GRIMM - 2.15 Mr Sandman

Episode 2.15 Mr Sandman

Original Airdate: 22 March 2013 (NBC)
Filmed in Los Angeles, November 2012

Script by Alan DiFiore
by Norberto Barba

David Giuntoli (Det. Nick Burkhardt)
Russell Hornsby (Lt. Hank Griffin)
Silas Weir Mitchell (Eddy Monroe)
Bitsie Tulloch (Juliette Silverton)
Reggie Lee (Sgt. Wu)
Sasha Roiz (Capt. Sean Renard)
Bree Turner (Rosalee Calvert)

Guest Cast:
Kieren Hutchison (Andre/Jinnamuru Xunte)
Sharon Sachs (Dr. Harper)
Jenny Wade (Casey)
Megan Henning (Molly Fisk)
Vince Valenzuela (Joe Silva)
Mary McDonald-Lewis (3) (Frau Pech)
Suzanne Tufan (Kelly)
Chantal Degroat (CSU Tech)
Eric S. Meyer (Driver)
Carita Louise (Grieving Woman #1)
Viola Pruitt (Grieving Woman #2)
Mark Richert (Grieving Man #1)
Jim Becker (Grieving Man #2)

GRIMM is a drama series inspired by the classic Grimm Brothers' Fairy Tales. After Portland Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) discovers he's descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as "Grimms," he increasingly finds his responsibilities as a detective at odds with his new responsibilities as a "Grimm."

Warning: Synopsis contains spoiler and some gruesome violence!

In an unassuming grief support group, an unfamiliar but gentle looking man named Andre sits down and laments the loss of his wife. After the meeting's over, Molly - one of the group's members - approaches Andre and relates to his tragic story. She lost her brother recently. Andre offers Molly a ride home, and after inviting him in for coffee, Molly begins to cry as she recalls the times she spent with her brother. Suddenly, Andre's calm demeanor changes. The crying whets his appetite. Andre morphs into a Jinnamuru Xunte - a fly-like creature with a long proboscis tongue - and blows red dust into Molly's eyes. When this blinds her, Andre sucks the tears straight from her face and runs away. Molly, now blind, struggles for help before ultimately being crushed by a fallen bookshelf.
Monroe, Rosalee, Nick and Hank discuss the revelation of Renard's alternate persona over dinner. Rosalee thinks Renard might only be half Royal, which would explain his interest in Nick, as their relationship could be beneficial for the captain's dealings with his family. Either way, Renard's up to something that's not entirely clear yet. The next day, Nick and Hank report to Molly's crime scene and find her buried beneath a bookshelf. There is something peculiar about her eyes... Nick finds a note on her calendar regarding the support group and decides to follow the lead.
The group leader at Molly's support group tells Nick and Hank that the new guy Molly left with the night she died had an Australian or South African accent. Nick gets a call asking him back to the autopsy lab. Harper has some pretty revealing information regarding Molly's death. She was completely blinded by the accident, and there appear to be parasites metastasizing where her eyes once were. It's almost like they came from the bite of a fly. But those flies only exist in sub-Saharan Africa. Nick and Hank realize this isn't a normal crime.
Juliette is still struggling with hallucinations. The abyss covering the expanse of her living room has disappeared, but she's now being haunted by eerie noises around her house. One night, Juliette turns to find a ghostly apparition holding a flashlight, hunched over and looking for something. It disappears, but Juliette's anxiety remains. She visits Rosalee in the Spice Shop to ask about the potion she recently consumed. Juliette wants to know if it has any weird side effects. Rosalee offers to come over to Juliette's house and have a look for herself.
Andre strikes again at another support group. After luring another girl back to her place and encouraging her to cry, Andre attacks, blinding his victim before attempting to suck out all of her tears. Unfortunately for Andre, the victim's friend shows up before he can finish the job, and he flees in his bright red retro Cadillac. When Hank and Nick arrive at the scene, an almost identical situation greets them. The only difference is this time the victim is still alive. The one witness to the crime tells Hank about the red Cadillac, which is a small but potentially important part of the puzzle. Hank and Nick need to do some research.
Inside the trailer, Monroe reads Nick and Hank a passage from the book about a creature from Kenya known as the Jinnamuru Xunte - which roughly translates to "tear-stealing evil spirit." The creature, formerly a priest, feeds off of the tears of his victims - and sounds a lot like their perp. Nick reads a passage indicating the creature's propensity for revisiting victim's family members, as their tears are easily accessible. When Nick and Hank visit the hospital, the latest victim is in dire pain from the growing parasites in her eyes. A report comes in of a red Cadillac parked outside a local high school; Hank and Nick think they've got their man.
Sergeant Wu tells Nick and Hank a grief support group is meeting inside when the two arrive at the high school. When the group lets out, Nick spots Andre walking out with another grieving girl. Andre notices the police and takes off back into the school. After an extensive chase on all three floors of the school, Nick apprehends Andre in a classroom. But as Nick goes to handcuff Andre, the criminal blows red dust into Nick's eyes and blinds him. When Hank and Sergeant Wu arrive, they find Nick writhing on the floor... and Andre's gone.
At the Spice Shop, Rosalee has some bad news for Monroe. The worms in Nick's eyes have barbs that hook into the cornea and make it impossible for them to be extracted. Nick is in extreme pain, and no longer can see out of either eye. Things are looking bad, but Rosalee eventually finds one possible cure. If Nick wants to regain his vision, they'll have to cut out one of the Jinnamuru Xunte's eyes. That's the only place antibodies exist that can reverse the action of the parasites. Unfortunately, Rosalee says they only have four hours before Nick's ailment becomes unfixable. The group wastes no time getting to work.
Nick's sense of hearing has enhanced as a result of his blindness. When he overhears one of Hank's phone calls, Nick realizes what Andre is up to. Andre is going after the sister - and witness - of his second victim. The girl is vulnerable because she too lost her mother recently, and the trauma of her sister's blindness makes her the perfect target. Monroe and Hank plan to follow the lead alone, but Nick insists on coming. He's the only one that knows what this guy sounds like. Rosalee agrees they all have to go because they're running out of time. She packs the cream she made that still needs the last ingredient and the group sets out for the location of the second victim.
Nick was right. Andre sneaks up on the second victim's sister, Casey, and attempts to blind her, but she's prepared. She covers her eyes and kicks Andre off of her. The group pulls up outside, and Hank insists Nick stay in the car. Monroe and Hank flank the house and plan to corner Andre. But Nick can hear Casey's struggle all the way outside, and can't help but run in. They chase Andre all the way up to the attic, where Nick's heightened hearing helps him take down the Jinnamuru Xunte despite his blindness. When Nick knocks the creature out, Monroe scoops out its eye with a spoon, and Rosalee puts the finished ointment on Nick's eyes. He regains his vision. Andre struggles to find his way without an eye. He falls down the stairs and is met by Casey, who kills him with a knife. She gets her revenge.

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