CASTLE - 3.02 He's Dead, She's Dead

Episode 2.03 He's Dead, She's Dead

Original Airdate: 27 September 2010 (ABC)
Filmed in Los Angeles, August 2010
Rating: 13.50 million viewers

Script by Moiry Kirkland
Directed by John Terlesky

Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle)
Stana Katic (NYPD Detective Kate Beckett)
Susan Sullivan (Martha Rodgers)
Molly Quinn (Alexis Castle)
Ruben Santiago-Hudson (Capt. Roy Montgomery)
Tamala Jones (Medical Examiner Lanie Parish)
Jon Huertas (NYPD Detective Javier Esposito)
Seamus Dever (NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan)

Guest Cast:
Rachel Boston (Penny Marchand)
Paige Rowland (Loreen Carter)
David Gianopoulos (Albert Moreno)
Rick Ravanello (Steve Adams)
Kieren Hutchison (Cody Donnelly)

Bess Armstrong (Paula Casillas)
Mercedes Masöhn (Marina Casillas)
Bre Blair (Toni Johnston)

Evan Helmuth (Nick Johnston)
Patricia Tallman (Vivian Marchand)

Castle is a witty drama based on a famous crime and horror novelist, Rick Castle, who is suffering from a writers block after killing off the main character in his novels. While struggling to come up with a replacement, Det. Kate Beckett of the NYPD approached him and asked to help catch the copy-cat killer staging murders based on scenes from his novels.


Warning: Synopsis contain spoiler!

Penny Marchand visits her mother and finds her dead body stuffed in the sofa. The victim, Vivian Marchand, was a famous psychic and has been killed with an ice pick. Becket and Castle start to investigate. They start by talking to the clients Vivian had on the day. First they talk to a mother and daughter, who lost husband/father Emilio Casillas recently. They tell them about a man they saw when they left. This information leads to another client of Vivian's, a shady character called Alfred Moreno, but he has an alibi for the time of the murder.

A letter turns up that had been written by Vivian on the day she was killed. In it she predicts her murder and gives some clues. Castle is impressed, while Becket remains sceptical.

Looking into cases where Vivian allegedly helped to convict criminals, Becket and Castle find out about Steve Adams, who was accused to have murdered his wife and convicted. He protests his innocence. After his release, Steve had been contacted by reality TV producer Cody Donnelly who found out that Vivian had actually seen Steve with his girlfriend in a bar together - and not in a vision. Becket asks for the footage that Cody Donnelly filmed when Steve confronted Vivian outside her home on the day she was murdered.

In the evening, Castle has to comfort his mother. She is upset because her partner has died suddenly of a heart attack, and she had been planning to break up with him after he had proposed marriage.

The next morning Penny Marchand shows up at the police precinct and tells Becket she had a vision of her and that a man named Alexander would become very important to her.

After Becket talked to Penny, Becket and Castle question Cody Donnelly. He tells them that Vivian had called him after her confrontation with Steve, offering him exclusive rights to filming her confronting a killer in exchange for burying the story about her. But it never came to that. This gives Becket and Castle a new angle on the case.

Becket and Castle find out who TJ was, an appointment in Vivian's calendar right before her murder. TJ is Toni Johnston, a young woman who had an affair with her husband's boss. They are suprised to hear that her lover was non other than Emelio Casillas. Nick Johnston, TJs husband, is now the prime suspect. Castle and Becket question him. Nick admits that he knew about the affair, but denies having murdered Emilio.

Penny Marchand comes to the precinct again, saying she knows who murdered her mother. She had a dream that points to "The Masons". I turns out that the Casillas' had been dining at a new restaurant near Vivian's home on the day of her murder, called Mason's. Beckett calls the restaurant to confirm their alibi. Then she asks the Casillas back for questioning. During questioning it is revealed that Mrs. Casillas went out for about 20 minutes to allegedly buy a bottle of wine, but a receipt shows from the liquor store she had already bought it a few hours earlier, along with an ice pick. Mrs. Casillas admits to the murder, both of her husband and Vivian. Her daughter is horrified.

Later that day Becket learns that Castle's middle name is Alexande and Castle comforts his mother after the funeral.

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