CHARMED- 6.18 Spin City

Episode 6.18 SPIN CITY

Original Airdate : 18 April 2004
Filmed in Los Angeles, February 2004
WB Promo Title: Tangled Web

Script by
Doug E. Jones & Andy Reaser

Directed by
Mel Damski

Alyssa Milano (Phoebe Halliwell)
Holly Marie Combs (Piper Halliwell)
Rose McGowan (Paige Matthews)
Brian Krause (Leo) Dr
ew Fuller (Chris)

Guest stars:
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (Spider Demon)
Christopher Neiman (Sigmund)
Hamilton von Watts (Dennis)
Kieren Hutchison
Scott Adsit (Man in Dress)
Gildart Jackson (Gideon)
Matthew McGrory (Ogre)
Billy Beck (Rathmere)
David Joseph Steinberg (Leprechaun Riley)
Nathaniel Lamar (Jeremy)
Jeff Asch (Wimpy Guy)
Kate Everard (Wood Nymph)
Danielle Aubry (Old Woman Fairy)
Scout Taylor-Compton (Thistle)
Sonje Fortag (Ugly Witch)


The Aaron Spelling show Charmed originally aired in October 1998. It was an immediate hit and ran successfully for 8 seasons until 2006.

The story revolves around three sisters who are good witches battling the forces of evil, while at the same time trying to hide their true nature from the world which is leading to all kind of complications.

In Spin City Kieren Hutchison guest stars as Mitch, a man Phoebe goes out on a date with on her search for Mr. Right. This is his only scene in the episode.


After a routine pregnancy check-up, Chris, Paige and Piper are attacked by a demon in the hospital's underground car park. Chris pushes his mother out of harms way, getting injured by the demon in the process.
Back home, Piper is treating Chris's wound. Chris is upset when he finds out that his brother Wyatt had magical powers already in the womb which enabled him to create a protective force field around himself and Piper. Chris feels inferior to his older brother and this isn't helping.
Paige meanwhile has found out that they were attacked by a Spider Demon, an evil creature that emerges from its hidden lair every hundred years to capture and feed off the most powerful magical being it can detect. Which in this case are Piper and her unborn baby Chris. There is a vanquishing potion to get rid off the demon and Piper suggests that they start making it right away. Chris objects, he does not want his mother to put herself in danger. Paige agrees. Chris wants to call in Phoebe, but she is on her way to a date with Mitch. A while ago in magic school Phoebe had had a vision that showed her a demon free life and herself being with child and ever since she has been looking for the right man. Chris is feeling a little strange and is worried that the Spider Demon may have poisoned him during the attack.

In the Spider Demon's lair lies an ancient wizard wrapped tightly in spider webs. The demon tells him that she has laid a trap for her next meal by infecting a charmed ones's whitelighter, which will cause him to help the demon get her victim. Then she feeds off the old man, for the last time, draining the rest of his magical energy, only leaving a dry corpse.
Chris does not want Piper to go to work. Paige wants to call in Leo for help, but both Chris and Piper are against it. Chris talks Paige into covering for Piper at the club, which means that Paige has to neglect her temp job again. Chris notices that things suddenly stick on his fingers.

At the Café le Blue Mitch is waiting for Phoebe, who is late. He's getting a bit restless and picks up the menu to distract himself. Finally Phoebe arrives, apologising. Mitch tells her it's okay and gets up to help her with the chair. She makes a joke to ease the tension. Mitch tells her she looks amazing. He's a bit irritated when she is calling him Mike. Phoebe explains that she is nervous. Mitch finds that hard to believe. Phoebe then takes him by surprise, asking him if he wanted a family and kids. Mitch is at loss for words, not really having thought about it before. Phoebe reaches out to touch his hand and uses her powers to get a premonition of his future. When she does not see any kids, she gets up to leave, even more confusing Mitch. But she is paying no attention to him, as she runs into Chris who has come to ask for her help.

At the club Paige is approached by someone who tells her he is actually a leprechaun, cursed by a wicked witch. Paige helps him to get rid of the curse and become his normal self again. As a token of his appreciation he leaves behind his staff.

Back at the house, Phoebe has finished the vanquishing potion, they only now need Paige to bless it for it will work. Phoebe is in a hurry, she hears her biological clock ticking big time. While they are waiting for Paige to arrive, a spider comes scurrying in unnoticed through an open window.
Chris is beginning to feel funny, just as Paige orbs in. Phoebe is showing her how to bless it. Chris, under the influence of Spider Demon, leads his mother into the living room. There the spider transforms into the demon. Before Piper can call for help, the Demon throws webs from her hands over Piper's mouth to gag her, before wrapping the pregnant woman up completely and sticking the cocoon onto the wall.

Phoebe and Paige come in. As soon as they see what's happening, Paige throws the completed potion at the Demon. But Chris catches the vial in flight, then he attacks his aunts. During the fight the potion comes back into Paige's hands and she throws it again. But the demon morphs back into a spider and the vial breaks on the floor, doing no harm to the demon. The spider manages to escape through the window. Paige and Phoebe are shocked when they see what has happened to their sister.
Phoebe locks Chris into the basement, while Paige tries to get Piper out of the cocoon. But it is protected by an impenetrable force field.
Against Phoebe's objections, Paige calls Leo for help. He immediately recognises the work of the Spider Demon and tells the women that Piper can only be saved by vanquishing the Demon. For now, she is safe in the cocoon.

Leo goes down to the basement to talk to Chris. He is unaware that Chris is his son, as both Piper and Chris have chosen not to tell him. Chris, obviously sick, viciously attacks Leo, who orbs out of harms way.
Phoebe feels that Leo has a right to know that he is Chris's father and finally blurts it out to him. Leo is totally stunned. Paige tells him that Piper knew how hard it was for Leo to leave one son behind and did not want to make it any harder for him, so she kept her pregnancy a secret. Leo can't understand why Chris is so mad at him. But that question needs to remain unresolved for the moment, as the priority is to vanquish the Spider Demon. Leo goes back to magic school to find out about the Spider Demon's last victim which will hoepfully help them locating the demon's lair. He tells Phoebe to look in the Book of Shadows for an antidote for Chris. Paige has to go back to the club, after the wicked witch has struck again.
The Spider Demon contacts Chris, who is in pain from the infection. He creates a spider web in which the image of the Spider Demon appears. She tells him to bring her the cocoon. When he refuses, she increases his pain. Angry he pulls away the web, his eyes glowing red.

At the club three people are waiting for Paige this time. A man in a dress, an old woman and a wimpy guy. The man in the dress says that they are actually a wood nymph, an ogre and a fairy. Paige is getting annoyed by the works of the wicked witch and thinks up of a spell to not only turn the three magical beings back to their normal self but also destroy the witch once and for all.

At magic school Leo drops of Wyatt at the nursery. After searching for a while he finds the wand of the wizard Rathmere, who was the Spider Demons last victim. Gideon brings up the old argument again, that Leo cannot just neglect his duties to go as an Elder and help the Charmed Ones. Leo doesn't much care. Gideon is surprised when Leo tells him that Chris is his son, before he orbs away again.

Gideon thinks, the fact that Chris is also Leo's son explains why he has come back to the future to try and safe Wyatt. So far however, he does not seem to have found out that it is Gideon and Sigmund he needs to protect Wyatt from. They want to sacrifice Wyatt for the greater good.
Leo returns to Phoebe and Paige who are in the process of completing the antidote for Chris. A spider comes up through the heating grate in the kitchen's floor. Suddenly Phoebe lashes out angrily at Leo. They realise that this is Chris's anger and that he must be close, meaning that he escaped from the basement.

The spider scurries into the living room and morphs into Chris. Phoebe, Paige and Leo try to stop him from taking Piper. He attacks them with his new powers, hurtling them back against the walls and holding them there with spider webs. Then he orbs away, taking the cocoon with him. The three can't break free. Suddenly Phoebe spots the staff Paige has received from Riley, the Leprechaun. Paige calls him and he frees them.

In the Spider Demon's lair Chris realises how he has been betrayed when the Demon starts feeding from Piper's magic - and her baby's too; his!
Leo is unsuccessful in scrying for Rathmere before realisings that he should be looking for Piper. They locate the lair. Without Piper the Charmed Ones Power of Three is not given and Paige brings in the Ogre, the Fairy and the Wood Nymph to help them against the demon.
At the lair the ogre throws a large rock against the entrance that is closed by a web. But he can't break through. To get the Demon's attention he starts knocking on the rock, very loud, very persistent. And the Spider Demon does emerge. She is annoyed.

The Fairy ,Paige and Phoebe distract the Demon, while the Wood Nymph throws the vanquishing potion. The Demon morphs into a spider to avoid it and the Ogre steps on it. A sick crunching noise tells announces the end of the Spider Demon. With the death of the demon the entrance opens. Leo goes in to free Piper. Chris emerges from the shadows as a new spider demon. To get Piper to safety Leo orbs her away out of the cave. Chris closes the entrance with spider webs before viscously attacking Leo whom he now wants to feed off for the next one hundred years. Piper unsuccessfully tries to break through the web.

Leo still tries to find out why Chris hates him so much and at the same time use this anger against him to make Chris' personality stronger than the Demons. Chris does become angry and starts beating up Leo badly. Piper realises that if she takes the antidote, the baby will become inoculated, which in turn will safe the older Chris in the cave. Chris is indeed transformed, but after a moment's irritation he continues beating up Leo. The entrance opens again when Chris is healed and Piper goes in to stop him from beating his father anymore. Without a word, Chris walks out.
Later, Leo sees off Piper and Wyatt who will stay at magic school, where they will be safe until Piper has given birth to Chris. Leo tells Piper, that he will be there for his family from now on. Piper tells him not to give up on Chris and keep trying to get through to him.

At the club Phoebe has met a nice guy and finally realises that speed dating is not the way to find the right man. Riley, the Wood Nymph and the Ogre get a drink on the house.

Leo finds Chris sitting on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. Leo again asks his son why he hates him so much. Chris finally explains that Leo has never been there for him, for everybody else, but not for him. Leo thinks, Chris may have come back from the future not only to safe Wyatt but their relation ship as well. Chris says he doubts it, then orbs away.

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