Episode recap (only Jonathon McKenna) - If there is an episode missing it means Kieren was not in it -

Monday 23rd May (ep 4742/4743) One-hour episode
Rachel is stunned by the unexpected arrival of her brother, Jonathon. He is his usual charming self, but dodges questions as to why he's in Ferndale. When Rachel accuses him of running away from a mistake, he floors her by asserting that after his near-death experience hes realised how important family is and he wants to be near her.

Rachel is touched, but the emotion is undermined the following day when Jonathon meets Gabrielle, and he reveals that the real reason he's in Ferndale. He wants her to perform surgery on his brain. Rachel sits in as Jonathon explains to Gabrielle that he needs neuro surgery to cure chronic pain - lingering effects from his car accident. Gabrielle agrees to look at Jonathon's neuro scans. Chris confirms that the procedure is extremely risky and a worried Rachel is relieved when Gabrielle declares the operation too dangerous.

Rachel's dismayed when Jonathon determines to find another surgeon who will do the surgery.
Later, Rachel comes across Jonathon in terrible pain - his life has been reduced to a dependency on drugs, something he finds intolerable. With their shared family history of addiction, Rachel finally understands Jonathon's need to risk the operation.

Tuesday 24th May (ep 4744)
Having witnessed Jonathon's emotional breakdown, Rachel asks Chris to see what he can find out. Chris learns Jonathon's condition induces mood swings. He had a fit of rage so severe that he was removed from the operating theatre, and he hasn't been back. Chris realises why Jonathon wants the operation so badly.

Jonathon meets with Gabrielle and is angered by her lack of sympathy when she explains she can't operate.
Later Chris explains Gabrielle's Aspergers. This makes Jonathon determined to change her mind. Rachel offers to help.

Wednesday 25th May (ep 4745)
Winston's jealousy is piqued when Jonathan takes a shine to Brooke. Brooke flirts with Jonathan, but Winston gives Jonathan the hard word. Jonathan leaves, and Brooke is furious.
Rachel introduces Callum to Jonathan.

Friday 27th May (ep 4747)
Chris fails to gather evidence in support of Jonathon's surgery, and when Rachel makes an emotional plea, Gabrielle is reminded of Shane's warning. She refuses to hear Chris and Rachel out, frustrating them.
Chris reports the bad news to Jonathon, who puts on a brave face. Jonathon plays with Harry at home, but lashes out in a violent rage and scares him. Chris and Rachel calm Jonathon down and get him assessed.
Gabrielle finally realises Jonathon's condition affects other people too, and feels guilty about refusing to do the surgery.
Brooke learns of Jonathon's condition, and offers to help. Brooke pulls Winston off his work, and sends him to research brain injuries. Winston is furious when he learns what his work is for. Jonathon is disappointed when the research yields nothing new, but scores a lunch date with Brooke. However, Winston has other plans, and surreptitiously cancels the date on Jonathon's behalf.

Monday 30th May (ep 4748/4749) One-hour episode
Gabrielle hopes she's making the right choice in approving Jonathon's surgery. But when Shane finds out it's going ahead, he voices his disapproval, warning her that Chris is manipulating her. When Gabrielle observes a close moment between Rachel, Chris and Jonathon pre-surgery, it further confirms Shane's warning.
Gabrielle is nervous going into the operation, and when she encounters a problem she freezes in panic, throwing Jonathon's life into peril. Gabrielle is adamant that she made a mistake agreeing to Jonathon's operation and cannot continue. However, Chris manages to convince Gabrielle to carry on.
Gabrielle wants to tell Rachel about her loss of confidence but Chris doesnt want to upset Rachel unnecessarily and covers that the surgery went smoothly. Gabrielle is uneasy and confides in Shane. They reconcile and Gabrielle decides that Rachel needs to know what happened. Rachel is furious that Chris kept Gabrielle's lapse from her and Chris comforts that Jonathon will be okay.

Tuesday 31st May (ep 4750)
Rachel is furious at Gabrielle, blaming her for Jonathon's blindness. Rachel is annoyed that Chris is siding with Gabrielle but Chris points out that Rachel's energy is best spent helping Jonathon recover - not blaming Gabrielle.

Wednesday 1st June (ep 4751)
Gabrielle and Chris determine that Jonathon is suffering from hysterical blindness, a psychological condition. The best treatment is to lie to Jonathon and make him believe that they are dealing with a physical problem. But Rachel takes exception to the deception and Chris and Gabrielle work hard to turn her around. Rachel finally agrees to go along with the plan but she's very uncomfortable. However, when the plan fails and Jonathon is distressed, Rachel wants to pull the plug. Chris convinces her to give the deception one more go but Rachel fears that Chris is covering for Gabrielle's lapse in surgery. She confronts Chris and Gabrielle, unaware that Jonathon has heard everything and that his chance of recovery is ruined.

Thursday 2nd June (ep 4752)
A shocked and angry Jonathon feels he has been betrayed by his doctors, and rejects their help. He also rejects Rachel, and she and Chris fight about it, leaving Chris realising how much he's let Rachel down.
Jonathon insists he will leave hospital and travel overseas to find better surgeons, refusing to believe his blindness should be treated by psychiatrists. However when he tries to leave the hospital without assistance, Jonathon finds his lack of sight overwhelming. He's forced to rely on his sister's help after all.

Tuesday 7th June (ep 4756)
Rachel is concerned for Jonathon when he rails against his lack of independence. She devises a system to help him around the house. But when it goes wrong, she realises that he needs a lot more help than he's letting on.
Phoenix falls out with Jasmine when she pressures him for sex again. He feels better when Jonathon gives some advice on being honest about what he wants in a relationship.

Thursday 9th June (ep 4758)
Rachel sadly declines her job in Wellington, aware Jonathon needs her support. Jonathon realises he's costing Rachel her career and challenges Gabrielle to organise a second opinion to prove her diagnosis of hysterical blindness. Gabrielle arranges for a specialist to examine Jonathon, who concurs with Gabrielle.
Rachel is relieved when Jonathon finally accepts the diagnosis and she suggests he offer Gabrielle a much-needed apology. Jonathon follows her advice and his apology results in the promise of a dinner date with Gabrielle.

Friday 17th June (ep 4765)
Rachel is concerned that Jonathon is still making no progress with his psychiatrist.
An unconfident Jonathon tries to back out of his planned dinner date with Gabrielle, but she insists he give it a try. Jonathon finds the noisy restaurant intimidating, unable to filter out other peoples jabber. Gabrielle distracts him with the discipline of mental chess. It helps him to cope, but when Shane interrupts their meal and clearly wants to spend time with Gabrielle, Jonathon insists he doesn’t want to cause conflict.
However, Gabrielle opts to reject Shane in favour of finishing her date with Jonathon, whose company she clearly prefers.

Wednesday 22nd June (ep 4769)
Gabrielle agrees to a lunch meeting with Shane but then gets distracted helping Jonathon, who is struggling with the fact his surgical career is over. When Gabrielle turns up at the I.V with Jonathon, Shane is annoyed and walks out.
He later warns Gabrielle that Jonathon is becoming dangerously dependent on her. Gabrielle dismisses this until Jonathon expresses his gratitude for her help, hinting that he needs her to help him cope. Worried that Shane is right, Gabrielle flees and arranges another date with Shane to take her mind off Jonathon.
Sarah challenges Gabrielle on her true feelings for Jonathon and Gabrielle admits that she is attracted to him.
She doesn't want to enter into a relationship due to his vulnerable state. She decides to tell Jonathon that their friendship is over but when he sadly accepts this, her real feelings get the better of her and she kisses him.

Thursday 23rd June (ep 4770)
Gabrielle and Jonathon negotiate the start of a relationship, leaving Gabrielle on a high. Gabrielle consequently cancels her planned date with Shane, but Shane is incensed to discover Gabrielle on a date with Jonathon.
Gabrielle is unmoved by Shane's anger and Shane instead targets Jonathon, leaving him rattled by insinuations he's not good enough for Gabrielle. Gabrielle suspects Shanes involvement when Jonathon tries to back out of their relationship. Annoyed, Gabrielle warns Shane off once and for all, leaving Shane furious.

Friday 24th June (ep 4771)
Chris and Rachel are thrown by Jonathon and Gabrielles romance. Rachel confronts Jonathon who insists that his feelings for Gabrielle are genuine. However, Chris fears that Jonathon is using Gabrielle. Chris expresses his fears to Gabrielle and also reveals Jonathon's bisexuality. Gabrielle takes this to Jonathon who reassures her, but is annoyed that Chris appears to want to undermine their relationship. Gabrielle defends that Chris is protective of her due to their past relationship. Jonathon accuses Chris of having lingering feelings for Gabrielle. Chris denies but is left rattled.

Friday, 1st Juli (ep 4777)
Bella realises that her preoccupation with finding a place to live has resulted in her forgetting to type up Gabrielles notes. She finds Gabrielles notes in her locker covered by a wet towel. The towel has made the ink run and the notes are now illegible. Gabrielle tells Bella off but Jonathon thinks Gabrielle was too harsh and that she should talk to Bella and find out what is distracting her from her work.

Monday 4th July (ep 4778/4779) One-hour episode
Gabrielle offers Bella a place to stay but Bella immediately takes over with all her possessions. Jonathan agrees to attend a medical conference with Gabrielle. When he and Gabrielle encounter a medical emergency, Jonathon feels inadequate when he is unable to assist. Jonathon admits his feelings of fear and inadequacy to Gabrielle but is left feeling more isolated than ever. A depressed Jonathon lashes out at Gabrielle, accusing her of not understanding his situation and bitterly instructing her to go the medical conference without him. He is surprised when Gabrielle takes him at his word and leaves.
Observed by Bella, Jonathon is left in anguish over his failed career and failed relationship. Gabrielle goes to the conference alone, fearing that her relationship with Jonathon was a mistake. Jonathon despairs, but Bella's advice leads him to an epiphany and he asks her to take him to the conference. Jonathon admits to Gabrielle that he must finally accept that he will never get his career back and must make a fresh start on a whole new life. He realises it was his fear of not being able to perform as a surgeon that caused his hysterical blindness. His only way hope of a cure is to put those fears behind him by finding a direction. Gabrielle agrees to help him through the process. Next morning, Jonathon is elated to find that his sight has returned.

Tuesday 5th July (ep 4780)
Gabrielle is concerned by Jonathon's sudden eagerness to return to the workforce. Rachel is overjoyed to learn of her brother's recovery and she's pleased when Chris downplays their disagreement for Jonathon's benefit. Jonathon makes plans to return to work. Jonathon hits Chris up for a job at Shortland Street. Chris agrees, but a spiteful Callum puts the brakes on the idea.

Wednesday 6th July (ep 4781)
Chris informs Jonathon of Callum's decision forbidding him from operating for at least a week. Jonathon is disappointed but Gabrielle urges him to focus on romance instead. Chris finds their mutual affection nauseating, leading Rachel to accuse him of being uncharitable.
Stuck for a surgeon to replace Jonathon, Chris calls Callum, who distractedly instructs him to handle the matter himself. He decides Jonathon is the best option and whisks him away from Gabrielle to operate on Angkasa.
Rachel learns Chris pulled Jonathon away from romance with Gabrielle and becomes suspicious of his motives.
She accuses him of harbouring feelings for Gabrielle and for playing petty games with Callum.

Thursday 7th July (ep 4782)
Jonathon points out to Bella that Gabrielle's Asperger's Syndrome makes it difficult for her to comprehend some things. Bella suspects that these similarities are no coincidence and she surprises Jonathon and Gabrielle with her discovery: she has Aspergers too.

Friday 8th July (ep 4783)
Chris hopes Rachel will look for work locally but Rachel insists on keeping her options open. She's bolstered by Jonathon's encouragement to prioritise family, leading Rachel to reach an understanding with Chris. Pleased that Rachel is putting family first, Chris reports he's offered Jonathon a contract to work in the hospital. Jonathon is delighted to stay close to his sister but Rachel reveals she has been offered a dream job - in Australia.
Bella learns from Gabrielle that she needs a diagnosis from a psychologist to prove she has Aspergers and she decides to make an appointment. Bella shocks Gabrielle and Jonathon by changing her entire look to reflect her new identity. Gabrielle feels overwhelmed at Bella's incessant questions about Aspergers. She's bolstered by Jonathon's assurance that Bella will get over her obsession as soon as she sees the psychologist.

Tuesday 12th July (ep 4786)
Chris is frustrated when Lana refuses to give him any professional leeway, to Callum's amusement. Chris reports back to Jonathon about Callum's pit-bull PA, and Jonathon is challenged to try and win her over with charm.
He attempts to push through a conference booking for himself and Chris, and is pleased when a charmed Lana yields.
Bella ropes Gabrielle and Lana into a sisterly lunch and is pleased when it gets off to a good start. However, Jonathon arrives and Lana is thrown to realise he's with Gabrielle. Uncomfortable, she leaves lunch early and Bella is disappointed. Later, Bella wonders what went wrong and Lana states she doesn't trust Jonathon.

Thursday 14th July (ep 4788)
Rachel is challenged when Jonathon supports Chris' view - travelling to Melbourne for work is not realistic if she wants to stay committed to her family.

Monday 18th July (ep 4790/4791/4792) 90 minute feature
Lana's bad attitude begins to rankle just as Jonathon is called in to perform a difficult emergency surgery with Gabrielle. Jonathon opts to perform a laparoscopy despite Gabrielle's concern. Afterwards, Gabrielle is less than supportive and Lana overhears the conversation. Lana therefore is surprised when she observes Gabrielle praising Jonathon's surgical performance to a family member of the patient. Believing Jonathon is riding on Gabrielle's coat-tails she angrily confronts him. Still raw following his failure, Jonathon assumes Lana is jealous of his and Gabrielle's relationship.
Later, Jonathon apologises and justifies his overreaction explaining he wanted the best for his patient - only to fail. Lana knows what its like to live in Gabrielle's shadow and she bolsters Jonathon, leading to a thaw.
Lana is troubled when Jonathon highlights the emotional disconnect between himself and Gabrielle. Gabrielle asserts she doesnt want Lana meddling in her relationship. Bella assures Lana her concerns are misdirected, and when she suggests getting to know Jonathon better, Lana takes her advice.
Lana invites Jonathon for lunch, and he's hopeful they can make a breakthrough off the thaw. Bella witnesses the lunch, and pats herself on the back for getting them on-side. However, her happiness is short-lived when she realises Lana is flirting with Jonathon to test his commitment to Gabrielle.

Wednesday 27th July (ep 4799)
When Bella observes her flirting with Jonathon, Lana regrets telling Bella of her desire to out Jonathon as a cad.
Daniel is pleased Lana has warmed to him but is disappointed when she is distracted by the arrival of Jonathon.

Thursday 28th July (ep 4800)
Daniel threatens to tell Gabrielle about Lana's flirtation with Jonathon unless Lana ceases and desists. Lana agrees until Jonathon invites her on a dinner date which Gabrielle is unable to attend. Lana is convinced Jonathon intends to woo her and tells Daniel, who warns her not to lead Jonathon on. At dinner, Jonathon is warm and friendly and Lana's suspicions are confirmed. Lana makes an overt pass at Jonathon, and is embarrassed when he rejects her.

Thursday 4th August (ep 4805)
Jonathon is confused when Lana refuses his peace-making dinner invitation and he can't help wondering whether she has deeper feelings for him. When Gabrielle needs to make a presentation a week earlier than expected, Lana doubts she will cope. Daniel warns her not to interfere but Lana is determined to spare her sister and she orchestrates for Jonathon to give the presentation in her stead. Lana privately congratulates herself on a successful ruse. Later, Daniel reveals his suspicion that Lana was behind Gabrielle missing the presentation.On questioning Daniel further, Jonathon is appalled to realise the extent of Lana's meddling - including how she flirted with Jonathon in a bid to test his loyalty.Jonathon confronts Lana and Gabrielle walks in during his tirade. Hurt, Gabrielle demands Lana leave Ferndale for good - she doesnt need or want her protection.

Friday 5th August (ep 4806)
Upset, Lana tells Daniel of Gabrielle's demand she leave Ferndale. Daniel feels responsible for the rift between the sisters and he and Jonathon decide to try and reconcile them. But Gabrielle refuses to meet with Lana.
Daniel suggests that Jonathon lie to Gabrielle to get her to meet her sister but Jonathon refuses to break the trust between them. Daniel is left to convince Gabrielle to come to The I.V under false pretences.
Gabrielle and Lana are both unimpressed to learn that they've been set up. But Jonathon and Daniel convince them to speak to each other. Gabrielle is rocked when Lana reveals that family secrets were kept from Gabrielle, including the extent of her mother's depression. Gabrielle is shocked to learn that Lana gave up her career aspirations in fashion to care for their mother while she ploughed on to become a surgeon.

Tuesday 9th August (ep 4808)
Wendy, Jill and Nicole work together for Callum moving patients and beds around the hospital to hide the lack of oversized beds. When Jonathon grows suspicious, he takes his concerns to Rachel, who is furious to realise that Callum has lied.

Thursday 18th August (ep 4815)
A disapproving Jonathon discovers that Gabrielle has purchased all of Lanas clothing but Gabrielle justifies that it makes Lana happy. Lana is excited to discover a fashion editor is a patient and plans to get her attention. Lanas delight makes it impossible for Gabrielle to be truthful and she is troubled when Jonathon urges her to come clean.

Friday 19th August (ep 4816)
Gabrielle feels awful for hurting Lana and frets to Jonathon that shes damaged her fledging relationship with her sister. Jonathon reassures that Lana will calm down and realise Gabrielles heart was in the right place.

Tuesday 23rd August (ep 4818)
Jonathon realises Rachel is stressed due to having to prepare an important meeting with Health Network heads from Australia. At dinner, Rachel is given a cranberry and vodka by mistake and Jonathons not convinced shes joking when she says a stiff drink would help her stress levels. Gabrielle makes trifle with the boys but they decide its too saturated in alcohol to be eaten. In the morning, Jonathon realises most of the boozy trifle has gone and suspects Rachel must have eaten it, seeking alcohol. Jonathons convinced shes too drunk to manage her meeting. He rushes in to stop her, discreetly accusing her of being drunk. Callum realises the video-link microphone is on and cuts the connection. He demands to know what Rachel and Jonathon were whispering about, in full earshot of the Australians. Rachel is mortified.

Wednesday 24th August (ep 4819)
Jonathon is embarrassed to realise that Rachel hasn't been drinking and that he has needlessly humiliated her in front of very important people. Rachel is furious and won't forgive his insulting stupidity, which worries Gabrielle.
She appeals to Rachel to make peace with her brother, citing how much she has learned to value sibling relationships now that Lana is back in her life. Rachel is touched and lets Jonathon off the hook.

Tuesday 30th August (ep 4823)
Jonathon suspects Lana really likes Daniel and tries to persuade her to try again, but she refuses, claiming there is no hope for them. Against Gabrielles advice, Jonathon takes it upon himself to play cupid.
Jonathon learns that Daniel needs flatmates and persuades Lana to view the flat, hopeful that she and Daniel wont be able to resist each other once theyre under the same roof.

Monday 5 September (ep 4827)
After a hard day, Jonathon challenges Gabrielle to have a night off. But Gabrielle can't think of anything more exciting than takeaways and a DVD so Jonathon whisks her off for a nice meal instead.
When Gabrielle starts talking work over dinner, Jonathon challenges her to be spontaneous and avoid talking shop. After a few drinks, they end up taking their fun to the bedroom. Later the same night, Jonathon finds Gabrielle absorbed in her surgical prep and he realises that loving her means accepting her workaholic tendencies. But when Nicole and Jonathon share a joke together and Gabrielle doesn't get it, Jonathon starts to realise his relationship may not spark on all levels.

Tuesday 13th September (ep 4833)
Jonathon is frustrated with Gabrielle's neglect of their relationship. Later he's pleasantly surprised when she announces she has juggled her schedule and is free to take a holiday.

Wednesday 14th September (ep 4834)
Jonathon is frustrated to have their holiday cancelled and fears that Gabrielle wont be able to cut it in the stressful people focused position of CEO.

Wednesday 21st September (ep 4839)
Gabrielle is under pressure as CEO and Jonathon convinces her to take the night off to spend with him.
However, hes annoyed when Chris corners her to discuss Rachels new remote surgery initiative.
Jonathon is further disappointed to learn that Callum has extended his trip meaning Gabrielle will be CEO for longer. To appease him, Gabrielle agrees to go into work late so they can spend time together.
However, when she arrives shes embarrassed to discover that Maxwell and Chris have been waiting for her.
Gabrielle tells Chris that her research indicates the new remote surgery initiative will be difficult to implement logistically. However, Chris is determined to get Rachels initiative through so Callum cant take the credit for it.
Gabrielle feels pressured and considers quitting. Jonathon feels guilty for not supporting her and insists that she persevere in the top job. Gabrielle calls Callum for advice and informs Chris that Callum wants to hold off on the initiative until his return. This confirms Chriss fear and he refuses to hold off.
Gabrielle feels steamrolled and when the problems continue to mount she flees and quits as CEO.
Jonathon blames Chris for undermining her but Gabrielle accuses Jonathon of being far worse.

Thursday 22nd September (ep 4840)
Jonathon is at a loss how to rectify his relationship with Gabrielle.
Chris is pleased that Rachel is now CEO but its bittersweet due to his concern for Gabrielle. He urges her to take a key role in the remote surgery initiative but low on confidence after her failure as CEO, Gabrielle refuses.
Lana and Jonathon try to change Gabrielles mind but this only bothers Gabrielle more.
Jonathon despairs and Rachel sends him to Chris for advice. Chris urges Jonathon to love Gabrielle the way she is. Jonathon pledges to do this and he and Gabrielle reconcile.

Tuesday 27th September (ep 4843)
Realising she hasnt been a lot of fun of late, Gabrielle decides to go out night-clubbing with Vinnie, Luke, Nicole and Jonathon. The night starts well, until Gabrielle becomes pedantic about noise levels, insisting she wears earplugs. Jonathon struggles and resorts to teasing Luke for entertainment which Gabrielle finds this disturbing.
Eventually it becomes too much for them both to endure and Gabrielle takes the easy option of leaving with Nicole who has decided to go home. Jonathon is disappointed and Luke and Vinnie encourage him to be more give and take with Gabrielle. When he, Vinnie and Luke arrive home drunk and rowdy, Jonathon ends up telling Gabrielle that she doesnt understand him. Gabrielle is hurt and suggests they break up.

Wednesday 28th September (ep 4844)
Jonathon feels bad for his hurtful comments to Gabrielle. Vinnie reassures him but they're interrupted by the police who demand to take them in for questioning. Jonathon insists their road cone stealing was just a bit of fun but Gabrielle sees this as proof that their prank was not funny.
Gabrielle confides in Nicole that the differences between her and Jonathon are becoming more apparent over time.
Jonathon apologises to Gabrielle and is relieved they're talking things through. He suggests they go on holiday together. Jonathon's surprised when Gabrielle insists he should take the holiday alone and they'll reevaluate their relationship on his return.

Monday 10th October (ep 4852)
Jonathon arrives back from holiday and he's disappointed when his reunion with Gabrielle is stilted. Gabrielle realises she has to prove herself capable of being spontaneous, and elicits Nicole and Vinnie's help.
Vinnie plans to use Murray's lamington eating fundraiser at the cafeteria to prove Gabrielle can have fun. Jonathon arrives at the fundraising challenge and is surprised when Gabrielle reports she's signed up.
Coached by Vinnie and Nicole, Gabrielle amuses Jonathon by completing the silly challenge. Vinnie and Nicole encourage her to go a step further to prove her spontaneity. Gabrielle's not sure what to do and mistakes Vinnie's silent prompting to mean she should squash a lamington on her head.
Jonathon's gobsmacked and then amused when she squashes another on his head. Jonathon and Gabrielle are reassured of their love for each other and Gabrielle's relieved.
But when Jonathon finds out Nicole and Vinnie have coached Gabrielle's spontaneous act, he feels let down by her deception. Gabrielle fears she's lost Jonathon by trying too hard.

Tuesday 11th October (ep 4853)
Gabrielle fears her relationship with Jonathon is over but Nicole points out to Jonathon that Gabrielle's deception was motivated by a desire to please him.
Jonathon rethinks things and decides his relationship with Gabrielle is worth fighting for but Rachel worries that Jonathon is kidding himself, leaving Jonathon troubled.

Thursday 13th October (ep 4855)
Daniel accuses Roimata of trying to take Sarah's place as Tillies mother, leaving Roimata hurt.
Roimata is upset by Daniel's unfair accusation and Daniel confides his frustrations to Jonathon.

Wednesday 19th October (ep 4859)
Sublimating his crush on Daniel, Jonathon signs him up to charm slack nurses into stumping up their oustanding social club fees. Daniel gets off to an impressive start, but then he comes up against a nurse thats immune to his charm. Jonathon's amused to see Daniel luck out, prompting Daniel to challenge him to do better.
Jonathon is so keen to impress Daniel that he snubs Gabrielle, troubling Chris. Chris questions Jonathon's commitment to Gabrielle, and suggests his eye is straying. Jonathon inadvertently gives away his attraction towards Daniel. Jill and Nicole force Daniel to pamper Jill with his shirt off before she'll part with her social club fees - and Jonathon is forced to privately acknowledge his attraction to Daniel. Deeply uncomfortable with this revelation, Jonathon throws himself into passion with an oblivious Gabrielle.

Thursday 20th October (ep 4860)
With Daniel present at the bar, Jonathon finds it difficult to keep his focus on Gabrielle. Gabrielle encourages Jonathon to have a drink with his friend. Jonathon agrees, convincing himself he can cope with Daniels platonic company. Learning of Jonathon's drunken night out, Chris is concerned hes neglecting Gabrielle but she reassures that her relationship is stronger than ever.
Meanwhile, Lana invites Daniel and Jonathon out for coffee. Jonathon agrees with the intention of leaving early so Daniel and Lana can connect. But Lana is delayed and Jonathon and Daniel connect instead. Chris apologises for unfairly judging Jonathon's treatment of Gabrielle but Jonathon feels guilty in the knowledge his affections have transferred to Daniel.

Wednesday 26th October (ep 4863)
When Gabrielle suggests Jonathon's stalled career is the source of his discontent, Jonathon hopes she right and decides to push himself at work. He's disappointed when Chris turns him down for an exciting surgery. Determined to help, Gabrielle puts in a good word for him and Chris lets him operate after all.
Post-op, Jonathon is on a high but as Gabrielle declares her love and expectations for their future, Jonathon realises he can't return the sentiment. Feeling guilty, Jonathon admits he doesn't love Gabrielle anymore. Confused, Gabrielle seeks clarification and Jonathan asserts that he's feeling discontent with their relationship, not his career. Their relationship is over, leaving Gabrielle shocked and hurt.

Thursday 27th October (ep 4864)
Jonathon wants to talk things through with Gabrielle but shes unable to cope when he comes too close, making her freeze. When Chris arrives after their encounter, an upset Gabrielle orders him to hold her very tightly and she feels reassured by the embrace. But Gabrielle wont talk and Chris is left worrying.
Chris confronts Jonathon and when he learns he has ended his relationship he tells Jonathon to keep his distance, fearing hell hurt her further.

Tuesday 1st November (ep 4867)
Lana gets an emotional boost when Daniel offers to help look for the missing Gabrielle. Jonathon realises Daniel still holds a candle for Lana and prompts him not to let his duty to Sarah stand in the way of love. Lana leans on Daniel and their attraction grows. Then Gabrielle returns. She claims she is fine, but Lana suspects she hasn't dealt with her hurt over the break up.
Sarah urges Daniel to pursue Lana and Daniel asks Lana out on a date. Lana's concern for Gabrielle grows and she starts to blame Jonathon for causing the damage. Lana and Daniel meet for their date but Jonathon is there and Lana attacks him for the way he has treated Gabrielle. Daniel thinks this is unfair and defends Jonathon, resulting in Lana turning on him.

Wednesday 2nd November (ep 4868)
Jonathon reports his regret hes damaged Lana and Daniels romance to Rachel, but she rightly calls him on his over-involvement in Daniels relationships. Determined to ignore his true feelings, he encourages Daniel to give Lana another chance. Daniel goes to Lana but Lana is still upset with him for supporting Jonathon. They end up arguing and decide to call it quits for good.
Jonathon is disappointed to learn this but hes encouraged that Daniel might share his attraction when Daniel insists that Jonathon join him for a drink.

Thursday 10th November (ep 4874)
Daniel appreciates Jonathon's support, unaware that Jonathon is attracted to him. Daniel and Lana remain at odds and Jonathon decides to make peace with Gabrielle in the hope of diffusing Lanas anger. But Gabrielle can't handle talking to Jonathon and he realises she can't function while he’s in Ferndale. Jonathon decides to leave and Lana softens to him, touched that Jonathon wants to save Gabrielle further heartache. Rachel is dismayed that he has to leave but Jonathon's adamant it's the right thing to do. Daniel is disappointed to be losing his friend and Jonathon reveals he’s leaving in part to give Daniel and Lana a chance. But Daniel's not convinced - and tells Jonathon that he doesn't click with Lana like he does with Jonathon. Taking this as a sign that his attraction is reciprocated, Jonathon puts his hand on Daniels leg and a shocked Daniel punches him in the face.

Friday 11th November (ep 4875)
Daniel defends his attack and Jonathan makes a hasty retreat. Daniel comes across Rachel and fudges that he hasn't seen Jonathon. In ED, Jonathan lies about his injury but is forced to get Rachel involved when he needs support. Daniel tries to justify his actions with Lana but she is disgusted with him. Rachel arrives and realises Daniel was Jonathon's attacker.
TK is furious with Daniel but Jonathon feels responsible for coming on to him. Daniel comes to apologise to Jonathon but TK steers him away. At home, Sarah worries that Daniels violent tendencies of old have resurfaced. Meanwhile, Jonathan is visited by Gabrielle and begins to despair his time in Ferndale has been a resounding failure. Rachel bolsters, reminding him their familial relationship has grown stronger.
Gabrielle learns Jonathon came on to Daniel and reasons that he must have broken up with her because he loved Daniel. She takes hope in the fact that her Aspergers wasn't the thing that drove Jonathon away. But when she suggests this to Jonathon, he explains that his attraction to Daniel developed after he spilt with her.

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