jonathon McKenna is back!

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