FLOWER GIRL - Hallmark Movie of the Week

Original Hallmark Channel Movie

Original Air Date:
November 14, 2009 Hallmark Channel (USA)

Flower Girl was filmed in Los Angeles in late 2008.

Running time: 86 Minutes


Marla Sokoloff (Laurel Haverford)
Marion Ross (Rose Durham)
Kieren Hutchison (Stephen Banks)
Terry Maratos (Dr. Evan Cooper)
Christina Pickles (Evangeline Walker)
Brook Kerr (Brooke Harper)
Rick Scarry (Pastor Lane)
Bonnie Root (Victoria Darling)
Nicolas Coster (Gavin)
Nora Kirkpatrick (Wendy)
Robert Neary (Marshall Upshaw)
Anni Campbell (Kristen)
Jerald Garner (The Best Man)
Erik Kowalski (Bartender)
Austin Graves (Bridesmaid)
Diana Cosma (Bridesmaid)
Roni Meron (Bridesmaid)
Beau Nelson (Wedding Guest)
Hayley Timsit (Young Laurel)

Writer: Marjorie Sweeney
Director: Bradford May
Cinematographer: Maximo Munzi
Producer: Larry Levinson
Producer: Erik Heiberg
Producer: Tony Roman
Co-executive Producer: Michael Moran
Co-executive Producer: Randy Pope
Art Direction: Vahn Armstrong
Production Design: Scott H. Campbell
Set Decoration: Linda Louise Sheets
Floral Designer: Jen White


The floral arrangements in the film were provided by teleflora.com.

Flower Girl
features two songs of Adrien Reju's debut solo release album, A Million Hearts. "Heartless" can be heard in the opening credits of the film and "The Waiting Room" was used as source music during a dance scene. Adrien Reju's music is available at iTunes.


Director Bradford May also directed the Wildfire season three premiere episode Fairy Tale Endings, in which Kieren guest-stared as Kerry Connelly.



Laurel Haverford [Marla Sokoloff] runs a floral shop with her meddling grandmother, Rose [Marion Ross], and is always planning weddings for everyone but herself. 
Soon, all of her friends are getting married, leaving her behind, and she begins to wonder if she will ever find Mr. Right.  Suddenly, Laurel meets a doctor, Evan [Terry Maratos], who knows about flowers, loves to cook and appears to be everything a girl could want.  She starts to believe that is the case until an unexpected encounter with free-spirited Stephen Banks [Kieren Hutchison] turns everything upside-down for her. Stephen’s secretive about his job and, worst of all, is apparently seeing another woman. Laurel’s been warned by her good friend, Brooke [Brook Kerr], to forget about Stephen because he has too many “red flags,” but she can’t get him off her mind. Ultimately, when both Evan and Stephen share some unexpected news, Laurel must make a tough choice between the two and decide what matters most in life.


Laurel Haverford and her grandmother Rose Durham run a flower shop together, Rose's Turn. They specialize in flower arrangements for weddings. Laurel was raised by Rose after her parents died in a car accident when she was very young.

Everyone around Laurel is getting married and she feels she is the only single woman left. Her grandmother is trying to find Laurel a suitable man, while her best friend Brooke constantly gives her advise about men. But Laurel just wants to meet Mr Right and fall in love, not treat the matter like some business.

Things seem to change when Dr. Evan Cooper visits Laurel in the flower shop and asks her out for coffee sometime. Rose had met Evan at the hospital while delivering flowers and shown him a photo of Laurel. When Rose had told Laurel about it, Laurel had dismissed his interest as politeness. But Evan is indeed interested and Laurel agrees to having coffee.

At the next wedding Laurel makes the acquaintance of Stephen Banks, a writer, who is the best man. They both feel an immediate attraction to each other. At the bouquet toss Laurel falls down and loses conciousness. When she awakens she finds herself on the bed in the honeymoon suite, Stephen beside her, bouquet in hand. Stephen is worried about her, but she tells him she is feeling fine. He follows her when she walks out and asks her for a dance on the parking lot. As she leaves, Stephen says he hopes to see her again.

The next day Laurel tells Brooke she thinks Stephen might be the one, but Brooke is sceptical and tells her not to get her hopes up too high. Days go by and Laurel does not hear from Stephen, as she had hoped to. Her initial euphoria turns into sadness.

Some time later, when Laurel deals with customer known as a "Bridezilla", Evan walks in. They go out for that coffee, after the customer has left. Evan tells her that he has studied plants to learn about their potential for medicinal purposes and she tells him about her life with Rose. They both get on well together and start going out together. Evan tells Laurel he can't stop thinking about her and Rose is happy that Laurel finally seems to have found someone to love her. Laurel, however, still has doubts.

Browsing at a Thrift Store Laurel unexpectedly runs into Stephen again. He tries to interest her in a book by Victoria Darling, but Laurel says, she does not like romance novels. He rented a house in town to finish his latest book, but refuses to tell her what the book is about. He shows her the house, and Laurel remembers it from her childhood, she used to play with the children who lived there. In the evening she meets Evan for dinner. He cooks for her and they have a nice evening.

The next day Stephen visits Laurel in the flower shop. Instead of flowers, which he felt were the wrong gift for a flower girl, he brings her a book. He asks her out for lunch and takes her on a picknick. It's a beautiful day and they enjoy the picknick very much. She talks about her work, how much she loves it. For her own wedding Laurel would very much like to elope, Stephen feels the same. Later, Stephen takes her back to the flower shop and asks her for a dinner date some time.

Rose is not happy about Laurel seeing Stephen, especially as Laurel seems to be more interested in Stephen than in Evan, who in Rose's estimate is a more reliable man than the mysterious writer.

Evan tells Laurel that he has a job interview in Buenos Aires and will be away for a few days. Laurel is taken by surprise when Evan says he would like Laurel to come and live with him there, when he gets the job and has to move to Argentina for a few years. Laurel later tells Brooke about it, and her friend is sure that Evan will aks her to marry him. Laurel is uncertain how she feels about that.

In the evening she is seeing Stephen who also cooks for her. She brings red tulips. Stephen says they are a declaration of love and it is lucky that Laurel did not bring yellow tulips, as they declare love hopelessly and utterly and that you throw yourself at the mercy of your lover. Laurel agrees that this would have been a bit much. They talk and have a lovely evening, however Stephen still keeps his writing a secret. They kiss.

Rose is concerned about Laurel's continued interest in Stephen and tries to convince her that Evan is the better choice and that she should forget about Stephen. Brooke, on the other hand, advises Laurel to keep dating both, just in case. Laurel feels confused. She likes Evan, but with Stephen she feels a real connection.

Rose tells her friend Evangeline about her worries concerning Laurel and Stephen. Evangeline advises her to let Laurel live her life and make her own mind up. Just then they see Stephen at the cafe next to the flower shop, having lunch with a woman. Rose jumps to conclusions, thinking he is playing the field and out to hurt Laurel. Unable to let the matter rest, Rose visits Stephen at his house and tells him that Laurel is practically engaged to someone else. This news hits Stephen like a blow. He calls Laurel to cancel their dinner date for the evening, claiming he has too much work to do. Laurel is disappointed but understanding.

Laurel visits the grave of her parents, wondering why love is so difficult. At the cemetary she meets Gavin, an elder man who comes to the flower shop regularly to buy flowers to put on the grave of his wife. They talk about love and about Rose.

Laurel reads the book she got from Stephen. She feels confused and disapointed that he has not called her in days.

On Laurel's birthday Rose arrives at her door first thing in the morning, bringing her flowers and a wonderful note from Evan. When she hears about this, Brooke is more certain than ever that Evan will propose. Laurel is still wondering why Stephen has stopped talking to her. Then she happens to see him with another woman. Laurel sneaks closer and overhears the woman talking on the phone. Her name is Victoria Darling and she tells the caller that she and Stephen have been together for a long time. Later that day, Laurel finds out that Victoria Darling is a best-selling romance novelist. Laurel reads one of her novels and finds that she likes it, even though she normally doesn't like romance novels. Laurel still feels confused that Stephen just stopped calling her and wonders if there has been some misunderstanding between them. Taking Brooke's advise however, she does not call him.

In the evening Evan comes to the flower shop, straight from the airport. He surprises Laurel with a marriage proposal and a diamond ring. Laurel is overwhelmed and says she'll think it over.

The next day Laurel shows the ring to Rose. Her grandmother is excited, but Laurel says she is not sure if she'll accept. She is still thinking about Stephen. Rose finally admits her talk with him. Laurel is excited, because that means they may yet be hope for her and Stephen.

Meanwhile, Stephen is dictacting lines for his new book to Victoria, but it is obviously, that he is distracted. They take a break. When Laurel arrives at the house with a bouquet of yellow tulips Victoria opens the door. Laurel hands her the flowers, telling Victoria those are for her, then walks away, never talking to Stephen.

When Stephen tells Victoria about his talk with Rose Victoria is suspicious about how truthful those comments were. She knows from experience how grandmothers always look out for their granddaughters. Stephen decides to go and talk to Laurel at once, tell her how he feels about her. When they are about to leave, Stephen notices the yellow tulips in the hall and knows what they mean.

Laurel meanwhile meets Evan at the flower shop. She made her decision and will not marry him. Laurel then rushes back to the wedding. The bride is freaking out, but when she sees the flower arrangements she is overwhelmed and calms down again. Laurel tells Rose that it won't work out with her and Stephen and that she also gave back the ring to Evan, because she doesn't want to get married just for the sake of it but fall in love for real.

Stephen and Victoria arrive at the flower shop. When they find it closed Stephen remembers the wedding location. The ceremony just started as he arrives. He finds Laurel in an ante room. She is very surprised to see him. He tells her things between him and Victoria are not what they seem. In fact, he is Victoria Darling, it's his pen name, and the woman who poses as Victoria, whose real name is Elsie, is his publisher. He stared as a ghost writer just out of college and his first book was a big success. But as no one wants to read romance novels written by a man, they invented Victoria Darling and Elsie does all the book signings etc. Laurel refuses to believe it. Stephen proves it by telling her a few lines, describing their situation like he would in one of his novels. She believes him at last and they kiss.

Laurel and Stephen do not elope, but get married in a fairy tale wedding. A horse-drawn Cinderella carriage picks up Laurel from the flower shop for the ceremony. The wedding dress was made especially for her by Evangeline and Rose did all the flower arrangements. Gavin and Rose are there together and Elsie is taking notes, planning to write her first novel based on Laurel and Stephen's story. After the ceremony the carriage takes Laurel and Stephen away to their honeymoon.


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