Episode 1 - Pilot

Original Airdate: 25 October 2017
(YouTube Red Original Series)
Filmed in Los Angeles, March 2017

Created, written and directed by
Rawson Marshall Thurber

Ryan Hansen as himself

Samira Wiley as Jessica Mathers
John Cryer
Aly Michalka
Eric Christian Olsen
James McDaniel
Andrew Caldwell as David

Jai Rodriguez as Rossevelt Manager
Kieren Hutchison as Edison Owner
John Forest as Agent McConnell
Sam Valentine as Veronica
Evangeline Lindes as Crosby
Noelle Parker as Millie
Everly Queil as Everett
Tait Fletcher as Two Beard


Warning: Synopsis contain spoiler!

The actor Ryan Hansen is recruited by the LAPD to be part of a special task force - Celebrity Vice Squad - that teams up with real homicide detectives. Ryan is very excited about this. He first meets his partner Detective Jessica Mathers who is less than pleased to be burdened with him on the scene of a murder.

Suprisingly, Ryan does proove useful as he can identify the logo on the victims uniform as that of the Roosevelt Club. There they talk to the Club's manager but that gets them nowhere. At the Roosevelt Club they run into Eric Christian Olsen who has teamed up with Agent McConnell. It is obvious that Ryan and Eric are not exactly fans of each other.

Ryan identifies the club the victim went to on the previous evening on the victim's last instagram photo. So their next stop is the Edison Club. Jessica tells Ryan to stay in the car. She first talks to the owner who identifies the bar man that could be seen in the background of the instagram photo as David. David starts running when Jessica wants to question him but Ryan stops him outside and they arrest him.

Ryan tries interrogating David before Jessica gets there but David immediately realises that he is not a real police officer and tells him nothing. When Jessica gets there David identifies the woman in the instagram photo as Veronica. Ryan and Jessica realise that their case is not only a homicide but also a kidnapping. Their suspect is Veronica's ex boyfriend Two Beard who is known to hang out at Santa Monica Pier. Jessica and Ryan drive to Santa Monica where they confront Two Beard and manage to save Veronica.

Jessica takes Ryan home and the audience gets to meet his family.


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